yahweh egyptian moon god
In the tomb of Tuthmosis III of the 18th Dynasty, who is often called the Napoleon of Egypt, and who was perhaps responsible for Egypt's greatest expansion into the Levant, there is a scene where the king is accompanied by his mother and three queens, including Sit-Yah, the "daughter of the moon-god". One must also understand that the name YHWH is a compound name which contains the theophoric (deity’s name) prefix, Y(a) or Yh, which is followed by the attribute ‘hwh’ which means both living and snake. Her name means weary in Hebrew, which makes no sense considering that she is designated as the matriarch of the Hebrew tribes of kings (Judah) and priests (Levi). Prof. Richard Steiner a Semitist and a scholar of Northwest Semitic languages, Jewish Studies and Near Eastern texts, Abraham & the Trade Routes From Ur of the Chaldees to Canaan, Abram, Amr Pul (Tiglath-Pileser III) & 3 Kings in Genesis 14, Abram/Abrhm – 2 Different Biblical Characters, Alexander the Great & the Table of Nations (Genesis 10), Anakim the Biblical Giants & the Egyptian Goddess, Arphaxad & Other Locations in Genesis 10:22, Biblical Tale of the Aramean Origins of Israel and Judah, Cain (Qyn) & the Kenite (Qynite) Origin of Judah, Eber, Joktan & the Biblical Division of the Arabs from the Hebrews, Esau, Hathor, the Red Heifer & the Conflict in Palestine, Genesis 14, Abram & the Battle of Carchemish, Genesis, a Political Agenda for an Empire, Israel & the Mark (666) of the Beast in Revelation, Israel’s Messiah Myth as the Source for Its Political Agenda, Jesus & Mary in the Quran & in the Gospels, Jewish Genetic Links to Gog & Magog (Yjuj & Majuj), Jewish Polytheism & the Indo-Aryan Influence on Christianity, Luke’s Version of Jesus and John the Baptist, Patented Herbal-Mineral Formula For Treating Diabetes, Ptolemaic Dynasty, the Maccabees & the Bible, Summary of Egyptian Influence on Biblical Texts, Synopsis of Israel’s Serpent/Moon God, Yahweh (YHWH), the Biblical Snake God, The Garden of Eden, Sex, Slavery & Yhwh’s Appetite, The Greek Name Nimrod & The Egyptian Name Shinar, The Origin & Evolution of the Biblical God, The Paths of Prophecy – The Arabian Origin of the Prophets. Seraphim: (Isaiah 6:2,6) Biblical angels. ‘Yh’ or ‘Yhh’ is thought to be the Sayhadic (Old South Arabic) word for an ancient Semitic word for life or ‘hy’. away attention that this moon god is Yah. (aka Ningishzida): The Sumerian divine snake guardian of the tree of knowledge of good and evil (Gen 2:9) who is often portrayed as a man with 2 snakes protruding from his shoulders as well as a caduceus (double helix snake wound around a pole or tree). Once again there is no absolute answer which can be given for the origin of the name is lost in the recesses of the past and scholars differ in their assessment of of its meanings”. They are fearful and reluctant to

According to Arab tradition, Tayma was inhabited by a Jewish community during the late classical period. The Biblical wrestling match is a reference to the constellation Ophiuchus in which this god wrestles with the snake constellation, Serpens. In an Amon temple of AmenhotepIII (1417-1379 BC) the name is associated with Seir (Edom).”, NO.14 Norman Walker says the Egyptian origin for the Tetra Grammaton saying that the first half ogf the divine name YAH, comes from the Egyptian I-H “MOON” GOD and the second part of WEH comes from the Egyptian ipithet “one” (cf. The Hyksos first appeared in Egypt during the eleventh dynasty, began their climb to power in the thirteenth dynasty, and came out of the second intermediate period in control of Avaris and the Delta. up the word moon in Hebrew and it is "yareah" which is the same as The double ‘h’ became a dividing point so that Yhhwh, originally 2 words; Yh ( the name of the deity) and hwh (the ancient Semitic word for serpent) was merged into a single word YHWH. Wadd’s sacred animal was the snake. In Genesis 3:7, YHWH curses Adam to toil in the cursed soil from which he will eat; meaning Adam will live the life of a farmer.

A description of Leviathan as a fire breathing sea monster can be found in Job 41:9-19. However, Yhwdh is obviously a double theophoric name containing both gods, Yh & Wd. According to Isaiah 27:1, an end-times conflict will take place between the viper YHWH and the sea monster Leviathan: In that day, YHWH will punish with his sword-his fierce, great and powerful sword-Leviathan the gliding serpent, Leviathan the coiling serpent; he will slay the monster of the sea.”. fraud of translating "yh" into "yah" when it should correctly be "yeh" a This conflation of the moon and snake deities would also explain why Yhwh was worshiped in the form of a serpent or nehushtan (2 Kings 18:4 & Ezekiel 8:10-12).

Nehushtan: (Number 21:8) The copper snake or viper idol coiled around a pole that cured the fleeing Israelites of snake bites. Enlil was the patron of farmers, the profession of Adam and his offspring. The legend is Egyptianized to bring it in line with the Egyptian religion. Qarnaw in northwest Yemen was the second capital of the Minaean Kingdom founded in the 6th Century BCE. These trade routes originated in the incense growing regions on the southern coast of Arabia and extended into Canaan, the Levant, Egypt, Mesopotamia and the horn of Africa. It has both a female and a male identity. : Asherah is the goddess mentioned throughout the Old Testament. However, the Arabic meaning of Mount Sinai, i.e., the Mountain of Issuance of the Law, can be applied to the two verses in the Quran (23:20 & 95:2) which specifically mention Mount Sinai. The name Medir is instantly recognizable to Arabic speakers.

This god originated as a serpent cult . The Hebrew God & the Phases of the Moon: The Hebrew god who ‘begat’ the Judeans (Deut 32:18) was worshiped under 2 names: El/Elohiym and Ya/Yh/Yhwh.


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