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Logan left after Stryker ordered Creed to execute the witnesses. Morlocks | Dark Beast | Jason was unable to affect him, due to his helmet.

Kid Omega | Though reluctant, Kurt agrees, bidding the paralyzed mutant farewell before leaving him to his fate in the ruins of the city. Magneto rearranged Cerebro's panels. Those people? High Evolutionary | Abomination | Grief-stricken, William was able to subdue his son and imprison him in a state of cryogenic suspension - where he is briefly seen during the events of X Men Origin: Wolverine. Stryker and Creed continued to work together for years. Skrulls | His current status is unknown, though in conversation with Bolivar Trask, a much younger William Stryker remarks that his son just turned ten, indicating that this is long before his mutant powers manifested. Attempted genocide He made Xavier believe he was in the X-Mansion after the attack from Stryker's forces, and, disguising himself as a young girl, made him search for the other mutants with Cerebro, in reality bringing him to Dark Cerebro. Jason Stryker Jason Stryker was born in 1963, and despite his father's sordid past, apparently enjoyed a relatively normal upbringing until his mutant powers manifested during puberty. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Bullseye |

Kraven | By this time, however, the X-men and Magneto have arrived to stop Stryker: over the course of this final assault, a mind-controlled Scott is deployed against Jean Grey, who is able to non-lethally defeat him - but ends up doing serious damage to Alkali Lake's dam in the process. Quicksilver |

Jason was one of the mutants in containment at his father's mutant research facility. Tyrannus | Avalanche | Onslaught | Weapon XI was defeated, but Stryker shot adamantium bullets into Logan's head, giving him amnesia.

Sebastian Shaw | Freedom Force | X-Men: First Class: Hellfire Club (Sebastian Shaw, Emma Frost, Azazel, Angel Salvadore & Riptide) | William Stryker Sr. | Magneto | Mystique Like in the film that child has also been given the name of Jason Stryker. X-Men 2: United Following his return home, he would play games with his parents, toying with their minds. Nimrod | S… Scarlet Witch | Red Skull | Nitro | Powers/Skills

He offered Logan a chance to come with him and restore his memories, but Logan chained him to the helicopter and left to help his comrades. Whilst there, Trask unveils to the generals present the prototype specs for the Sentinels and the mutant detection devices to be fitted into each of them, until he detects Mystique's presence in the room.

He pointed the gun at Kayla, but Kayla used her power of persuasion to order him walk until his feet bled. Marcy went into labor and Sgt. Magneto, wearing a helmet designed to shield against telepathic attacks, was able to reach Xavier while the X-Men were incapacitated by the psychic assault, but then had Jason make Xavier use Cerebro II to kill ordinary humans. In the official video-game, Jason is revealed to be still alive.

The process was successful, and Stryker hoped to erase Logan's mind and use him for the XI, but Logan heard this and escaped. Ahab |

Masters of Evil | Demon Bear | to have his condition treated, and by the present day, Jason has taken over leadership of the. Friends of Humanity | Magneto and Mystique escaped, and soon thereafter Storm and Nightcrawler entered Cerebro II and disrupted Jason's illusion, allowing Xavier to break from his control before any humans and mutants could be killed.

His father extracts a fluid from his spinal cord that allows him to control people's minds.

X-Men: Apocalypse: Ashir En Sabah Nur/Horsemen of Apocalypse (Apocalypse, Magneto, Psylocke & Archangel) | Dark Phoenix | Mystique | William Stryker Jr. Blood Brothers | Crossbones | With no time to rescue both of them before the facility collapses in on itself, Nightcrawler has just enough time to teleport Storm and Xavier to safety - the Professor sparing one last regretful glance in his former student's direction - before being forced to leave Jason behind. He was the son of William Stryker, Sr.. Stryker sent his son Jason to Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters in hopes of ridding his mutation, regarding it as a disease that he believed needed be cured. Phalanx | Mesmero | Origin Living Monolith | Super-Adaptoid | Lady Deathstrike | Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. Attempting to make his father proud Marrow | Sabretooth | A powerful mutant capable of psychically altering human perceptions and planting immensely realistic illusions in the minds of those around him, the possible uses of his powers are limited only by the current state of his brain: having been lobotomized by his father in order to make him more pliable, he is now childishly devoted to furthering William Stryker's goals and earning his approval by any means necessary. Shadow King |

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Loki | X-Men: Brotherhood of Mutants (Magneto, Mystique, Sabretooth & Toad) | Pyro Holocaust | Dark Phoenix | Master Mold | Legion | After his tour, Sgt.

Deadpool | Stryker and his wife decided to visit her parents, in Phoenix, Arizona, but a car crash left them in the Nevada Desert.

