who is eraser in memorist
I love the cast and what's more important twists of occured events. Dong Baek is obviously smitten with this girl, but one night (seven years ago), she abruptly goes missing. I praised to SeHoon, he is the only officer who gained trust and befriend with DongBaek next to Captain Koo KyungTan.

He encounters a mysterious serial murder case. This drama is making me sick!!.. She has such an amazing acting range, and it will be very fresh and enjoyable to see them both in this genre. Like hell! Good job Memorist cast and crew!

The journalists and the cops might be on the wrong side, but hey, as an audience I always run out popcorns every time I'm watching it. I can't understand. She said in this episode, "I am tired being used by you (referring to NIS)", yet there was no support to that so-called "used by you". I watched this drama is only for the sake of yoo seungho. Instead, he is with his intended target all the while. You really can’t predict the ending at all.. it’s kinda satisfying to know the ending & who’s the killer.

Maybe it was elaborated in the Webtoon but in this drama, they failed to do so.

This drama never let you down with the plot twists. Like the story, Yoo seung ho is very handsome and Lee se young is also very pretty, unfortunately until ep 6 there's no love story or romance between them ><. There was also an epilogue scene where Sunmi did a ceremony honouring those people who died. I really really love memorist because it's quite engaging, but at this point I do wish they would reveal who the Eraser is.

is she the real eraser? I just know why this drama rating so bad. Sin Mi Lover, Hannah Apr 13 2020 2:38 pm I would rate this drama 8.5/10.

1000% I trust dong baek is not the eraser. @hs this drama based on webtoon of released on 2016. ra Mar 30 2020 1:37 am

I love Korean drama and I am not Korean, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese or Chinese (including Chinese from China, Taiwan, HK and S'pore). I am sure it will get more exicting, just by Seung Ho's acting. common PD please add a romantic relationship for the two leads. I don't like this drama.

I have never seen a kdrama as thrilling as this, i got goosebumps in every single episodes! initially I was like that, but after following the path of the story I started to like it, I also try to solve the mystery on it, not too heavy but packed with very good.. reminds me of the drama 'Signal', the effect on past scene is little similar ^^, Nia K. Haryanto Mar 27 2020 8:06 pm Like his blood is right there and can get his identity, but they were worried about catching him again. I really love this drama.The twists and turns of events, the casting, the actors and actresses in this drama portrayed their roles in a very convincing way especially the lead actor...One of the best korean drama i've ever seen so far...Thank you for producing this kind of drama.. maria May 13 2020 7:57 pm I also think the killer is Chief Lee and am surprised we haven't seen him yet by episode 8.They normally reveal the killer to the audience in episode 8 in most Korean drama.Now am not interested in the killer again but what am curious about is why he killed all those people. Chaca Apr 10 2020 11:14 am

Kimchi Apr 05 2020 7:22 am still have question in my mind, who is the real killer of the father of Han Sun mi? New drama of Yoo seung ho never excites me 'til im not a robot hopefully this drama is not a plot that we all think it is, naeema Jan 09 2020 4:28 pm Fanwar Apr 09 2020 10:34 pm Pid Apr 18 2020 6:24 am is tvn running out of ideas or what? Interesting, heartwarming, intense, sad, and thought-provoking. ash May 01 2020 5:09 am reporter: releasing unverified articles to drag people down and doing dirty deeds just to get a headline. Auntie Bee Ker May 06 2020 7:03 am SweptAway May 01 2020 6:37 am If you want your mind to be blown every episode with every plot twist, and if you like a fast-paced storyline, I totally recommend this. The eraser started killing recently and Jin Jae Gyu is also trying to expose the eraser. This drama is just out of this world.

It's a signal that he has a big role in the overall story. Few first ep might get a little bit dragged but after both of them worked together things just got better and i excited to watch upcoming episode.

By episode 11, the detectives are fully immersed in uncovering the mystery surrounding the Shinbae incident. All the actors did great too and even the secondary characters were acted perfectly that it made the whole story endearing.

Memorist (Korean: 메모리스트; RR: Memoriseuteu) is a 2020 South Korean television series starring Yoo Seung-ho, Lee Se-young and Jo Sung-ha.Based on the 2016–2018 Daum webtoon of the same name by Jae Hoo, it aired on tvN from March 11 to April 30, 2020. I can why dong baek cared so much about them!! Well, I'm off to finish the series, I have pretty high expectations. And this drama doesn't match to replacing for previous superb drama, Money Game.

