winchester sx3 vs sx4
For each bird targeted, hundreds skated by unscathed.

Winchester took the fast, reliable, light recoiling SX3 and made it even better! Unlike others profiled here, the SX4 lacks a built-in recoil reducer. The cocking handle of the new gun is significantly bigger, a positive change over the older model, and the bolt release is bigger, and better, too. Outdoors the Scandinavian Way - now in English!

I was running a single-shot before emptying the next box, my 60th all told. Also, let’s recognize an enduro shoot in the Argentine dove fields really isn’t apples-to-apples with the abuse dished out to our working shotguns here in the USA. It is slightly lighter.

No, you don’t need to push a gun until it fails to feed, to eject, to fire or until it's impossible to load in order to know what you’ve got. Four New Workhorse ShotgunsThe Remington V3’s operating mechanism is neatly contained between the rear of the receiver and the breech.

“The gun was silly clean ... didn’t even look that dirty, and that’s because I really do think the inertia action does a great job of blowing grime out the barrel.” Its design involves minimal parts, so cleaning is easy, at least until time to remove the buttstock to get at the recoil spring and cup. To mitigate boomer 3½-inch loads, Beretta installs two sets of its proprietary Kick-Off mini-hydraulic shock-absorbers in the stock. 2.

The action is almost the same as the SX3, but sadly there is no shim kit for stock adjustments, and there are some other small changes.

Upon firing, propellant gases vent through tiny ports adjacent to the shell chamber.

My partners were pretty close, except for one who had started oiling his bolt and return springs earlier and was still in business through 70 boxes. Beretta named this action the Blink because it works so fast, supposedly allowing shooters to fire five shots in about one second.

Winchester used much of the same internal components from the SX3 for the SX4, so from that side of things, not much has changed. The gun is supplied in a cardboard box, rather than an ABS case, to keep down cost.

When recoil jabs the gun rearward, the free-sliding bolt recoils at a slower pace (hence the inertia) thanks partly to a stout spring pressing against the bolt head. Let’s call it 1,495 shots. Perverse as that sounds, be assured our reason for doing so was strictly analytic, beginning with an examination of the operational limits of Remington’s relatively new V3 self-loader. ► Youtube (New video every week!) Excess gas escapes via a set of fore-end louvers.

Tweaking the SX3 brings us to the SX4 with two surprises. SBE loyalists swear it’s tough, smooth and shootable. Winchester took the fast, reliable, light recoiling SX3 and made it even better!

The test SX4 was a three-shot model (permissible on a normal shotgun certficate), but there is a five-shot option if you have the relevant permissions, not to mention a wooden-stocked Field model with a 3” chamber (RRP £725), and a 3½” Mossy Oak Break-up Country camo gun for £771. “I purposely did not clean it once during a week of hunting, but rather abused it with mud and more than 1,000 shots,” he wrote. BERETTA A400. we are looking at the latest thing from Winchester: the well-priced SX4 Composite semi-auto (RRP £715). Rather, it is a gun-dirtying article, one about how to foul your shotgun to such a disgusting state that it no longer runs. NRA's Christopher Olsen, who along with others has used it on multiple snow goose outings, … And if high-flying geese are your game, note it does not chamber 3½-inch shells. After opening, a recoil spring in the stock causes the bolt to rebound, pick up a fresh round and cycle back into battery. The gun's soft-shooting VersaPort gas system left the author unbruised and thoroughly charmed by Argentina's wingshooting.

Why not? Essentially, the SX4 is a slightly simplified SX3. The butt needs to be removed for return-spring maintenance. Why not: Recoil could be a concern for everyday waterfowlers.

ALWAYS keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.


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