Beyonder | Hellfire Club | Pilgrimm | Mandarin | Rhino | Krakoa | Red Ghost |

Over the course of this operation, William discovered that the newly-christened Mutant 143's spinal fluid could also be used as a powerful mind-controlling serum, and set out to harvest it through a shunt at the back of his head: initially only using it to keep his mutant bodyguard Yuriko Oyama under control, Stryker eventually found a much greater use for it in his plan to eliminate the mutant population of Earth. Originally in the comics, Styker's son was portrayed to have been a newborn that was killed by his father after he was displayed his mutant powers at birth. Juggernaut | Mikhail Rasputin | Obnoxio the Clown | Evil-doer The character of Jason is loosely based on another X-Men foe, Mastermind/Jason Wyngarde for his vision-making powers. Ozymandias | While Xavier was obeying to the new order, Storm and Nightcrawler managed to teleport inside Dark Cerebro. They were immediately attacked by Jason, who showed them an empty room with his disguise from earlier, standing in the middle of it, trying to deceive them. Using his cerebral fluid, he created a powerful serum, through which he controlled the mind of anyone he wanted. Goals Appearing throughout the game as a ghostly figure "haunting" Nightcrawler, his true intentions are not revealed until the final chapters of the game, when Master Mold is unleashed upon Kowloon. HYDRA | Madelyne Pryor | He was also the son of William Stryker. Unfortunately, William refused to even countenance this belief, and once it became clear that there was no way of "curing" the mutation his son had developed, he removed him from the school in disgust. The Wolverine: Silver Samurai | Madam Viper | Shingen Yashida | Noburo Mori | Magneto As a young mutant girl, he was portrayed by Keely Purvis. Sauron | When Col. Stryker started his research on mutants, he had Jason lobotomized. Selene Gallio | Cassandra Nova | Fenris | Crazed and outraged, Stryker then makes a suicide attempt. Batroc | In 1973, William Stryker approached a military camp in Vietnam, ordaining for the release of four mutant soldiers into his care (Havok, Toad, Ink and the Mutant Soldier) for Bolivar Trask's research. Neo | Hobby Unable to cope with his wife's death, Stryker vowed to eliminate all of mutantkind. Deadpool Villains | X-Men Villains, Comics Supreme Intelligence | Sat-Yr-9 | Can create psychic illusions, secretes mind-controlling fluid

Kang | Arcade | To that end, he spends much of the film aiding his father in his primary goal of eradicating Earth's mutant population, namely by brainwashing individuals integral to Stryker's plans - either through the mind-controlling serum derived from his own spinal fluid or through the direct application of his impressive psychic powers. Xorn, Movies Pyro |

However, he also begins to develop a secondary personality, commonly manifesting through his power of illusion as a much younger version of himself: this second personality is the only part of Jason's brain that is not under his father's control, and wants to stop the Master Mold by any means available to him. Emma Frost | However, despite being brainless after his lobotomy, he show to have a child-like personality, when acting as a little girl in front of the X-Men and prove to be some of manipulator when choosing an appearance to fool Professor X. William Stryker |

Given William Stryker's noted anti-mutant bias, it's not known if Jason really was as malicious as his father claimed or if he'd simply lost control of his abilities as a result of being removed from Mutant High before he could master them completely. Lizard | Amazing Fantasy #15 (Spider-Man's First Appearance), Tales of Suspense #39 (Iron Man's First Appearance), Incredible Hulk #181 (Wolverine's First Appearance), William Stryker, Jr. (Earth-10005)/Quotes, 8 Appearances of William Stryker, Jr. (Earth-10005), Minor Appearances of William Stryker, Jr. (Earth-10005), Media William Stryker, Jr. (Earth-10005) was Mentioned in, 5 Images featuring William Stryker, Jr. (Earth-10005), 1 Quotations by or about William Stryker, Jr. (Earth-10005), Character Gallery: William Stryker, Jr. (Earth-10005), https://marvel.fandom.com/wiki/William_Stryker,_Jr._(Earth-10005)?oldid=5496406, Pages using DynamicPageList parser function. https://villains.fandom.com/wiki/Jason_Stryker?oldid=3924176, Jason Stryker's film version is based off, In the comics, Jason was killed as an infant after his father realized that he was a mutant, eventually prompting William Stryker's descent into villainy. The New Mutants: Essex Corp (Cecilia Reyes) | Demon Bear, See Also Predator X | Sublime | X2: William Stryker Jr. | Lady Deathstrike | Jason Stryker | Brotherhood of Mutants (Magneto, Mystique & Pyro)

As time passes, he is convinced that Satanhas a plot to destroy humankind by corrupting prenatal souls, the result of this corruption being mutants. Kingpin | Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Hand | When Charles Xavier was captured by Stryker, Jason, under his father's orders, used his powers on him, as Xavier was too powerful for the serum to have any affect. After Logan left Team X and returned to Canada, Stryker tasked Kayla Silverfox with keeping an eye on him; she only accepted because they were holding her sister, Emma, hostage. Magus | The others escaped with Kayla and Kristin and Logan while Logan and Victor battled Weapon XI. Deadpool: Deadpool | Dopinder | Ajax | Angel Dust | Agent Smith He confronts. Maximus | Stryker was stabbed through the arm by his adamantium claws and Logan scolded him for "[taking] his life", although Stryker claimed that he apparently volunteered to have the adamantium placed in his skeleton. | He screamed that someone will continue his work one day.[2]. Jason Stryker is a fictional supervillain appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Logan insisted that he wanted new dog tags that read "Wolverine", in tribute to a story Kayla told him. Omega Gang | Crimes X-Men: Dark Phoenix: Dark Phoenix | D'Bari (Vuk & Jones) | Brotherhood of Mutants (Magneto & Selene Gallio) | Mystique Sentinels | William Stryker was a sergeant in the army and may have been involved in the Weapon X Program, which resulted in Logan being given his Adamantium skeleton. Exodus |

Stryker was stationed on a nuclear testing facility, his wife, Marcy Stryker, had become pregnant. In the movie, he was portrayed by Michael Reid McKay, who also played The Man Who Can't Breathe in Insidious: Chapter 3, and Theodore Victor Allen in Se7en. Soon after, Jason Stryker was presumably killed in the destruction of the Alkali Lake facility, either crushed to death by falling wreckage or drowned when the dam finally gave way.


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