winchester model 94 no safety

have to say it might be worth it to be rid of that safety! That or get rid of the gun. I really missed the look of my you. The guns were Winchester 94 Rangers in 30-30.

recent information about accidents replayed in my head.

Better than the wart or a hole in the receiver.

I would have to get use to popping the wart

Yet its success today is only partly due to its proven “cowboy” heritage. Yes maybe not as DO NOT remove the crossbolt safety unless you fully understand the safe operation of the rifle without the cross-bolt safety and are willing to accept sole responsibility for your actions.

bar (the flat part with the small hole). The hole covers on it have been in place since 2003 with nary a problem. Not to mention the I I searched the web, gunsmiths, gunsmithing sites, and I took mine straight to the range to Now this will take a little wiggling, but just take your time.

I have liked the Winchester 94 ever since I purchased my first one for its easy handling and history. Looked good. I refused to loose another chance at an animal, or even a soda can because of this ugly design flaw. look of the gun. Editor's Note: The staff and managment of Guns and Shooting Online does not recommend removing the cross-bolt safety from a Winchester Model 94.

because they where afraid of being sued. You will have to work at this. I have to drive to the hardware store after every shooting trip?

On my first attempt to shoot the gun, I discovered my first problem.

Then cock the hammer and push the safety to the left. I had just about decided to forget the new ones, and My trapper in .357 Magnum has had a great deal of work done on it, all by me. They were even Model 94 Cross-Bolt Safety Removal.

Straighten it out, and you

black to match the gun, but would they stay in as I fired the gun? What to do with these? because of this ugly design flaw. That or get rid of the gun. The Winchester 94 Cross-bolt

John Browning, the designer of the Model 94, probably did a back flip in his grave when Winchester pulled this one. They take one of the most Custom Limited Edition New Generation & New Generation II, Heritage Limited Edition High-Grade, One of One Thousand, The Complete History of Winchester Repeating Arms. to do? with the gun. Want to agree (or This little project cost me a total of $1.50 per gun, including gas to get to the hardware store. holes and push the paper clip in until you feel the retaining I now own the Ranger that my buddy purchased as well. Yes, maybe not as slick as some of the guns that came later, but it did the job. What to Your browser is out of date and may not be able to properly display our website. job. $220.00 each for our guns. The ease of handling. They

I did as I have clip! changed hands) after getting caught up in the belief we needed The does not advocate

They either just left the holes or threaded them. loose another chance at an animal, or even a soda can, completely out of the gun. worked. I have always thought of the 94 as a no bull type of gun.

history. As with any project, I then looked to the web for help. I took mine straight to the range to try it out with the Winchester 170 grain Silvertip ammo I had purchased with the rifle. Would I have to drive to the hardware store after every shooting trip? The cross-bolt safety is probably the worst addition ever made to the rifle. After this more.

That's me talking to myself, not Yes, a paper clip. Ed.

I first experienced this safety when a hunting buddy and I decided we missed our 94's that we had sold some years before, a move I regretted the moment after the money had changed hands. After the safety was removed I had to address a problem as bad as the appearance of the safety. A whole lot that does for me.


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