Terms And Conditions

  1. The Administrator of the www.feelinmyskin.com website is András Munkácsi sole proprietor doing business as András Munkácsi s.p., Dunajska cesta 136, 1000 Ljubljana, Davčna številka: 45456470;
  2. The terms used in these Terms and Conditions are to be understood as follows:
    1. ‘Administrator’ means András Munkácsi sole proprietor doing business as András Munkácsi, Marszałkowska 111, 00-102 Warszawa, NIP: 5252735407, REGON: 369197726;
    2. ‘Terms and Conditions’ mean these Terms and Conditions specifying the rules of using the Website as well as the rules on provision of electronic services;
    3. ‘Website’ means the website available at feelinmyskin.com by means of which the Administrator provides electronic services for the benefit of the User;
    4. ‘Service’ means a service provided by the Administrator for the benefit of the User by electronic means;
    5. ‘User’ means a natural person using the Website.

Using the FeelinMySkin website

  1. All persons who have access to the Internet are also granted access to the Website based on rules specified in these Terms and Conditions. Access to the Website is free of charge.
  2. The Administrator enables the User to use the following Services by means of the Website: use of the contact form, posting comments to the presented content as well as newsletter subscription.
  3. The User is obliged to respect the rules specified in these Terms and Conditions, in particular to respect the Administrator and other Users of the Website.
  4. To use the Website, the User has to meet the following technical requirements:
    1. computer/mobile phone with Internet access;
    2. Internet browser;
    3. access to the mailbox;
  5. The User is obliged not to use the Website in a manner hindering its proper functioning, including a manner disturbing the use of the Website by other persons. The User is prohibited from delivering unlawful content.
  6. Should a violation of the rules specified in these Terms and Conditions be established, the Administrator has the right to take all actions provided for by law which lead to repairing the damage which has arisen from the failure to respect these Terms and Conditions by the User.
  7. The User can withdraw from using the Website at any time.
  8. The Administrator can deprive the User of the right to use the Website, provided it is established that the User has violated the rules specified in the Terms and Conditions or the provisions of law.
  9. By using the Website, the User gains access to the content, including information and opinions, published by the Administrator of the Website as well as by third persons – other Users. The User has also the right to publish his or her own opinions in the form of comments, to subscribe to the newsletter and to contact the Administrator by means of the contact form.
  10. On the Website, the Administrator can place links redirecting to other websites owned by the Administrator or third parties, on the content of which the Administrator has no influence. The content of the websites available via these links is the sole responsibility of their administrators.


  1. Copyrights to all content available on the Website, including graphics, text and elements combining graphics and words, the selection and form of the content presented within the Website are protected by law and are owned by the Administrator.
  2. The User has the right to use the content displayed on the Website only within the scope of the permitted usage. It is prohibited to use the materials in any other scope, in particular to copy or distribute them, unless the User has obtained a consent from the Administrator to take such actions.


  1. The Content placed on the Website constitutes opinions and/or beliefs of their authors only. Publishing of content in the form of advice or information does not constitute cosmetic or medical advisory and may require a consultation with a specialised doctor. Administrators are not liable for how the User uses the advice or information published on the Website.
  2. Content published on the Website is prepared with utmost care and diligence.
  3. The Administrator is not liable for:
    1. damage resulting from the Users’ violation of third-party rights in connection with the use of the Website;
    2. damage resulting from improper functioning of the Website or its unavailability caused by factors unrelated to the Administrator or which the Administrator was unable to prevent;
    3. problems or technical restrictions attributed to the User which prevent the User from the correct use of the Website;
    4. damage caused by the User’s non-compliance with the provisions of these Terms and Conditions.


  1. The Users can comment on the content published on the Website.
  2. The Administrator has the right to remove or reject comments which contain phrases generally considered to be offensive or content which is contrary to the applicable provisions of law, principles of morality or violating the rights of third parties. It is particularly prohibited to place content of erotic or pornographic nature, violating both Polish and international legal and moral standards, depicting or promoting violence, hatred, discrimination (racist, cultural, ethnic, religious or philosophical etc.), violating personal goods or insulting the dignity of others.
  3. The Administrator has the right to remove or reject comments containing or constituting advertisements of other entities, products or services.
  4. The Administrator has the right to remove or reject comments unrelated with the main subject of the entries and materials published on the Website.


  1. The User has the right to submit a complaint relating to the functioning of the Website to this email address gdpr@feelinmyskin.com or to the Administrator’s correspondence address Marszałkowska 111, 00-102 Warszawa, Poland.
  2. A complaint should include name and surname of the User, correspondence address and a detailed description of the reason for the complaint, as well as the User should indicate the form in which the response to the complaint should be made.
  3. The Administrator will examine the complaint within 14 days from its effective submission. The Administrator can ask the User to supplement the complaint provided that the information provided is not sufficient to examine the complaint.
  4. The Administrator has the right to disregard a complaint provided that it is due to the User’s non-compliance with the provisions of these Terms and Conditions, about which the User will be informed.

Withdrawal from the contract

  1. The User has the right to withdraw from the contract on the provision of services by electronic means (newsletter subscription) at any time without providing reasons by submitting a withdrawal declaration. Withdrawal from the contract should be submitted by means of an email to the Administrator’s address gdpr@feelinmyskin.com with a note ‘Withdrawal from the contract’ or by post to the Administrator’s correspondence address: Marszałkowska 111, 00-102 Warszawa, Poland.

Final provisions

  1. Detailed conditions and the rules for personal data processing of the Users are specified in the ‘Privacy Policy’ available at: https://www.feelinmyskin.com/privacy-policy/.
  2. Provisions of the Civil Code and other acts apply to matters not regulated by these Terms and Conditions.
  3. The Administrator reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions to the extent that is acceptable or required by the applicable provisions of law. Changes to these Terms and Conditions will be made available on the Website or communicated in advance to the Users by email. Should the User refuse to accept the changes to the Terms and Conditions, he or she must inform the Administrator about this fact within 14 days from receiving the information about the change in the Terms and Conditions.