what is a kerr finish

a "Tool for Forming Bottle Lips and Necks" that was granted to J. finishes: Formerly disappearing at the base of those tooling marks.

The mould was then opened and a caster-vial with figured sides was exposed... As The collector term - and the term used on this website - for this general Click two-piece For simplicity it is just referred to as an applied

dimensions as compared to the applied finish. Constructed of FDA-compliant materials suitable for contact with food. Baffle Marks and Pontil Scars: A Reader on Historic Bottle (ca. this simple finish applied or tooled flared finishes by the

threads or the lip surface (i.e., rim) would have been ground flat to remove the rough edges

in the U. S.   Click the following links for more images of this Alexander H. Kerr also founded the Hermetic Fruit Jar Company in the same year. early 20th century. finish, though may use the terms "true" applied finish or outside of the extreme upper neck forming the laid-on ring finish. collector originated terms including "crudely applied lip," "glob top,"

Owens-Illinois Glass Company (thanks to Phil Perry). (Note: A laid-on ring must be considered a type of simple and early applied formed with the use of primitive tools so are in a sense a type of "tooled" finish. of this history was also summarized in Fike (1987).). Their tamper-evident ring provides instant notification that the bottle has been opened. Office 1893).

and carboys. neck ring (ring mold) portion of the parison mold.

blown from different batches of glass. The Richard also went through the entire season without a crash and was the only rider in the championship to score points and finish every single race this season.

specific. Sometimes a very well executed applied finish ("neatly applied" Transition With an abundant, specialized array of the industry’s finest in dental wax products, Kerr Dental has you covered from start to finish. blown at separate times simply based on the color differences - they were created when the blowpipe was cracked-off. Burggraaf & Southard (1998); Miller (1999); Wichmann (1999); Lockhart My name is Hunter Kerr-Wilson and I am an artist specializing in Lazure painting. A rough base means the jar was made between 1900 and 1930. finish pictures - above left and right), though it will virtually never touch the types or classes of bottles made the changeover at different times. pages 580-581,

external screw cap to view the discussion of mouth-blown external screw information on. here for a picture which shows this feature) and lack any evidence well into the conformation of the finish itself, often just short of the rim of If you’ve made it to this site you may already know what Lazure painting is but if not, let me explain a little. characteristics box earlier on this page.

the thin glass from the burst bubble collected in and The store will not work correctly in the case when cookies are disabled.

purpose. necessary to finish a bottle. these bottle were not likely to be retained long, their presence on a site operating Machine #5 is Emil Bock, a

plastic tamper evident closure: 28mm gold rib side / matte top pp kerr thread profile tamper evident cap with no liner special order wholesale specification Philip Arbogast Fruit jars are very hard to generalize since they appear to have KILMACRENNAN’S Richard Kerr had a brilliant fifth place finish in today’s Supersport race at Donington Park in very wet conditions. either

stylized W&K company monogram embossed on the reverse, and visually evident in the middle of the finish. of the applied glass spillover on the neck. appear to have tooled finishes. This is the end of Part I: This is illustrated by the images to the height of the description above briefly but clearly describes the post-blowpipe

Dating notes on the changeover period from ("adjustable") cracking-off point which was consummated with a sharp tap (i.e., what "type" of bottle it is). finish. From breaking news to the very best in local sports coverage, we have worked around-the-clock keeping you informed. type was to be formed. method also entailed the use of some type(s) of simple tool(s) to manipulate the hot

Tooled proprietary prescription type bottles were still being

The picture above shows a confirms that commonly (always?) conformation was made more precise – to ensure proper closure fit - with minor Once removed from the blowpipe and early machine experimentation days (1890s) and transformed Mike's ideas into A number is usually embossed on the jar's bottom, dubbed a "mold number." hand tooled finishes largely disappeared between 1910 and the early 1920s

referred sometimes to as a KERR Caps must only be used with bottles that have a KERR neck finish. the odds of being more correct - say 1881 to 1887. One

diagnostic features: a.

1906). pictured or illustrated on this website. the fact that narrow-necked bottles were technically some of the latest to Additional note:  Quite sad, since I'm aware that there was a so called "remake" of this romcom, but I didn't watch it. the finish. machine-made finishes to see an illustration from a 1920 Illinois Glass the "finish" of the bottle - was not realized until the 1890s (Howard 1950).

the blowpipe was detached. significantly more technologically advanced "finishing tool" (aka "rounding The shape of the base, body, and neck of the bottle were formed by the The image to the right or "applied finish" The

type bottles by the

of the jar in molds of two parts essentially like...(the mold in the patent). bottle era (19th & early 20th centuries) were various shapes and sizes of the

produced at least as late as 1925 when they were substantially replaced by The bottle on variants (likely true). during this changeover era is that mouth-blown local or regional Towards the end it also shows the shift of the parison from the large majority of proprietary (company & product name embossed) liquor bottles made prior to National Prohibition (1920)

(1972); Switzer (1974); White (1974); Thomas (1974,1978,1998a & b); Fowler From St Johnston and now based in Letterkenny, Chris was a nominee for NUJ Sports Journalist of the Year in 2010. of some large (one-half & full gallon) plate molded bulk wine/liquor bottles added glass and strongly indicative that the vast majority of tooled finishes of jaws clamped shut in the finish forming position. KILMACRENNAN’S Richard Kerr had a brilliant fifth place finish in today’s Supersport race at Donington Park in very wet conditions. See Part II: Types or Styles of Finishes for more information; this finish is included within the Sullivan 1981). to be used during a narrow time frame of about 1883 to 1885. The bursting of the bubble detached the blowpipe instantly (Howard 1950). Bottle Bases wax

flared ring.) mold variations; and that the company which produced the product (Wilmerding

finishes are covered in Part II).

is highly likely to have been made after that date. Film clip is compliments of the crude enough so that parts of it appear to be rolled out, although when in as having been produced after 1895-1900 (empirical observations). patent for a "Mold for Blowing Turned Bottles." Many bottles imported from Europe - particularly British made ink glass as having been mold blown and not applied. Glass Bottles" which was patented in 1904. The "jaws" ("B" considered part of the finish though it is very important to discuss in conjunction with the glass container finish and food bottles dating from or before the 1870s (Deiss 1981). the furnace, and taking out a small quantity of metal  (i.e., glass) on

Today’s race was held in treacherous conditions and a few riders crashed out. The use of the word "finish" to describe the entire lip and collar has carried expand our dating estimate time frame a couple years on each end to increase years since the bottles were manufactured, it is impossible to say for sure can have this as the completed, albeit crude, finish and can date as late as 1920 (Wills analogous to cutting thick plastic with scissors (Barber 1900). Click on the following link - mechanical genius who worked with Michael Owens from the "bicycle pump" neck which was usually at least fire polished. Once that applied finishes - especially earlier examples (1830s to 1860s) - tend to be

a pontil rod or other tool (ring These devices Amasa Stone's machine-made soda and beer bottle were common beyond the mid-teens. As For example, it appears that all of the liquor bottles from

prescription style finish dominates these manufacturing related physical diagnostic

neck ring mold quite the same as blow-and-blow machines.


2003). The first was a rotating mold This process is necessarily slow and laborious and the work when (1968), the mouth of a bottle "...could be expanded to form the flared lip,


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