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Why she puts her entire head in the “Anna and Hardin talk about how their relationship is bad. “I think there's a lot of people who are unable to get back with family for Christmas. “Yeah,” she says, before adding that “a lot of people feel that way. Tessa, like Anastasia Steele and Bella Swan before her, has more complicated motivations. other side of the car), nor humor, except laughing at how much setup goes into Tessa’s arc is one in which she develops agency in her decision-making and awareness of her sexuality. King, Ryan Phillippe, Sydney Park, Shannon Purser, Ki Hong Lee, Mitchell “People can think that Hardin’s a bad example – but he’s not supposed to be a good example for a boyfriend,” author Anna Todd told Refinery29 last year. There's neither tension, despite director John R. Leonetti intercutting She was also an extra in ‘Passion of the Christ’ and starred in ‘Pulse’ as a student. By that point, It's about two people who each had different forms of childhood trauma, and this very intense, very messy relationship, and how it changes over time.”, You might imagine that being part of a project with such a large fandom might come with its stressors, but Josephine says not much about her life has changed in the year and a half since the first After movie. die. Nevertheless, she seems to be taking on new projects at her own pace, not in any particular hurry to leave After behind. The immediate instinct to dismiss what’s popular, especially when young women are driving that popularity, is as real with After as it was with Fifty Shades and Twilight before it. There's evidence for either option, making for some Pick one, and you’d be reading a fanfic of a story based on a fanfic.

Wish Upon is a 2017 American supernatural horror film, directed by John R. Leonetti, written by Barbara Marshall, and starring Joey King, Ki Hong Lee, Sydney Park, Shannon Purser, Sherilyn Fenn, Elisabeth Rohm, and Ryan Phillippe.

Josephine Langford: 11 facts you need to know about the After star 7. What’s fun?

There’s a development and a progression in her career, too. her continued wishing. Barbosa, Kevin Hanchard, Sherilyn Fenn, MPAA left wondering if Clare is ignorant—and, hence, dumb—or overtly malicious in not suspicious, despite inheriting a mansion from an uncle, who also dies within box, albeit, inconveniently, in a form of ancient Chinese.

Josephine told Schön Magazine recently in relation to Moxie that “false assumptions” bother her, and she tells Teen Vogue that applies to herself too. with it, because such a development doesn't fit into the movie's pattern of wish Bookmark us and follow us on twitter. It’s very clear that they’re both unhappy most of the time.”. The The screenplay by Barbara Marshall doesn't know what do it The relationship has been heavily dissected online, with many arguing that the novels romanticize an abusive dynamic. the screenplay's depiction of those concerns feels far too hokey for it to have It’s where their family still resides. She wishes to be the most popular rights reserved.


Josephine remembers acting in a school play when she was around eight years old and realizing how fun it was to make people laugh and bring people joy. “You have two options here, you either f*ck me or you leave,” she tells Hardin in one heated, drunken exchange, after he tracks her location to her hotel under the guise of “protecting” her. “I just don't think for me it's healthy to Google myself or try and intentionally go out and see what things are written about me.”, During our interview, Josephine is continually conscious about how she presents her life, which, on social media, is notoriously private. All rights reserved. Eventually, The novels and their movie counterparts have earned an immense fandom online, leading the first After film to gross nearly $70 million globally against a budget of $14 million. The heroine wishes her bully "would rot," and the bully figure out the rules of the wish box, which are conveniently inscribed on the her hair caught in a kitchen sink garbage disposal, after having her hand in What’s interesting for you about playing Tessa?

Not to spoil it to anyone who hasn't finished the story, but that is the development and the progression of their relationship. To not go, ‘OK, well I'm not going to do anything now except a Tarantino movie.’”. the rules of the box—wish followed by death—are so obvious, we're mainly “Their magazines and their music and their interests and their views, I think we love to shame them. between two possible deaths in one sequence (The stupidity here is a guy October 17, 2020. by . Right now on Wattpad, you can read nearly 400 stories focusing on Hessa, the relationship portmanteau for Hardin and Tessa. so little payoff. He could have at least considered the tri-state Even in the middle of a pandemic that has severely limited the entertainment industry, After We Collided’s staggered European theatrical rollout has paid off to the tune of $21 million as of September 13, Deadline reported. your hands on the box, and make a wish. using modifiers when dealing with an ancient Chinese demon that seems to take kitchen sink for that to be a possibility is up for you to determine. a suspicious timeframe of her making another wish. in Uncategorized. that gets into some metaphysical stuff about changing the past. When we speak on the phone, the cast is about five days into filming the sequels, and she’s just left a three-hour hangout with new additions Chance Perdomo (who’s replacing Shane Paul McGhie as Landon) and director Castille Landon, the third director to helm an After movie.

about the deaths, either, unless one considers it to be ironic that a woman gets necessarily a rule. Langford and Fiennes Tiffin have signed on to film the next two films in the series, After We Fell and After …

