what is a nightcrawler paranormal

Others consider them a still undiscovered species. What is the Fresno Nightcrawler? … Susan (CryptoVille). Fresno has a lesser-known claim to supernatural fame: the Fresno Nightcrawler. Keep up the good work! Also, wasn’t there some huge drawing that could only be seen from the air that resembled a nightcrawler. Some speculate that they are beings from another dimension. LOL! Not at all,I’m in Florida . Honestly, my crypto-loving little brain has been mulling over this episode of Fact or Faked ever since. While I love things such as Bigfoot, grey aliens and other common paranormal creatures, it’s the uncommon ones that REALLY catch my interest. I saw the episode years ago and remember liking this episode in particular. It had a slightly more awkward walk and wasn’t moving all that quick. Its presence in grainy home footage leaves more questions than answers. And there are the ones who consider the nightcrawlers extra-terrestrials. The mysterious being, or puppet, has reemerged in the imaginations of many this spooky season as Halloween approaches. It was late,I was on my porch smoking. There is, however, one indisputable fact: It looks a lot like a pair of comfy pants.

LOL! It was heading that direction probably about 20ft or so. From there, the video made its way to paranormal investigators, eventually winding up in the hands of the SyFy docuseries Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files, who brought the possibility of independently pedestrian pants to the masses and deemed them "unconfirmable. There is, however, one fact upon which we can all agree: It looks a lot like a pair of comfy pants. Let us know if you ever do see any of those Nightcrawlers! Thank you for visiting CryptoVille, Kimberlee! I wish someone could re-enact it on video so we could all see how that would look. In both video footage it seems to be covered in a white cloak or gown. I thought the man’s body language and facial expressions were telling – he genuinely seemed afraid by these nightly occurrences. Here’s that 8 minute video: What a coincidence! what could it be? As I'm watching the show I though, "It's a puppet!".

There is video footage of both sightings. Said citizen brought the footage to Univision, hoping to find answers, but was left unsated. I too have seen this thing. But it sure was strange. What does the The Fresno Nightcrawler look like? Video analyst and debunker Phil Poling, known through his channel on YouTube, ParaBreakdown, thinks he has solved the mysterious case of the Night Crawler seen on the TV show Fact or Faked. Rene Russo, Riz Ahmed, and Bill Paxton also star. Do you believe? Hi Jay! I don’t recall seeing a report about a nightcrawler dug into the Earth that can only be seen by air. These nightcrowlers try to assist us in our awaking. ", The legend of the Fresno Nightcrawlers explained. Did it walk as awkwardly? Thank you for your in put! What time of day was it? It’s mystery and it’s a good one. The video we saw on Fact or Faked was from that security camera which also means it was poor quality, very grainy, and poorly lit (See part of that segment left). In less then a minute. If you were looking for a real mystery, then you are in the right place. But it has no arms, head, face, not even a torso. alone, in the dark, having recently moved back to Fresno where the video is supposed ot have happend…… all lights were on that night from that point on Nightcrawler is a 2014 American neo-noir thriller film written and directed by Dan Gilroy.It stars Jake Gyllenhaal as Louis "Lou" Bloom, a stringer who records violent events late at night in Los Angeles and sells the footage to a local television news station. However do to a strange nightmare I had with these night crawlers my interest has gone up. That’s the big problem with these nightcrawlers – no one seems to know where they are.

Haven’t seen it since. In the footage, two pairs of pants entities walk through the frame. Thanks . It is not clear what these creatures are or what do they want. The Native American legend about The Fresno Nightcrawler says that these creature come from another planet. Good luck! I couldn't stop laughing. I don’t have any proof though so I understand if no one believes me. And they have those really long legs to walk properly through the boggy terrain. If night walkers are tree like they definitely wouldn’t flow like pants. I’ll have to rewatch it again, Dade. – CryptoVille, https://visitcryptoville.com/2015/06/23/remember-the-night-crawler-from-the-fact-or-faked-show/. Its presence in grainy home footage leaves more questions than answers. Por favor, me diga onde você viu o nightwalker para que eu possa olhar para um mapa. The best thing I could do is describe the way a bird's legs are like how they have that backward kinda double joint. And a weird one. And also to bring peace and harmony to Earth. Does his analysis pass the test? Yep, we’re talking about these guys again! I love that show too, Candy! Depending on where you live, maybe you could ask the local Native Americans and get some guidance from them. This is fascinating, Rosie! … Susan (CryptoVille), Pants of continuous single fabric sheet Pulled up over head.

When you watch the video, it shows two bizarre figures that seem to be walking on stilts through a man’s yard late one night. It was taking longer strides. I searched all the birds of Ohio and I didn't see anything that would look like this. Meet the New Octopus, Alien Contact Above and Below: Is this for Real? He explains why the video quality is such a mess – if you can believe it was actually made worse by some well-intentioned individuals. It is not clear what these creatures are or what do they want. The Fresno Nightcrawler footage first surfaced in the 1990s and has been a mystery ever since. Many times they were able to debunk things, and other times, they were unsuccessful. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Creepiest beings ever reported the Nightcrawler. Loose to give shadow and resemblance the middle is higher than actually is. However, there aren’t that many Nightcrawler videos or stories, to my knowledge. I see what you mean by the flowing aspect of the legs/stilts but I think that’s caused by the very poor quality of the film, like an optical illusion. More videos, generally of the "determinately faked" variety, have popped up over the years, and sightings of the creatures have been reported in such far off and exotic locales as Poland and a little bit further west in California. Please share below if you do (or email me). Yours could be….. Hi George! otherwise, i can't find anything but perhaps someone else can locate information. Beside having two very long legs and walking on those legs, there is no other humanoid feature on The Fresno Nightcrawler. I was a big fan of the TV show Fact or Faked because I appreciated the fact they tried to get to the bottom of some mysterious video phenomena. my only thing about Nightcralwers is that i learned about them when i was looking at youtube… on my computer.. at 2:30am…. It seems a lot of stuff came out after the footage. Hmm, that’s an interesting theory, HRC!


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