what is a math ia
The following are examples of HL/SL IAs based on the current mark scheme with grader comments. One of the most beloved of all data structures in computer science is the hash table. 7) Sierpinksi triangle: a fractal design that continues forever. 38) Modelling a football season. 8) How to “Solve” Noughts and Crossess (Tic Tac Toe) – using game theory. This is the unofficial subreddit for all things concerning the International Baccalaureate, an academic credential accorded to secondary students from around the world after two vigorous years of study, culminating in challenging exams. 5) Elliptical orbits – Planets and comets have elliptical orbits as they are influenced by the gravitational pull of other bodies in space. You’ve always been used to writing English essays, when was the last time you ever wrote a Math Essay?

1) Modular arithmetic – This technique is used throughout Number Theory. View Math IA Draft.docx from AA 1Page |1 Math IA ( SL ) To investigate the relation between Geometric Sequence and the aperture of a camera. The software performs the calculations both ways: 1) Calculate the probability (degree of certainty) when the number of persons (elements) is known; 2) Calculate the number of persons (elements) when the probability is known. Math IA - Guidebook. where i am stuck is finding the integral of something like sqrt(p(x)) where p(x) is a polynomial of degree 2+. We can use a Poisson model and some Excel expertise to predict the outcome of sports matches – a technique used by gambling firms. You can personalise what you see on TSR. marked by the teacher) called a … As this pattern continues to the 23. Math Ia Guide All you need for 20/20. It needs to be quite a high level mathematical research project, all ideas are welcome! A comprehensive 63 page pdf guide to help you get excellent marks on your maths investigation. 13) Graphically understanding complex roots – have you ever wondered what the complex root of a quadratic actually means graphically? 10) Codes and ciphers: ISBN codes and credit card codes are just some examples of how codes are essential to modern life. 9) Modeling with springs and weights. This investigates a generalized version of projectile motion – discover what shape is created. 14) Egyptian fractions: Egyptian fractions can only have a numerator of 1 – which leads to some interesting patterns. 21) Projective geometry –  the development of geometric proofs based on points at infinity.

there are many different applications of it and I think you should try to find one! 19) Introduction to Modelling. Using the SIR model to understand epidemics. Here is a geometric proof.

The birthday problem concerns the probability that, in a set of n random people, some pair of them will have the same birthday. What is the minimum number of colours needed for any map? Skype talk to explain you the essay Sun_Jared.pdf. Thinking about how many people in the world share my birthday lead me to think about The Birthday Paradox, and how shared birthdays are more common than you might think.

(if you are American that is); the birthday paradox is a phenomenon that deals with the probability of repetition. It should not take you hours and hours to write. Click here to view the IB Math Common Core Course Details and Schedule. Written by an experienced IB teacher this guide talks you through: There’s a really great website been put together to help IB students with topic revision both for during the course and for the end of Year 12 school exams and Year 13 final exams. Try to plot the locus of a sliding ladder. Tell us a little about yourself to get started.

(Start typing, we will pick a forum for you), Taking a break or withdrawing from your course, Secondary school, sixth form and FE college, IB Acronym Glossary - Please help IB Community :), Top Ranked Websites & Resources for IB Students (3,500+ Votes), Ex- IB Student (If you ever need help, just ask), Urgent help to save my Mathematical expolration. • Math Studies students can approach the IA Project as they would a science lab .

Find a curved road on google earth, copy it, So fractals seems to be where im heading, have you guys got any suggestions as to what I should be exploring and any paticular ideas. 12) How to win at Rock Paper Scissors. Background Information A graphing-calculator feature that can be used in conjunction with the classic birthday paradox is a random-integer generator. Are maths students better than history students? Any suggestions? By Katie Bowell, Curator of Cultural Interpretation Today is my birthday. If you are doing a Maths Studies IA (exam 2019) or an SL Applications IA (exam 2020) then you may be best going to this page instead. It seems so irrelevant amidst your science DCP and CEs, your Written Tasks, and ALL your actual coursework. 14) Circular inversion – what does it mean to reflect in a circle? Help with choosing IB subjects! A good example of how to conduct a statistical investigation in mathematics. Investigate what makes a number happy or sad, or sociable! The Math IA is the king of this procrastination. 23) Measuring the Distance to the Stars. What are desirable a levels for studying a degree in law?

In this I am far from alone. Maths IA – Maths Exploration Topics. – An essential component of JPEG, DNA analysis, WIFI signals, MRI scans, guitar amps – find out about the maths behind these essential technologies. 18)Waging war with maths: Hollow squares. Chemistry IA topic ideas; History IA topic ideas; Biology IA topic ideas; posted at Jun 05 2019 last edit at Oct 30 2019. by Stefani Holloway. I personally got a 17/20 (just hit that 7 benchmark!) 10) Is there a correlation between Premier League wages and league position? • Solutions to individual problems are cut in half by the page break. 40) Stellar Numbers – This is an excellent example of a pattern  sequence investigation. So, consider these tips and topic ideas as a guide for your math IA and nothing can stop you from scoring high grades. Exponential and trigonometric regression.

