what happened to salyut 7
Investigation proved this not to be the case. The work was performed by Vladimir Dzhanibekov and Viktor Savinykh on the Soyuz T-13 mission during June 1985, in what was in the words of author David S. F. Portree "one of the most impressive feats of in-space repairs in history". The ceiling on the Salyut 7 was white; the left wall was apple green and the right one beige [4][5]. The mission directive was to ensure that Savitskaya would complete a successful spacewalk before the Americans.

[1] It was first crewed in May 1982 with two crew via Soyuz T-5, and last visited in June 1986, by Soyuz T-15. It is perhaps worth bearing in mind, however, the following. situation put flight controllers in an uncomfortable position. Salyut 7 was the backup vehicle for Salyut 6 and very similar in equipment and capabilities. A single cosmonaut hallucinating is one thing. The Salyut 7 Incident Launched in April 1982, the Salyut 7 Space Station locked into Earth’s orbit soon after. One option Incidentally, she achieved this eight days after docking with the Salyut 7, on 25th July 1984. It finally underwent an uncontrolled reentry on 7 February 1991 over the town of Capitán Bermúdez in Argentina after it overshot its intended entry point, which would have placed its debris in uninhabited portions of the southern Pacific Ocean. サリュート7号(ロシア語: Салют-7、英語: Salyut 7 )は1982年4月19日にバイコヌール宇宙基地からプロトンロケットで打ち上げられた宇宙ステーションである。1982年から1986年まで有人ミッションに使用された後、1991年に大気圏に突入し消滅した。, サリュート7号はサリュート6号のバックアップ機として製造されたが、ミール計画の遅れを受けて1982年4月19日にサリュート7号として打ち上げられた。同年5月にはソユーズT-5で初めて宇宙飛行士が訪れた。, サリュート7号は両端に2基のドッキングポートを有しており、軌道上で大型の与圧モジュール2機とドッキングを行った。最初はコスモス1443号であり、1983年3月に結合した後、同年8月に分離された。もう1機はコスモス1686号で、1985年10月にドッキングを行い、それ以降運用終了まで分離されなかった。, 1986年6月にソユーズT-15で宇宙飛行士が訪問した。ソユーズT-15はサリュート7号を離れた後、ミールにもドッキングを行い、サリュート7号から取り外した一部の設備を移設した。これがサリュート7号最後の有人ミッションとなった。, 1986年には高度を460kmまで上昇させて無人運用を続けたが、予想以上に大気抵抗が大きくなったため想定を上回る速度で高度が低下した。1990年には通信が出来なくなり、打ち上げから8年10ヶ月後の1991年2月7日に制御できない状態のままアルゼンチン上空で大気圏再突入した。燃え尽きなかった一部の残骸は地上に飛散したが、被害は報告されなかった。, サリュート7号では様々なトラブルが発生し、船内作業、船外作業含めて多数の修理活動が行われた。電力増強のための太陽電池パネルの軌道上での増設作業や、船外での推進薬の配管修理作業、無人運用中に姿勢を喪失して制御不能となり、内部が低温で凍結した状態からの復旧などが行われた。, 1983年9月9日には、燃料タンクの1つの圧力がほぼゼロになっているのが見つかり、燃料配管の破裂が原因と確認された。ソユーズT-10クルーが船外活動を行なって修理した。, 1985年2月には無人状態だったサリュート7号との通信が途絶え、サリュート7号は漂流を始め、全システムが停止された。1985年6月にソユーズT-13が修理に向かい、手動操縦でドッキングを行った。電力不足に陥っていたため、船内の壁は氷で覆われており、作業は困難を極めた。故障原因は、センサの異常であったことが分かり、バッテリが交換され、数日かけて船内が温められた。, http://nssdc.gsfc.nasa.gov/database/MasterCatalog?sc=1982-033A, Soviet Space Stations as Analogs - NASA report (PDF format), https://ja.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=サリュート7号&oldid=77392680. If you don't like what you read, you can unsubscribe at any time.

Hearing this, the Soviets immediately set their sights on such an achievement. One later report stated that the entities appeared to acknowledge their presence inside the space station, even smiling at them. Others go further, claiming that the Vatican is not only aware of these beings, but are involved in covering them up. Dzhanibekov piloted his ship to intercept the forward port of Salyut 7 and matched the station's rotation. The first strange sighting occurred on 12th July 1984.

Upon arrival, on 6 June 1985, the Soyuz crew found the station was not broadcasting radar or telemetry for rendezvous, and after arrival and external inspection of the tumbling station, the crew estimated proximity using handheld laser rangefinders. To have six people on two separate occasions each share that same hallucination is unlikely at best. It was the tenth space station of any kind launched. [1] Various crew and modules were used over its lifetime, including 12 crewed and 15 uncrewed launches in total. What’s more, they also claim they are here to announce the end of the world. All Soviet and Russian space stations were equipped with automatic rendezvous and docking systems, from the first space station Salyut 1 using the Igla system, to the Russian Orbital Segment of the International Space Station using the Kurs system. Maybe we are not out of the apocalyptic woods just yet! The event witnessed not by a single person, but six individuals all claiming to have seen the same thing. DOS-6[1]) was a space station in low Earth orbit from April 1982 to February 1991. サリュート7号(ロシア語: Салют-7、英語: Salyut 7 )は1982年4月19日にバイコヌール宇宙基地からプロトンロケットで打ち上げられた宇宙ステーションである。1982年から1986年まで有人ミッションに使用された後、1991年に大気圏に突入し消滅した。 The payload was ejected, and the crew was recovered safely. These were both physical and mental in nature. As before, after several minutes of encircling the space station, they peacefully disappeared into the vastness of space.

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The cosmonauts stated the angels had a wingspan akin to the size of 747 jets, and were eighty feet tall. Theories of the end of the world appear online and into the public arena constantly. Many of those who lean towards religious thinking will most likely say that the arrival of seven angels is bad. The events were largely the same as the first time they appeared. The station suffered from two major problems, the first of which required extensive repair work to be performed on a number of EVAs. Out of nowhere a strange but bright “orange cloud”, seemed to envelop the entire space station. If you don't like what you read you can unsubscribe at any time. The details included in the article are based on the reports and accounts available to us as provided by witnesses and documentation. So might the “angels” that the crew of the Salyut 7 witnessed in 1984 have been such a warning? Going to Mars: The Problems, The Mission & The Possibilities, The Missing Time Incident Of 1966 Nebraska. Although there is no hard conclusive science to back it up any more than your standard UFO or alien theory, the Salyut 7 incident was chalked up by most to a mass-hallucination.


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