why do i hate my birthday quiz
. Wishing you have a peaceful Birthday Qwin.

I’ve been reading alot about our types and at 53 I’m finally starting to understand myself!! 2.

Even if no one says congratulations, that will not make it any less special or important, quite the contrary. Hate your birthday at the best of times? . Reading many of the paragraphs I felt like shouting (well quietly in my mind as I am around work peers) DITTO! I’ve never had a big party for my birthday (don’t have it in me), although that doesn’t mean that I don’t secretly fantasise about mermaid parties! This Wednesday, May 22 I’ll be a 31-year-old INFJ. Not only do I feel better That it’s not just me but others feel the same way as me. Thanks again for sharing your lovely thoughts, and for your kind words.

At first it was very difficult for my family and friends to understand that the best birthday gift they can give me is this annual time for reflection. I’m one of those people who will quietly sit in the back of an event and pray no one realizes I’m even there in the first place so I can quietly sneak out. Thank you for this insight into his mind. I spent my birthday doing something I love (cooking) to a whole slew of tiny humans that I adore. I totally resonate with your article. I have found it difficult to explain how the inner machinations of an introverts mind work, and this helped me to spread the word! I feel conflicted when it comes to my own birthday. And I feel even worse for feeling like that because I know my family love me and it’s their way of showing it. They were the ones who got the surprise. I get to celebrate the day without it being celebrated at me.

I lost her a couple days before my birthday, that was about 5 months ago. No parties. Long story short, less detailed, I lost my best friend the very next morning, mainly because I didn’t wanna lash out, so I said to leave me alone. A negative event that happened in the past which is connected with the date itself. I always have the day off work, sometimes, I’ll treat myself and take a week! I’m humbled you like the article.

As a matter of fact, apart from my bday, I don’t like any special day to avoid the pressure on myself. ? . However, when I turned 16, on the day of my birthday I had to attend a relative’s funeral, and then go to my after-school job. I have been thinking only me as a weirdo doing this. Because what matters most to me is someone’s presence, not expecting any gifts. At the end of the quiz we will give you the result. Its almost poetic. I have blamed my disdain for it on so many things, being the overpractical robotic virgo and what not but I think it’s just this incredible need for solace but guilt from feeling lonely if you give yourself too much of it lol, I’m glad you can relate BabyTaz! For one of the first times ever I feel like I am ACTUALLY understood. I’m celebrating this year by participating in my first sprint triathlon – 500 yards of swimming, 15 miles on the bike, 5K run. Have a good day, yourself! I always disliked my birthday because I shared it with my twin sister growing up. , Wow, this was crazy accurate! As I grew older, people would call/Facebook me to wish a happy birthday. I absolutely loved it! We let him blow the candles out of our birthday cake a couple of days ago and my relatives were all kinda surprised and felt we weren’t enthusiastic about our birthday. I just felt the need to comment under here lol, thank you for writing this article. I did not speak to my mother for three months after this. Introverts love thinking, but what happens when our thoughts get out of control? I’m happy you found us blk0410, that you feel more understood now, and that the article resonated with you. Settings Language. I literally can’t escape the room feeling that arrives every year at this time. Later on that night a friend called me and asked where havr I been and my crush has been looking for me. .

I did not like celebrating mine. It’s like I constantly have a scale in my head, where I’m judging my own giving to make sure I’m not taking more than I deserve from those I love. This last birthday was different though. Kind regards. Being outgoing is something that many people see as a strength. Speaking of specials, here’s a small bonus I want to give you. I try to tell myself that everyday is special and I don’t feel obligated to treat myself or my gf specially in such days. My mother at one point was making a huge deal over me not wanting to go to a specific place, plus I just wanted to spend the night with my friend. And on the day of the solar eclipse. Required fields are marked *, If you're a restless introvert looking for an interesting read, these introvert book picks will help. Win. Wow – that certainly explains a lot!

