world war z captain speke quotes

At first the villagers tried to hold me back. […] We even had a whole FOL, Family of Latrines, just plopped right there in the middle of everything.

Oh yeah, I was worried, I was worried about my car payments and Tim’s business loan.

While Gerry talks with Jurgen, a group of Muslim refugees begin to sing joyously at finding a safe zone to survive in. I instinctively retreated several paces […]. Eventually conventional optics became useless in the shroud, leaving us with only thermal or radar sensors. […] The truth was that we were standing at what might be the twilight of our species and that truth was freezing a hundred people to death every night. I knew it was gonna be a real, long-ass road. At this, he exploded. Reports of gunbattles in the streets of the capital.

World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War is a 2006 apocalyptic horror novel written by American author Max Brooks.

Or more creative. We were taught that, even if we wore a uniform, that our first sworn duty was to our conscience, no matter what the consequences. We couldn’t even begin to calculate the ash count but we guesstimated it was equivalent to a low-grade nuclear exchange between the United States and former Soviet Union, and that’s not including the actual nuclear exchange between Iran and Pakistan.

Fight!” It didn’t have to be that way. “That’s the house on the news!” They were carrying ladders, guns, babies. Gerry's satellite phone goes off when Karin tries to call him and the undead attack. Hell yeah, there must have been at least one reporter for every two or three uniforms! Gerry Lane: If you can fight, fight. Both places were heavily infested, as well as all those little towns in between. It’s as old as…I don’t know, I guess as old as war. When Gerry is attacked by several zombies, they spew blood on him. “What the fuck took you so long?” “My husband died two weeks ago!” “My mother died waiting for you!” “We lost half our people last summer!” “Where were you when we needed you?” People holding up photos, faces.

A young Israeli woman soldier, Segen (Daniella Kertesz), Gerry's escort, is bitten by a zombie.

Jurgen Warmbrunn: Most people don't believe something can happen until it already has. The frightened and cowardly Fassbach is killed after accidentally shooting himself after slipping on the ramp of the C-130 plane.

I know that the majority of psychobiographers continue to paint this man without a soul. Teach your students to analyze literature like LitCharts does. I could do that just by stepping on the scale every morning.


In that respect, please turn off all pagers and cellphones. LitCharts makes it easy to find quotes by chapter, character, and theme., Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License.

Max Brooks, Cidoni Lennox, Michael (April 16, 2013). The novel was a commercial hit and was praised by most critics.

I realized I practically didn’t know anything about these people I’d hated my entire life. Instant downloads of all 1372 LitChart PDFs

But what good are all those brilliant crimes if no one takes the credit? And she loves disguising her weaknesses as strengths. I tried to imagine what it must have been like, stuck bumper to bumper, crying kids, barking dog, knowing what was coming just a few miles back, and hoping, praying that someone up ahead knows where he’s going. That’s the kind of shit we saw, shit that keeps you awake when you haven’t slept in five nights.

Did anyone?

The original text plus a side-by-side modern translation of.

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Jurgen Warmbrunn: Every person we save is one less zombie to fight. W.H.O.

[…] These were just some of my worries. We’ve lost entire cities. He tells Gerry a chilling account of how the North Korea government was able to contain the outbreak in their country by pulling the teeth of every citizen within a 24 hour period, giving its citizens no way to infect each other through bites.Haffner tells Gerry to go to Jerusalem, where the Israeli Mossad had established a safe zone just before the outbreak was officially acknowledged, implying Israel might have had prior knowledge of what was to come. Gerry reluctantly agrees to help, on given the word that his family will be safe, and is sent to Camp Humphreys, a military base in South Korea, where an email was received about 11 days prior that stated that the outbreak may have started there.Moments after arriving at the base, Gerry's team is attacked by zombies. Captain Speke: Looks like we just woke the dead.

No one's better. In that respect, please turn off all pagers and cellphones. You’ve spent most of your life reviewing contracts, brokering deals, talking on the phone. On one such trip, her plane exploded in the air and she parachuted to the zombie-infested swamplands below.She was the only survivor from her crew, and even though she was brave and capable, she was filled with fear. So she leaves crumbs. World War Z is also a 2006 novel by American author Max Brooks.

“Heroes,” that’s what we were, that’s what our leaders wanted, that’s what our people felt they needed. The novel is a collection of individual accounts narrated by an agent of the United Nations Postwar Commission, following the devastating global conflict against the zombie plague.

