zingzillas series 1

Panzee is thrilled with this. ZingZillas: Series 1, Disappearing Drum, 17. to have to have a sleep. Todd explains that it's spring cleaning day and so, while the Beach Byrds are off cleaning the whole island, he'll be their waiter for the day. Panzee sings brilliantly but her audition is interrupted by Tang making a loud honking sound with his hooter.

DJ suggests he has some quiet time to help think it over. In Todd's garden Zak bumps into the post box as he can't see properly through his new shades. The ZingZillas gather together in the clubhouse to rehearse their new song. The ZingZillas love the sound and decide to do a Big Zing all about fun and friendship. You know what you need for Zak is surprised - he didn't know the Beach Byrds had names. Panzee is the seeker and, just in case it takes her a long time to find the others, Tang suggests she plays some notes on Drum's tubular bells to call them back if it's time to play the Big Zing. The ZingZillas decide to write a song called Everyone's Different. He decides to disguise himself as Auntie Dot, if he pretends to be her, the ZingZillas will not be disappointed. When it's sorted out, he apologises to the Beach Byrd, whose name is Laverne. won't she miss the Big Night Zing? In the glade, Panzee and Zak see Colin Currie, a percussionist, playing the timpani and the thunder sheet. Tang explains that everyone is different. They really need the tuba back to make the Big Zing work, but the Beach Byrds won't swap. With Drum dancing they need to find someone else to play drums. A very sad Panzee heads back to the clubhouse but before she gets there bumps into Todd who is still trying to fix his gate.

Soon the whole island is on the move. The ZingBoppers run into the glade, where they are greeted by DJ Loose. Drum comes up with a solution - The ZingBoppers! The ZingZillas gather together in the clubhouse to do the washing up, but the number of dishes doesn't seem to be going down. Before they go, Drum finds a safe place to leave her new castanets. They watch a wonderful performance by oompah band, the Bavarian Stompers. To demonstrate the waltz two dancers in full evening dress dance too. Zak thinks that Panzee will love the music. Outside, dressed as Auntie, he meets Tang. Panzee thinks it looks like a twisty vase and would look lovely with flowers in it. The ZingZillas gather together in the clubhouse to play Listen to the Wind. When the Beach Byrds hear the ZingZillas rehearsing loudly they decide to move out of the coconut hut. On 28 February 2011 CBeebies began broadcasting a 20 part series of five-minute spinoff programmes entitled "Zingzillas Zingbop" which is hosted by DJ Loose, where a small group of children (known as Zingboppers) go to Zingzilla Island and are taught to dance to a Zingzillas song. a job like this, Tang? Will they make it back in time for the Bhangra Big Zing or will Drum have to do it on her own? Tang, Panzee and Drum have come up with a great tune for the Big Zing but Zak just can't think of any words to go with it. Tang and Panzee have been talking about duets when DJ Loose asks them to meet him over at the Glade. Granite and Gravel are thrilled with their didgeridoos and can't wait to play them in the Big Zing - which is lucky because the last coconut falls, so it's that time of day. Drum is listening to a pair of Japanese Taiko drummers called Hiten Ryu Daiko playing in the glade. The ZingZillas wake up and ask Todd for an idea for the day's song.

Zak loves the percussive sounds. we've almost got ourselves a song!


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