I miss DBK even while watching him. I need an eraser to erase this image out of my head. Sorry. Before that, there were a bunch of cops at the same spot on a broad daylight, WHY didn't they notice before? *proceed to having continues mind blown**, it's not shim sang hwa Apr 16 2020 1:58 am I think the eraser wants to manipulate JJG so he called him back. For everyone who read the webtoon, i want to ask something. Syh May 05 2020 3:12 am Syh Apr 30 2020 8:42 pm

Kcritics Mar 19 2020 3:03 am Ncnf May 01 2020 7:15 pm Paul Jun 01 2020 9:47 pm it really got me hooked up. I wish the story would do a better job at portraying the police and not have them moronic.. Sin Mi Lover May 02 2020 1:57 pm Hmmm. Am i the only one?

I had low expectation bcs yoo seung ho has starred in the same.themed drama before.. but i was wrong.. i enjoyed it so much *cough*.

But sometimes i got lost trying to remember who is who lol. I assume that the eraser can't leave that city/country, he should be in the police force or smt that can't take his time off. mahmud Apr 17 2020 6:27 am my rating : 100000000000000000000000000/100. It would make sense that the superpowers are hereditary, and the voice we heard before he/she jumped off the building sounded feminine. Then he decided to help/join the police force. 3, it felt kind of draggy plot. From I Am Not a Robot to Remember to this, I can't get enough. If I didn't read the comments, i wouldn't see the similarity with '' he is psychometric''. WOW! So many contrasting views so even though I like the leading actor, I have to wait patiently. I hate waiting. I wish I could also read memories to find my lost phone ? I hope this drama gets more recognition it deserves and Seung Ho in more dramas. 1st and 2nd episodes are promising.

Hands up for the script writer and the pd for such a nail bitting series.

However he is not only a telepathic detective also an eraser but in a good way.

The ending should atlease solve every question. The ending left me disappointed. I guess all of you are just like HSM, to be exact that scene when she screamed he's dumb and then DB retorted he can just kill him/cult leader, and yet he don't. i love yoo seung ho and lee seyong but i still havent watched this because the plot is very similar to 'he is psychometric'... should i give it a go???? You just never know what happens next. Syh Apr 24 2020 12:29 am I really like the characters in this show and not to mention the excellent jobs Lee Seyoung & Yoo Seungho have done. Lee shin Woong is the eraser or he knows who is the killer. Ep1 and 2 are full pack of actions and thrill that i liked the most..all the characters are great. Awesome this drama ??? Indra Apr 22 2020 2:46 am Recommended to all people out there to watch. I must watch this and probably not once or twice.

Woaah, after finished this drama, Yoo Seung Ho and all the crew muat go to refreshing, travelling,, haha.

Commander Han Crush Apr 19 2020 8:50 am But after watched more episodes its kinda boring and nonsense. I'm struggling to finish it. hands up for the script writer and director too!!

PD Nim and Writer Nim..please add some romance..i bet it will have a better rating..i enjoyed the show but really expect chemistry between sun mi dong baek..? & Dong Baek also got that ability also, erase his memory. Now, for the plot so far, it looks simple one the surface but it's actually intriguing. isanghae Jun 08 2020 1:41 pm

Yoo Seung Ho and Lee Se Young will be getting one step closer to the mysterious “Eraser” in “Memorist”!. Definitely one of the best thriller/crime/mystery dramas i had ever enjoyed!!! i mean we can see that in episode 9/10 that jin jae gyu got a few pictures of him sleeping when he woke up and he received some pictures of his daughter's family.

Stark May 14 2020 8:52 am

It also has a lot of scenes dragging the time. the female character's personality is soooo annoying seriously, always thinks she's better but can't do anything, idong baek is always ahead of her and rescues her but she never acknowledges him. Anyone who guessed the Eraser is woman, Yeah you are right. Dong’s mom was killed the same way the other girls were killed is what I got from ep 1 &2. googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display('div-gpt-ad-1431704070868-0'); }); Current user rating: 80/100 (3146 votes) If not for Yoo Seungho, I would have stopped watching this drama. Maybe she trying hard to be cool, but for me she looks arrogant, she doesnt listen to other opinions. pains/happiness/regrets/problems/etc.

Thanks! Are the killer and the eraser person is a two different people? and here i thought cho-won was alive and the reason why she got the ability was because of the accident.

Jung Ha Joon Hwaiting!!!! Chuchu Apr 05 2020 8:07 am The suspense continously goes on! Kayden Apr 03 2020 9:01 am Nice. The Eraser even pre-programs a hack to take down all communication lines and forces a literal blackout, but even then, our detectives manage to go through with their plans. Always to do with serial killers and memory. I think people expected also a romantic Relationship between the two main leaders. Are you curious as to who the Eraser is? Call me an emotional person but this drama sets a new standard. Though… why is he also able to stop these two in their tracks? They barge into his office and the two of them have a superpowered face off (at least that’s what it appears to be.


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