30) Time travel to the future: Investigate how traveling close to the speed of light allows people to travel “forward” in time relative to someone on Earth. The birthday paradox at the World Cup. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account.

18) Fermat’s last theorem: A problem that puzzled mathematicians for centuries – and one that has only recently been solved. Understanding the problem[edit] , about 7.9%. 6) Logarithmic scales – Decibel, Richter, etc. 15) Modelling epidemics/spread of a virus – what is the mathematics behind understanding how epidemics occur? Find out how!

23) Modelling music with sine waves – how we can understand different notes by sine waves of different frequencies.

Why e is base of natural logarithm function: Fourier Transforms – the most important tool in mathematics? 18) Which times tables do students find most difficult? I am not doing it for IA but I would like to know what you have to click in order to get the graph in geogegra.

Useful websites for use in the exploration, A selection of detailed exploration ideas. A nice starting point for students good at coding – who want to put these skills to the test mathematically. 19) Natural logarithms of complex numbers. Are there functions which plot any polygons? 34) Cesaro Summation: Does 1 – 1 + 1 – 1 … = 1/2?. Also look at the finances behind Premier league teams. 14)The Poincare Conjecture and Grigori Perelman – Learn about the reclusive Russian mathematician who turned down $1 million for solving one of the world’s most difficult maths problems.

Common problems. Investigate how to solve them. hi i am doing something similar to yours in that I am finding the arc length of a function. I would really recommend everyone making use of this – there is a mixture of a lot of free content as well as premium content so have a look and see what you think. Can we use a mixture of pure maths and computing to solve this problem? Here are some examples solved using Python.

25) Palindrome numbers: Palindrome numbers are the same backwards as forwards. Stacking cannonballs – solving maths with code, Project Euler: Coding to Solve Maths Problems, Hollow Cubes and Hypercubes investigation, Methods for solving differential equations, IB HL Paper 3 Practice Questions Exam Pack, Complex Numbers as Matrices: Euler’s Identity, Sierpinski Triangle: A picture of infinity, The Tusi couple – A circle rolling inside a circle, Further investigation of the Mordell Equation, Rational Approximations to Irrational Numbers – A 78 Year old Conjecture Proved, IB Applications and Interpretations SL and HL Resources, IB Analysis and Approaches SL and HL Resources, The Gini Coefficient – measuring inequality, Zeno’s Paradox – Achilles and the Tortoise, Follow IB Maths Resources from British International School Phuket on WordPress.com.

32) Soap Bubbles, Wormholes and Catenoids. IB Students: What are your extended essay topics? Essential knowledge for future astronauts. I used to think it was me… I thought that perhaps I was just a bit put off by Math’s confident demeanor and superior attitude, and by its tendency to micromanage every tiny detail of my universe. 1.

Investigate the surprising correlation between finger ratios and all sorts of abilities and traits. 16) Graphing polygons investigation. How to use modeling to predict booms and busts. It should be bringing your grade up.

marked by the teacher) called a. What happens if you can't do an exam cause ur sick? What is the Mordell equation and how does it help us solve mathematical problems in number theory?

IB Subject Selection: Economics SL or Business SL? However, using the strategies outlined in this book, he was able to receive a solid 7 on his Math IA. 8) Hollow Cubes and Hypercubes investigation. 1) The harmonic series: Investigate the relationship between fractions and music, or investigate whether this series converges. Maths is closely connected with astronomy – see how we can work out the distance to the stars. Ideas? 14) Methods for solving differential equations – Differential equations are amazingly powerful at modelling real life – from population growth to to pendulum motion. 2) Gravity, orbits and escape velocity – Escape velocity is the speed required to break free from a body’s gravitational pull. 15) Julia Sets and Mandelbrot Sets – We can use complex numbers to create beautiful patterns of infinitely repeating fractals. Blog at WordPress.com.Ben Eastaugh and Chris Sternal-Johnson. Use the binomial distribution to test your ESP abilities. 3. 37) Modelling a Nuclear War. We consider the following experiment. 3) Galileo: Throwing cannonballs off The Leaning Tower of Pisa – Recreating Galileo’s classic experiment, and using maths to understand the surprising result. The Birthday Paradox. Next day guaranteed. His Math IA grade was the reason he got accepted into his top-choice university. Thanks to something called the pigeonhole principle, probability of two people having the same birthday reaches 100% when n (number of people) reaches 366. Can you find the pattern behind it? 9) Polyominoes: These are shapes made from squares. Advices? 27) Could Trump win the next election? The Birthday Paradox | More to Explore. to experience pearltrees activate javascript. What would happen to the climate in the event of a nuclear war? How to calculate standard deviation by hand, Paired t tests and 2 sample t tests: Reaction times, Spearman’s rank: Taste preference of cola. 31) Graham’s Number – a number so big that thinking about it could literally collapse your brain into a black hole. hi i am doing something similar to finding the length of a road in that i am finding the arc length of a function.


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