It is also the day that the baby I lost from my last miscarriage would have been due 3 years ago. Thank you. I reluctantly had a 21st ( which I hated) and my 30th and 40th went by as just another day. When I was younger though I loved them.. all the cakes and presents. Well, this year I am turning a milestone age and have already started planning a getaway with just my spouse (no getting caught off guard by a big surprise party this year so that I can celebrate in a fun but low key way. Hey this post is spot on. I should have been having the time of my life, revelling in contact with friends, enjoying the whiff of rollies and cider that's unique to British pubs, relishing in group merriment. I ordered and paid for the pizza, but didn’t tell anyone it was my birthday. .

Every time I read this blog and other posts from other INFj groups I feel a little less lonely and more understood. I fully understand you regarding the guilt. It made my whole day. For me, when I had a leaving party a few years ago, I actively planned a large party because I wanted all my beautiful people to meet each other and become firm friends in my absence. I wish you have an wonderful day, and an great birthday, however you choose to spend it. Maybe have a small party and ask for donation items for a charity as opposed to gifts. Not fun. So, if you’re birthday is around the corner, here are some ways to make the most of it in the time of COVID-19, in case you need them too: Breakfast in bed. I never really know what to do lol, but whatever I will suck it up. I struggle to believe that I deserve anything good. I thought I was the only one that felt all this. It felt like they were punishing me and not celebrating for me. Always remember, that is your special day, and it’s your decision to decide how will you spend it. Don't just choose the answer that you think will make you look the best, actually think about which one is most like you, in a good way or bad way. No one called & no cards.

And those are the parts about myself that I really like and are a natural part of my personality.

I just had to stop typing to calm down.

My friend came in my room and after many attempts of trying to get me out of bed she did and we went to her room and all my friends were in there singing happy birthday to me. That’s so wonderful to hear you got two lovely kittens for your 50 birthday, and that you will be participating in your first sprint triathlon! I’m glad you like the article. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on how you see your birthday. 'Birthdays can be one of those events, particularly a milestone birthday. I invited both of them tomorrow.. Marko I was so excited that you responded to my post! She died in a car accident 18 days after our 18th birthday. . .

And you are right, I’m not alone.

While I am an infj, my sister is an extrovert and LOVES her birthday… which is the day after mine, a week before Christmas. I hate being the one honored. Even for our own birthday. And my husband celebrates his birthday too. I love the age 22 one! Maybe I'll grow out of this one day...but probably not. It is just too much fuss for me. Today I’m waking up alone. You are worthy, more than you know. I like my birthdays, but I have never liked birthday parties. Unbeknownst to me that the the police had been watching me and they almost arrested my dad ’cause he’s a grown man picking up a lone teenage girl at 8:00pm in a popular prostitution spot. I already see the importance of telling her all the time how special and appreciated she is. And I brought everything we needed for drinks. Truly feeling loved these days. I’m glad your real friends now understand. But mostly I just enjoy the cake.

My birthday is September 11th. Half of them are introverts, so there was only a modest success lol, but that filled my heart more than anything else could. My grandma and I share the same birthday. Oh gosh, I can barely handle going over to a friends place for a party that they’re throwing, so how am I supposed to handle inviting 20 acquaintances into my tiny apartment? I truly do. My birthday was a struggle to me every year. . (And thanks for writing this! Also, I feel that they are not actually celebrating me because they don’t know me and I feel disappointed.

I fully understand you Margreet, and remember, this is your day, and you decide how will you spend it. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts! There never was. You are most welcome, Cathy! i avoid calls every day just extra on my birthday) yet when my husband does something extra special for my birthday (but never surprise parties), I really treasure it. . Years and years of this having to figure out what to do with useless stuff has made me dislike birthday presents. I truly hate my birthday, I don’t like the attention on me, but I do like being wished a happy birthday. Eventually they took notice as how much more vibrant I would be upon returning and so have since now accepted this ritual that takes place once every year. You matter and you are enough. Thank you so much, Brenda!

That;s really nice of you to tell this special person that, because INFJs really cherish when someone tells us that we matter to them. This really explains a lot!


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