xenos glider for sale
glider rating with a self-launch glider endorsement. I’d call that outstanding for a motorglider than can also be used for distance traveling. The XENOS is sold in kit form for home builders. I now have the privilege of owning Xenos serial number 0001, the one Jeremy demoed in the video. Canada - Brantford, ON Avionics: 800-826-3160

Xenos-B: The New Motorglider Reality Check, First Article Xenos-B Airframe Quick Build. I flew it from Oskosh to central Florida. East - Peachtree City, GA Every component has been optimized to ease the task of the homebuilder, yet the final result is a highly efficient and extremely strong airframe that will provide for many years of trouble free operation. Original model Sonex, Waiex and Xenos Sub-Kits will still be available to those needing to complete their existing projects.

Flown as a touring motor glider, SUNDANCER offers you the best of both worlds.

Throttle, mixture and pitch trim are also located on the left side of the cockpit.”.

Fax: 800-329-3160, West - Corona, CA Launch and handling is similar to the other Sonex models. WHISPER MOTOR GLIDER The Whisper was designed for the homebuilder.

See detailed pricing below with our cost estimating worksheet* and see why Sonex aircraft offer the Best Sport Aircraft Performance Per Dollar! As demand for legacy parts decreases, lead times may increase. The Xenos can be a cross-country cruiser too! Midwest - West Chicago, IL Staggered seating is available via upholstery seat back cushions. “The best part of a Sonex Aircraft is the way it flies,” said General Manager, Mark Schaible, “and the B-Model Xenos will be no-exception!”. As the company notes, Xenos’ spoilers are “surprisingly effective.” I’ve used spoilers many times in various aircraft and I concur. The Xenos soars with a 24:1 L/D with power-off.

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Features of the XENOS are dual sticks, taildragger, removable wing tips. Xenos comes standard with “utility wing tips” that can be easily removed to fit inside a 40 foot hangar, and can be quickly interchanged with optional aerobatic wingtips. You can operate Xenos in three mission profiles: (1)  as a powered aircraft, (2) as a self-launched glider that soars with the engine off, or (3) it can “motor-soar” over long distances with excellent fuel economy. Need to sale due to spousal death. | All Rights Reserved. – Corsair Ultralight. “A B-model Xenos completely replaces the original Xenos in the Sonex Aircraft product lineup,” said Mark. List ByDanJohnson.com ... all LSA Services ... each one verified to have the airplane or expertise you seek. Every component has been optimized to ease the task of the homebuilder, yet the final result is a highly efficient and extremely strong airframe that will provide for many y More of everything you want in a sport aircraft: *Some Xenos angle parts are fabricated by builder, Assembled Wing Spars available at additional cost.

Need to sale due … The Xenos comes standard with utility wing tips that can be easily removed to fit inside a 40 foot hangar, and can be quickly interchanged with optional aerobatic wingtips. Also pilots that hold a glider license with a self-launch glider endorsement can fly the XENOS. *Note: All Models meet FAA Sport Pilot Regulations at maximum continuous power at Sea Level, as required. The Y-Tail's rudder gives the configuration enhanced rudder authority and stability vs. a conventional V-tail -- you need a rear-view mirror to tell whether you're flying a Sonex or a Waiex! The aircraft can be built from a "basic package" or from a "fast build package" depending on how many hours the builder wishes to spend on the project. (see pricing tab on this page), Conversion Kits: See All Pricing and This puts the glide angle at approximately 24:1.”. I’ve logged hundreds of hours soaring hang gliders and the sensation of rising thousands of feet in thermals remains one I cannot top with any other kind of flying. Alaska - Wasilla, AK Get the Maximum Discounts and Incentives, and Pay Less for Shipping! Leave all boxes unchecked for unit only. Read about the B-model changes in this article. Xenos comes standard with “utility wing tips” that can be easily removed to fit inside a 40 foot hangar, and can be quickly interchanged with optional aerobatic wingtips. The Whisper was designed for the homebuilder. Y-Tails feature not-only a V-tail set of mixed rudder and elevator controls, but also a small rudder at the base of the tail, changing the shape of the V-tail to resemble the letter "Y." Sonex Aircraft, LLC now offers more options than ever before for building your dream! No flaps are needed. Read our B-Model Conversion FAQ's. Options ranging from advanced Quick Build Kits to individual Sub-Kits are available to suit your construction skills, time and budget. Source: sonexaircraft.com. Builders can experience the same great firewall-forward support for AeroVee/AeroVee Turbo and Jabiru engines, and in addition, B-Model engine mounts are available for UL Power UL260 and 350 series, and Rotax 912 series engines. Sonex’s Xenos is a motorglider and is quite adept at soaring. Includes pre-built Fuselage, Wings and Installed Canopy! Amortize your kit costs without using financing! The Xenos-B combines all of the great enhancements of the Sonex and Waiex B-Models with the distinctive motorglider performance and value of the Xenos.


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