why golden retrievers are the worst
It seems like a big part of why people tend to care about dog breed is because they're looking for some kind of certainty, some reliability, when they bring home a dog. Hello, Great article on Goldens. Thank you so much for sharing your experience. Snuggle sessions all the time. He likes to sleep a little more❣️ I would not trade him for anything in the world! I am so glad that you enjoyed this post. The reasons why could go on forever, but here are ten things all Golden owners know. Most Golden retrievers don’t live to their maximum age due to some common health problems.

I am sorry for your loss of Serena at 10 years old to lymphoma. Hi Jenny, very well written, had to laugh.

Work with your vet to help manage and prevent these common issues that might affect the lifespan of the golden retriever. They have menacing eyes. LOL!

That’s the only bad comment I have. They have so much HATRED within, that would drown you! I like that they are friendly, it is very important for my dog to show love to my guest, true on the bad side they are not a good guard dog but still love that about them. Taking time to provide the best diet and lifestyle might be your one chance to help improve the lifespan of golden retrievers.

They can be trained not to do some of the things i.e. Some of these things are quite literally a part of their nature, but some can be trained out. Feeding your dog with the right diet is a step towards giving it a longer lifespan. We get compensated for referring traffic to Amazon. Most dogs will walk around a mud puddle in order to avoid it, but not a golden. You must control his tendency to chew on objects and to mouth your hands -- provide a box filled with toys so he can carry things around in his mouth. According to a study conducted by the Morris Animal Foundation most golden retriever life span is affected by genetics, environmental factors, health conditions, and the lifestyle of the dog. They need plenty of exercise as well as mental stimulation every day, in order for them to be the calm and happy relaxed dog everyone wants.

Cancer is every Golden Retriever owner’s fear!

I am waiting to see with Savannah. All rights reserved. Hi Peter, Thank you for taking the time to share your experience. Eager to please and wonderfully responsive, he is nonetheless distracted by exciting sights and sounds, so you must be both patient and persistent. ), our last one as we’re getting too old to get knocked over by a young, excited, energetic pup. [Plus Reasons Why Dogs Eat It], 12 Best Christmas Gifts For Dog Owners [Holidays 2020], Christmas Sweaters For Large Dogs [Holiday Season 2020], Gifts For Golden Retriever Owners – 12 Unique Etsy Finds, 3.

If you enjoyed this article, you will also enjoy my article on Living With A Golden Retriever. Not to mention they don’t mind shaking all that mud off in the house. What is with Goldens and being stubborn??!!! You may unsubscribe at any time. I am glad you enjoyed my article. Yes, many of the things are part of a Golden Retriever’s characteristics, and many of the behaviour issues can be trained out of them.

They are super smart, sometimes too smart LOL, and no matter what trouble they may get into and test our patience we wouldn’t change anything about them. 1.1K shares; Pinterest; Facebook; 1.1k shares, 406 points. He is 10 and still very active. Golden Retrievers puppies can look ULTRA dangerous! They are energetic. :D. DogSpot celebrates the love and passion pet parents have for their pets. We still look at the ads, though. Ellie seems to be a very popular name for a Golden, and with good reason, it’s a great name! It’s not that I am letting her eat stuff off the ground, it’s that she is so quick, and eats it. They Are Too Friendly, And Not Great Guard Dogs, 8.

If you like to keep a neat and orderly house, forget about owning a golden. 15 Reasons Golden Retrievers Are The Worst Indoor Dog Breeds Of All Time; 15 Reasons Golden Retrievers Are The Worst Indoor Dog Breeds Of All Time. On average, smaller breeds tend to live longer than larger breeds like Golden Retrievers. I have yet to meet or hear of a Golden that isn’t stubborn! Goldens, as ALL dogs, are loving, caring and fantastic companions. Golden Retrievers love to play fetch, and they love water. And perhaps I realize that no other dog will ever compare to him. Golden Retriever. They will always be suspicious of you, no matter what. Skin allergies are very common among this breed.

She gets excited when I pull up the car but then she quickly decides she doesn’t want to jump in. A golden wants to be friends with everyone, even strangers that come to your door. As with any purebred dog, Golden Retrievers have their share of health problems. We rescued our boy when he was 9 weeks old who will turn 5 this Christmas. Puppies need to be supervised around small children.

A Golden Retriever may not be right for you. Golden Retrievers crave and need human attention.

Answer a few simple questions and find the right dog for you, Compare up to 5 different breeds side by side, Browse the AKC Marketplace to find the right puppy for you, Browse our extensive library of dog names for inspiration, Find out the best and worst foods for your dog and which to avoid, 10 Things Only Golden Retriever Owners Understand. I hope she lives a very long life. Hi Cathy, Thank you so much for sharing your experience! I am sorry to hear that both of your Goldens have had a terrible past, it is so hard to comprehend how someone could abuse a dog, but unfortunately, it happens all the time. Despite the 13 negatives, I still wish we got this breed. Stubbornness seems to be part of their charm for sure. I looked at rescue dogs but couldn’t resist an English Cream Golden puppy for sale. 15 Reasons Golden Retrievers are the WORST Choice As Family Pets! I am sure though that there are other Goldens that do what your Ana does and mouths back. However, mistakes happen especially to first-time owners such as myself and you end up with a dog that pretty much owns you! Christmas Gifts For Dog Moms [My 10 Favourites], What Is The Best Shampoo For A Golden Retriever? Are you able to look past the 13 bad things about Golden Retrievers? We always had to watch her very closely so that she would not destroy anything!

Think of anything we missed that all Golden Retriever owners know? Any Golden Retriever owner will tell you just how much they love their breed. That mane of golden fur and deep brown eyes are hard to resist. If you work all day, it is a good idea to take your golden to doggie daycare or hire a dog walker to walk your dog. Have you tried coconut oil? See this study for more details. Yes, they are the best dogs ever!!!! 6 Things You Must Take Care If Your Dog Is Above 5 Years Of Age. I wish you and Ranger all the best! Golden retrievers are big dogs, and they’re certainly full of energy, but they also tend to be extremely gentle. I recommend these dog training videos that are based on respect and leadership.


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