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FeelinMySkin app is created for skincare lovers to build solid skincare routines, track products history, expiration dates, allergies, learn ingredients, receive reminders of skincare routine details, find like-minded people and skincare experts, share knowledge and learn ins and outs of skin health.

Skin care can get overwhelming with the amount of products available, information overload, and the many steps sometimes required in a truly awesome skincare routine.

But imagine freeing up space in your already busy mind.

Imagine not having to worry about choosing the right products for your skin problems and concerns. Imagine delegating your skincare routine to us.

We got you covered. You don’t have to worry about what product to use, when, how much of it – because we’ll remember for you! You can ditch the skin care stress and confusion just because you don’t remember the last time you used that face mask or chemical peel!

Moreover, imagine understanding your skin even more — its type, how to get rid of those pimples, how to smooth those wrinkles, how to protect it from environmental damage. Imagine knowing the ingredients your skin craves while being able to easily avoid the ingredients that are better left in the jar.

Imagine that you could have it all explained simply, while more advanced skincare lovers can get even more detail and know-how. Get in touch with skin experts, ask questions, give and receive advice, and remember to always feel good in your own skin.

With patience, consistency, and eagerness to learn you can have the best skin of your life. The FeelinMySkin app is here to assist you with your skin health and care. We motivate and encourage you to achieve your personal #skingoals with our help and a community of like-minded skincare lovers.

What do we do?

We develop a mobile/web project to assist people interested in skincare to track their product history, expiration dates, ingredient dictionary, allergies, receive reminders of specific skincare routine details, find like-minded people and skincare experts, share knowledge and learn ins and outs of skin health.

Who do we do it for?

  • People interested in skincare
  • Skincare professionals and skincare bloggers to keep track of tested products (opinions, reviews, count of bottles/packs used, expiration dates, prices, etc.)
  • People who want to learn more about skincare basics
  • People who have too many products to keep track of
  • People who use medications or rotate active ingredients and need to maintain a strict schedule
  • Experts and coaches who want to assist others on their skincare journeys
  • People with acne, allergies, and other skin concerns
  • People wishing to get easy attainable knowledge/help in one place

Why do we serve our clients in the way that we do?

Nowadays people tend to be very confused in the world of countless skincare products. Because of the lack of knowledge (or because of too many unverified pieces of information circulating the web) they either use all the products at once or are too afraid to misuse the products and, thus, don’t have a skincare routine at all.

Both cases potentially lead to a fiasco – either your skin becomes highly sensitive and irritated, or your struggle with acne, wrinkles, dullness and loss of elasticity which is becoming harder and harder to resolve.

Combining structured knowledge, skincare education, and a tool to stay consistent and mindful about products in use will create a healthier, more conscious and responsible community of consumers.

How do we serve our clients?

With this mobile application we are creating a separate space where all the skincare related topics and tools are combined into one powerbomb base of knowledge, help, and assistance.

We encourage users to scan product ingredients via app scanner or by searching the ingredient dictionary, we motivate them to seek help and provide assistance via our forum adjusted to skincare topics.

The highlight is our developed system for staying consistent and keeping track of skincare routines – receiving reminders of products (or skincare medicine) you use every three days, once a week, monthly (no need to worry if you’re overusing a product just because you can’t remember when you used it last), compare prices, keep track of expiration dates and bottles used, share created routines with friends and clients.

Why are we in this industry?

No one has created a tool as powerful as we have to assist people with such a unique interest in skin (reminder: your largest organ) health. We are grateful to be able to combine our two strongest passions (app development and skincare) in one project.

With our professional programming skills, great UI / UX designs and passion to literally “save someone’s skin”, we decided to create a niche project to specifically target skincare lovers.

Why did we start this business?

An idea arose in my mind almost two years ago, when I decided that I need to dig deep into the topic of skincare if I ever want to get clear, healthy skin. Yes, pimples inspired the whole skincare obsession. But it grew so much past that, it became a passionate hobby of mine – to research ingredients, formulations, ways to apply and combine products, not only to construct my skincare routine, but also routines for my friends and family as well.

I found myself repeating often, explaining how specific products and actives work, the order to apply them and frequency, why tracking expiration dates matters and why patience, consistency and regularity are what your skin craves most.

And with time a brilliant idea sparkled in my mind. I’m a programmer, I can create the most useful skincare assistant available right at your fingertips. For me, to keep track of my advanced routine, for my friends, to build awareness around skin health and proper skin care.

What image of our business do we want to convey?

We are here to help you get the best skin of your life. We view ourselves as partners with our users — aiming to work hand in hand in order to develop a tool that will satisfy the needs of a true skincare passionist.

The app is carefully adjusted to your needs, providing you with a growing community united under one mission: learn the best ways to care for skin, be consistent, organized, and mindful. Learn to ask questions and think critically when it comes to opinions, recommendations, and ads. Personalisation of the created tool is our key priority, since what works for one, doesn’t necessarily work for another.

Skincare isn’t rocket science. It’s not an alien language.
Do not over-complicate the process — enjoy it.
FeelinMySkin Founders

P.S. Tell us in comments – are you consistent with your routine (use same products for at least few months) or constantly trying out the new ones? Share your thoughts with us 😉

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