willett bourbon purple

Luckily, I was able to find (steal) some great info from Bourbonr.com. This does not mean that I am a “bourbon hater”, but I have had to become honest with myself as to whether frenzied craze and hype that surrounds bourbon justify the ever-growing prices. Daily tours are also offered. It’s a bit sweet and a bit bitter all at the same time. It’s both. Willett Portfolio Review (standard offerings). All in all, a good tasting. Done online, our sampling is limited to what we each have on hand. Original bottling This past week, Erika and I decided to take some much-needed time off from work and try to get ourselves into a much better place mentally. Stores user settings when accessing a Youtube video embedded on external websites. I find myself relating bourbons to candy bars too often…I may need to work on that. Upon completion, in the spring of 1937, Willett Distillery produced its ?rst batch of Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey. It’s so intense. I did do a comparison between it and the previous single barrel bourbon I had. ( Log Out /  There’s a bit of a sweet tea note going on, and something light and reminiscent of toffee. MARK – the chocolate sauce, the caramel now on the pecan pie, that nice pepperiness very gradually fading, all very nicely balanced with the chocolate lingering longest.

I hadn’t had anything from Willett in a little while. Well balanced structure of honey, clove, cayenne, and molasses singing in unison. Some of the whiskeys they distill, some they source, and Edmond Kubein over at Bourbon County told me now they’re mixing their own stuff with sourced stuff to gradually transition everything over to their own make. There’s vanilla and a bit of caramel in there but I can’t help but pick up the floral maraschino as the only interesting characteristic.

That bottle of Westward I posted notes on recently? For me it was the opposite. If you’re looking for innovative (and kickass) gear, you’ve got to check out the Draft Top, and “drink topless” as they say. The following cookies and technologies allow us to analyze consumer behaviour on our website to detect potential errors and continually improve the user experience. They even have a great relationship with one of my favorite restaurants in the country Husk. Registers a unique ID on mobile devices to allow geographic GPS location based tracking. Obviously they’re watering the Pot Still down to whatever proof they believe is best, and a lot of different barrels are going into it.

Something in the way of a sweet heat BBQ sauce. Willett Family Estate Bottled Single Barrel Bourbon. But because for me, bourbon has become a victim of its success. Pure Kentucky. you’ll notice how WFE rye was evident to me right out of the gate. I’ve really been getting into the American Single Malts lately. A few swirls open up a ton of spice for me. Is there more than one person in charge? If you have a favorite in the Willett lineup, let us know in the comments.


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