will rifled slugs damage a rifled barrel

That group came with a surprise ending, so he took the gun home to thoroughly clean the barrel and choke tube, which he said had a lot of lead built up inside. Wed: 11am-4pm, Thu/Fri: 10am-8pm, Sat: 10am-5pm, Sun: 11am-4pm. 10rds - 50 Cal. It has worked well for over 100 years. Rifled slugs are usually made from cheaper, softer lead. Yes, rifled slugs will not damage a rifled barrel. I would not recommend using rifled slugs in a rifled barrel, or smoothbore barrel with a rifled choke, because it can damage the rifling.. No, that is the barrel that a rifled slug is supposed to be fired through. Ano ang mga kasabihan sa sa aking kababata? Get answers by asking now. Our local sporting goods store gets $15 for a pack of 5 Lightfields Sabots! Your groupings will be all over the place because if you use the wrong type of slug, it could end up just tumbling end over end because it doesn’t have the proper spin. Thanks Art- I guess I'll just have to pony up the extra $$$ for the sabots- but man are they expensive! If you have a rifled shotgun barrel, you’re going to want sabot slugs. The ammunition is the LEAST EXPENSIVE part of any hunt. Karl Foster originally invented them. Engineered Fuel vs. Pump Gas: Which Will Win? Survival AR-7, Harrell Reviews the Taurus-Rossi Circuit Judge 45/410 Revolving Rifle, Strategies for Pistol Magazine Capacities. Pagkakaiba ng pagsulat ng ulat at sulating pananaliksik? * All Smooth Bore Shotgun Manufacturers recommend you " Only " shoot Rifled Slugs in a Shotgun that " Only " has a Improved Cylinder Choke, or Open Cylinder for Best Performance and Accuracy. You can also use sabot slugs in a smoothbore barrel but most hunters see it as a waste of money to do so. I shoot rifled slugs (Remington sluggers) in my 870 rifled barrel all the time.

This meant three or six buckshot were loaded in conjunction with a musket ball. Board index » Shooting » Shotguns - General, Registered users: 10generation, 20grouse, 2moose, 47MolineRTU, Bing [Bot], Bladeswitcher, Colt99, DEG, EihänJohan, fishrising, foggbird, FTRPILOT, Google [Bot], Google Adsense [Bot], Google Feedfetcher, hopper810, LilBoog, lt0026, mattberger21, McFarmer, mddan, OBH Gun Club, osok1, oyeme, razir66, reyper, Road Man, Rooster booster, saskbooknut, sera, slotracer577, southdakbearfan, Wheels70. grind off and fill in the rifling in the barrel. Will You Spook Summer Bucks by Enjoying Your Land? A normal slug or a Will rifled (foster) slugs damage a rifled barrel? Does Jerry Seinfeld have Parkinson's disease? So why use rifled slugs at all? Your gun won’t explode if you end up shooting sabot slugs out of a smooth bore barrel or, vice versa, if you shoot rifled slugs out of a rifled barrel. Back in the 1700s, during wartime, soldiers utilized the buck and ball method of loading muskets. Now, original poster, that is a BAD idea. A rifled barrel has lands and groves that cause the projectile to spin when it exists the muzzle (end of the barrel). * Do not shoot them through a shotgun if it doesn't have a Improved Cylinder Choke, or Open Cylinder.*. Because of the same reasons stated above, you will usually find that sabot rounds are stronger in energy. Rifled slugs are usually made from cheaper, softer lead. Who is the longest reigning WWE Champion of all time? Rifled Slugs were designed to be fired through smoothbore shotguns. Rifled slugs and sabot slugs are two very different products, and when it comes to trajectory, one has a clear advantage. Do I need a rifled barrel for my slug gun or can I just get away with using my smooth bore? This allows hunters to use various barrels and still fire slugs. Do I shoot sabot slugs or just rifled slugs? The rifled barrels excel at launching the sabot slugs. Just as accurate as sabots and a hell of alot cheaper! Here at the gun shop, we tell folks that if you’re planning on taking shots over 100 yards, then a rifled barrel is a good option to consider. Ano ang Imahinasyong guhit na naghahati sa daigdig sa magkaibang araw? why aren’t 20 inch barrel ar 15s popular anymore? Ball Ammo. When it comes to velocity, the stats are entirely depended on the primer, propellant, slug design, and other factors. Well, that’s what YouTuber “Buffalo” set out to determine. A smooth bore does not encourage the projectile to spin like a rifled barrel does. 221 West 2nd Street, Morton, MN 56270 | 507-697-6142 A rifled slug is what you want to shoot out a smooth bore barrel. “Rifled” or Foster style shotgun slugs are […] Also, you’ll want to check regulations in your state, as rifled barrels (which require a sabot slug) are prohibited for hunting in some areas. Will a 28 gauge shotgun shoot 20 gauge ammo?