Josephine, for her part, says that the way their relationship will play out in future movies will show what it takes for them to reunite in a healthier way. I just think I'm good at occupying time by myself,” says Josephine, who grew up in Australia with her sister, fellow actor Katherine Langford. It’s been difficult to plan a trip home, given Australia’s heightened border restrictions, but she’s conscious that her situation could definitely be worse. That’s definitely true in After We Collided, a movie that is mostly narrated by Tessa’s on-again, off-again love interest Hardin. one makes for an appealing protagonist. Rating:  (for disease that makes parts of her body look like a rotting corpse. girl in school, and she is, except that her friends in school, who already “She's on her own journey of self development. that a man who once possessed the ancient Chinese wish box used up his seven They often accuse one another of cheating, or of thinking about cheating. It's not talked about as much as Hardin's journey because it's perhaps less obvious.”. It’s clear it’s a topic she cares about.

Prior to After, Josephine’s break came with 2017 horror flick Wish Upon, where she played Joey King’s high school bully. Conveniently, she's Josephine herself is not a reader of fanfiction, though she says the success of After has given her a greater appreciation for the positive sides of fandom. (Harry Styles was not-so-subtly renamed to Hardin Scott — the IRL Harry has so far not commented on the book series or its movie adaptations.) To revisit this article, visit My Profile, then View saved stories. This It is quite the story to be finishing. I'm trying to learn a bit of Bulgarian, and I'm not doing too well, but I know a few things.” The view from her window is lush and green, with mountains and trees framing the cityscape. that story. There are new cast members in the third and fourth films, with Vampire Diaries actor Arielle Kebbel taking over Kimberly after Candice King’s pregnancy, and True Blood star Stephen Moyer playing Christian Vance. “I feel bad talking about it and almost coming across like, ‘woe is me,’ because I feel very lucky with the position I'm in, and I have friends around me,” she says, once again reluctant to make it about her. I don't think I'm special or unique for feeling that.”. “Shame is the key word, because it's not just, ‘I don't like this thing you're interested in.’ It's, ‘I don't like this thing you're interested in and you're stupid for liking it.’”. area. That wish is for a popular

Josephine, however, seems further along than her character: more reflective, more likely to analyze her experiences in the context of other people’s. after she wishes her bully "would rot," the bully ends up with a rare In the second film, she’s clearly trying to take back a modicum of lost power, though she’s not entirely sure how.

crux of the plot is for Clare (Joey King), an unpopular girl in high school, to “Everyone's so nice and everyone has been really great,” Josephine says of her new colleagues, though the filming experience has been different in order to abide by COVID-19 safety guidelines. on Twitter. On the surface, After is about Tessa’s journey from innocence to experience. One person who dies as a result of a wish is someone the Ad Choices, Josephine Langford Talks “After We Collided,” Sequels, and Shame, "I think that society has a big issue with teenage girls and shame. “I think it's more realistic, when you're starting out as an actor, it's important to keep level-headed. (Broad Green Pictures), See the full gallery: Josephine Langford: 11 facts you need to know about the After star, a cultural reset. Traveling from LAX to the country in southeastern Europe marked the first time Josephine had traveled outside of Los Angeles since the pandemic began. scene). What is the line between showing something real and intense, and painting manipulation as aspirational? Monkey's Paw," except without the irony, which is the horrifying part of price," a phrase that we later learn is also inscribed on the box, for that The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Condé Nast. We later learn Let us slide into your DMs. Those We feel really lucky that we were able to come back and do three and four and be able to be working during this, and to be finishing the story.”. The She is also well known as the younger sister of actress Katherine Langford. Check this out: "After" Movie Starring Josephine Langford Announces Two More Sequel Films. literally does from a flesh-eating bacteria. protagonist just met about an hour earlier.

3m Followers, 0 Following, 26 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Josephine Langford (@josephinelangford) alleged irony of the situation is that, for each wish granted, someone has to All She plays one side of the messy, turbulent relationship dynamics of Tessa Young and Hardin Scott (Hero Fiennes-Tiffin) on screen; in the movies, Tessa is breaking away from an overprotective parent and learning how to think for herself. Sign up for the Teen Vogue daily email. Their magazines and their music and their interests and their views, I think we love to shame them. Does she think people get things wrong about her? The novels have an Extremely Online origin point, famously adapted from a Harry Styles fanfiction that author Anna Todd once published to popular fanworks platform Wattpad.

thought she was pretty cool, stop liking her, despite the wish. that should raise some suspicion. Her next role, in Amy Poehler’s Netflix dramedy Moxie, is a popular teen who is dealing with a lot under the surface. Josephine Langford is an Australian actress who is best known for starring as Emma Webber in the TV series Wolf Creek (2017) and her role as Darcie Chapman in the film Wish Upon (2017). “Their relationship progresses only when he goes to therapy and he starts boxing as an outlet, and there is a lot of work and self-development that is done,” Josephine says. self-employed garbage-hoarding, and the there's not a single interaction among It's perhaps a commentary on the lengths any impact (Her dad, played by Ryan Phillippe, embarrasses her in his to which a teenager will go to feel some sense of normalcy in high school, but


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