Like all serial killers, she can't help but the urge to want to get caught. World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War is a 2006 apocalyptic horror novel written by American author Max Brooks. I got this one."

Doctor: You can't make a dead person sick. And she loves disguising her weaknesses as strengths. They stop near Newark, New Jersey at a large food store where Karin stocks up on whatever food she can scrounge and Gerry is able to find medication when his eldest daughter, Rachel, who is suffering from a violent asthma attack as a result of the shock and stress of what happened to them. Brooks used World War Z to comment on government ineptitude and U.S. isolationism, while also examining survivalism and uncertainty. Few of you Yankees asked where your new kidney or pancreas was coming from, be it a slum kid from the City of God or some unlucky student in a Chinese political prison. Those weren’t living dead. That's not stupidity or weakness, that's just human nature. The soldiers on the base, lead by Captain Speke, explain that a Korean soldier had been out in the field doing research when he was attacked and turned. Gerry tells Constance, the youngest daughter, that he quit his job to spend more time with the family. They remained locked on me like a predatory beast. and theme. World War Z is a follow-up to Brooks' "survival manual", The Zombie Survival Guide (2003), but its tone is much more serious. Human offensives begin against the zombies, and hope is restored.

The plane is refueled successfully and Gerry and the C-130 pilot manage to escape.In Jerusalem, Gerry meets Mossad leader Jurgen Warmbrunn (Ludi Boeken), who explains that the Mossad had months earlier intercepted communications from an Army General in India, who stated that Indian troops were fighting the "rakshasa", or "dead spirits". The novel is a collection of individual accounts narrated by an agent of the United Nations Postwar Commission, following the devastating global conflict against the zombie plague. “The highest of distinctions is service to others.” […] Their task, their mandate, is to personify all that is great in our national spirit. […] “Go! Our, Collins worked in private security before the war and was hired by a millionaire during the outbreak to guard him and his friends in his secure mansion. The scientists watch him on camera, remarking that the left cabinet contains deadly and incurable diseases.

Now, I am a good soldier, but I am also a West German.

Captain Speke: Looks like we just woke the dead. Be prepared for anything.

That was pretty sweet. In that respect, please turn off all pagers and cellphones.

Shootshootshoot!”. Nuclear autumn was already beginning to set in, the gray-brown shroud thickening each day. We understood what the American president said about “reclaiming our confidence”; we understood it more than most.

No. They're like having in-class notes for every discussion!”, “This is absolutely THE best teacher resource I have ever purchased. Air drops are performed, delivering the pathogen to all parts of the world. “Knock ’em down!

The helicopter takes the Lanes to a U.S. Navy aircraft carrier off the coast of New York City with a whole group of other refugees. Why would I want to get depressed by watching TV? Even now, no one knows what really happened to him. Former United Nations employee Gerry Lane traverses the world in a race against time to stop a zombie pandemic that is toppling armies and governments and threatens to destroy humanity itself.

When Gerry asks the soldier, who walks with a slight limp, how he injured his leg, the soldier tells him something's been bothering him lately.Gerry talks to a Ex-CIA agent, Haffner (David Morse), who'd been arrested for selling arms to North Korea. But the clue's there. I could find neither his heartbeat nor his pulse.

After all that has happened, not just in this war, but in so many wars before: Algeria, Indochina, the Nazis…you understand what I am saying…you see the sorrow and pity? Others have found a way to push back. Fifteen thousand dead or missing. Russia is particularly successful in halting the pandemic with military and civilian force. She…she wouldn’t leave, you see. Gerry returns to his family, in a safe zone in Freeport, Nova Scotia.A "vaccine" derived from deadly pathogens is developed that can act as camouflage for the troops battling the infected. But it’s given us a chance.

(Segen refers to a Lieutenant in the IDF.) We assign a color and icon like this one, Note: all page numbers and citation info for the quotes below refer to the Three Rivers edition of. Be prepared for anything.

Subscribe United Nations employee Gerry Lane traverses the world in a race against time to stop the Zombie pandemic that is toppling armies and governments, and threatening to destroy humanity itself.

And that’s what haunts me most about it, they weren’t headed anywhere. Teachers and parents!

"World War Z Quotes."

Those weren’t living dead. Sometimes the thing you thought was the most brutal aspect of the virus, turns out to be the chink in its armor. And in the end, isn’t the human factor the only true difference between us and the enemy we now refer to as “the living dead”? Andrew Fassbach: Mother Nature is a serial killer. What did they think they were doing? They went slow and safe, one section at a time, low speed, low intensity, low casualty rate.


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