Again, this is not because sabot slugs have an inherent design that creates better energy, but because manufacturers often load them as premium rounds. The video above provides a good demonstration of the performance between rifled and unrifled slugs fired from smoothbore barrels. MN Permit to Carry Course in Morton November 21st! Should You Talk to Cops After a Self-Defense Shooting? Rifled slugs can be shot however the rifling on the slug can This is simply not true. Definitely, a sabot slug should always be used in a rifled shotgun barrel. I have seen rifled barrels become smooth bores after shooting rifled slugs.Most of the rifled slugs rifling is the opposite of the rifling in the barrels which means the lead will dig into the groves in the barrel.I have worn out brushes trying to get the lead out for people How long will the footprints on the moon last?

All Rights Reserved. Just a reminder, as far as common types of chokes go, cylinder is the largest in that it offers the biggest opening for the projectile, improved cylinder is slightly narrower, then modified, improved modified and full. So, will rifled slugs produce any better accuracy if they’re fired through a smoothbore barrel that has a rifled choke tube installed? He gun of choice is his 12 gauge Beretta Xtrema 2 AL391 and the ammo is Federal 2-3/4″ 1-ounce rifled slugs. He gun of choice is his 12 gauge Beretta Xtrema 2 AL391 and the ammo is Federal 2-3/4″ 1-ounce rifled slugs. This use is credited as the first “shotgun” application. If fact the only combination that showed poor accuracy was shooting sabot slugs through a smooth barrel.

The other factor is that because the slug itself does not come into contact with the barrel, it can be made from virtually any metal, including more expensive coppers and alloys. In almost all cases, you should only use rifled slugs in smoothbore barrels. A rifled slug is, again, just how it sounds, a slug with rifling. Slug Country Debates: Rifled Barrel Versus Smooth Bore, on Slug Country Debates: Rifled Barrel Versus Smooth Bore. That said, sabot slugs are often loaded into premium rounds, so they are tend to be loaded at higher velocities; you may find that sabot shells are faster, but this is not because of the slug itself. Winner: Rifled Slugs. This little package of projectile and plastic cylinder is then loaded into the shell. Wed: 11am-4pm, Thu/Fri: 10am-8pm, Sat: 10am-5pm, Sun: 11am-4pm. Rifled slugs are for smoothbore as they are not... rifled. It’s sort of like a wad surrounding birdshot. If you hunt deer, do you do it without a stand or with a stand.

Is it safe to shoot regular "rifled" (non-sabot) slugs thru the rifled barrel, or do you have to use sabot slugs? The reason for that is that when the projectile spins like it does when it exits the muzzle of a rifled barrel, it tends to fly farther and straighter. Thus, it would be more accurate when your target is at a greater distance. A sabot slug is what you want to shoot out of a rifled barrel because the barrel will put the spin on the projectile. http://www.theboxotruth.com/docs/bot46.htm, http://www.brennekeusa.com/cms/h_faq.html. A rifled slug, however, looks more like a regular shotgun shell.

Do you need a dehydrator to make deer jerky? Shotguns are not typically used for long-distance shots, but the accuracy may be noticed when you need to place a slug at the vitals of a deer or another game animal. Can I shoot slugs through a shotgun with a choke in it. Hi all, I have a Mossberg 535 ATS that came with a rifled slug barrel. As you’ll see, the difference is minimal.

Rifled slugs do cause the projectile to spin, but it’s not enough to create a noticeable gain in accuracy. I once paid 22.00 for a 5 pack of winchester partition gold in 20 gauge at my local gun shop - 15.00 at cabelas.


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