when do lop eared rabbits ears drop

I love your rabbit picture :P. Sometimes rabbits with huge ears in general have this trouble.

Usually a lopped eared rabbits ears drop by the time they are about 8 weeks, and often soon. So to summarize, the answer to this question of 'Why is my bunny's ear flopping over' is 'It depends'. All rabbits are born with standy-up ears.

In the case of this particular question however, it sounds as if all the rabbits are being kept together and only one rabbit has a floppy ear. In my experience it is due to the prolong heat exposure, what i do not know is if the ears will come up once the summer heat descends. ok my rabbits name is joey and i am guessing he is a little over a year old. Plus, the lack of control a lop ear rabbit has over its ear makes it almost impossible for the rabbit to do any cleaning of its ears without assistance. This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge.

There is another possible cause of floppy ears however, especially in Flemish Giants, and that is heat. Tagged with: extra stuff. Lop-eared rabbits are easily recognizable due to their large, floppy ears. Thanks.

Learn how to create a happy, healthy home for your pet. Also depends on if mum and dad are true lops as if not baby's ears may never drop.

Based on your comments, your rabbits crown is currently too narrow. The Rabbit May Have "Lop" Genes. Distinctively short and fluffy wool sets the American fuzzy lop apart from the similar Holland lop. She’s eating normal like she’s happy and healthy . Private breeders charge about $40, but show-quality rabbits may sell for much more. What could be wrong with mine. The mini lop is very popular at rabbit shows and can weigh over 6 pounds (larger than many people imagine a mini lop to get). Make sure your lop's ears are clean on both the inside and the outside since these ears can be prone to a build-up of debris. Please spread the love and share this with your friends!Every little bit helps. If the rabbits are very young, you may find that more bunnies develop floppy ears as they grow older. Its the area on top of the head between the ears. The issue is an area of the head called the crown. You can buy from Small Pet Select anywhere in the world! The crown of the head is a band of cartilage at the top of the skull, between the ears, and the way the ear muscles attach to that crown decides whether the ears will be lop or not. Lop ears were produced in particular lines by selective breeding, not as a part of a natural selection process. Our rabbit that is 2 months old and his ears are allways down why? Any explanations? One of the two pre-existing lop-eared rabbit breeds used to create French Lops, English Lops are the original lops. By using The Spruce Pets, you accept our. Be honest. I have a 2.5 month old female rabbit I don’t know what breed she is but when i got her ; her ears were up and she was tiny not even a pound .

Housing requirements are not as demanding as the larger lop varieties according to the Mini Lop Rabbit Club of America. When i got my rabbit his ears were straight but now his left ear lopp's and the right stays up but can bend down witch he never does.. Lops ears drop when the bunnies are anywhere from 4-12 weeks old. Lop-eared rabbits are very popular with house rabbit owners, but sometimes their characteristic ears also need a little extra attention. ... How do you make rabbits ears … Some rabbits are dose silly to pick up and have a hold of witch is not friendly to hold. The lop gene is present in many different strains of rabbit.

Another possible cause is injury. When a standy-up eared mates with a lop-eared, the kits ears could turn out in any variation. Flaunt your loppedness. Lop ears fall because of a lack of control of the ear muscles, due to the way the crown of the head forms. Floppy ears may be the result of an injury. We’ll  just be over here to the side saying “awwwww” and taking pictures. I was recently asked the following question: Why does one of my bunnies' ears stay fallen over? None of his brothers have ears like that. Rabbits do not do very well with prolonged exposure to heat in general, and Flemish Giants in particular are prone to developing 'floppy ears' if they are too hot. Averaging 3.5 pounds, these lops are the ideal house pet. My rabbit is 6months and was part of a home bred litter.. And some were along the lines of my rabbits family they was crossed with a lopp.. French lops weigh in at around 10 pounds and have ears that hang below the jaw and reach over a foot long. What does that mean? It could be a recessive genetic trait that happens to be being expressed in this rabbit only, it could be a trait that more rabbits will show as they age, it could be the result of injury, or it could be a result of being too hot. Lop ear rabbits have a more difficult time grooming ears. The American Rabbit Breeders Association currently accepts five varieties, and new lop-eared rabbit breeds are constantly being bred.

Lop-eared rabbits are very popular with house rabbit owners, but sometimes their characteristic ears also need a little extra attention. Hi i have a giant flemish and recently both of her ears have flopped but to the same side i know flopped ear rabbits hang but they hang on both sides not just one side. The American Rabbit Breeders Association currently accepts five varieties, and new lop-eared rabbit breeds are constantly being bred.

Has your rabbit been subject to some sort of injury either in its hutch or with other rabbits? But what makes a lop ear lop? How Much Does a Pet Rabbit Cost To Care For? It is difficult to answer this question with complete confidence simply because we do not truly know the breeding of the rabbits in question. Lithonius / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain. thank you i have a rabbit named harold with the same isshu but i now know that he is alright. These are highly popular rabbits for kids due to their small size. They should be housed in a large outdoor enclosure with a companion rabbit or indoors with plenty of space to exercise. Lops can be purchased from private breeders, pet stores, county fairs and 4-H clubs, or adopted from a rabbit rescue organization.

Fly your lop flags proudly. Who doesn’t go all weak-kneed over a lop-eared rabbit? Pet Rabbit Names That Start With 'A' Through 'E', Identifying and Treating Rabbit Ileus, a Common GI Disorder. Typically in a lop eared bunny the crown is rather wide. Not much is known about where exactly these genetic traits appear in DNA, but the gene does not follow a reliable dominant/recessive rule. Rabbits whose ears flop over are referred to as 'lops'. Reaching 4 pounds at adulthood, this breed of lop-eared rabbit is very compact and resembles the Holland lop, except for the wool coat which is very similar to that of the Angora rabbit (a cross between the Holland lop and Angora rabbit). Heat can cause floppy ears in Flemish giants. Of course, all rabbit ears are amazing. All rabbits are born with standy-up ears. The Spruce Pets uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. his ears were always strait up but when we came back from vacation one of his ears was down and it wouldn't stay back up. We have a litter in here both parents are upright 5 of the babies are upright but 2 are lops and they had started to drop at 9 weeks old. To get the best service, choose the store closest to you. Lop rabbit ears are much more prone to infections and infestations. It could mean that some "lop" genes have snuck into the gene pool somewhere and expressed themselves in this one little rabbit. They are non-aggressive and are different from the American fuzzy lop in that they have fur, not wool, and they are a true dwarf variety. They grow to be around 11 pounds and are known to be quite inactive, so obesity is a major problem with the breed.


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