what does dababy face tattoo say
Lots of time these types of faces will get mad poon and will basically get any girl you want with a baby face. ", A post shared by @ postmalone on Feb 8, 2020 at 2:40pm PST. Choose both wisely because where you put it and what you get speaks volumes about your personality. Once again, there was a genuine attempt to do Chinese coordinates. The problem? High school, the same thing. Can it really, though? Calling all HuffPost superfans! Original material is licensed under a Creative Commons License permitting non-commercial sharing with attribution. The Better Now hitmaker insists he is an "ugly-a** motherf***er" and admits his slew of face inkings are to help improve his self-confidence.

This passage says that God smote some of Moses' men for not invading the Holy Land as commanded. Well, that's what they're supposed to be. Post Malone's facial tattoos come "from a place of insecurity". "Because of his level of success, he ain't gotta do no song with me.". With a movie like The Mummy, you might assume that the tattoos are random markings the costume or makeup people applied to look cool. ", A post shared by @ postmalone on Jan 10, 2020 at 4:33pm PST. And these points are on opposite sides of the Earth from one another. How did they miss that one? On top of everything else, they have longitude and latitude mixed up (Mount Everest is actually at longitude 86 degrees, 56 minutes, not latitude, and latitude 27 degrees, 59 minutes, not longitude). And it's actually the exact opposite of what Michael said humanity needed. Someone (typically a guy) has a face that makes him look younger than he appears. We're not saying that's reflective of anyone else with face tattoos (because it's not), we're just saying he's not your typical barber.

But Timberlake's research seems only to have extended as far as picking out the characters that look kind of cool. Copyright © 2005-2020. Presley Gerber has apologised to his supermodel mother Cindy Crawford, after debuting a shocking face tattoo on social media. It was Savage’s 21st birthday, and he himself was shot six times. When you meet his dead-behind-the-eyes gaze, and then you look across and see a freshly sharpened dagger, it adds a deranged, almost satanic facet to 21’s mystique. While many people might do more extreme things to themselves than ink their body after seeing their younger sibling get murdered, it’s just another tragedy in 21 Savage’s turbulent life so far. Great job, team! Selecting where you’re going to put a tattoo is the easy part, but selecting what you’re going to make a permanent addition to your body takes a little time. Malone is now "trying" to open up and deal with his feelings through music. Yes, the one activity it is impossible to look badass doing, unless it's in the context of a hockey game.

Actually, make that zero percent. “A whole lot of blood loss. I tried to drink some beers to get rid of that s**t, but it just never goes away. Hothead. A whole lot of blood loss. It's in Chinese. Anyway, if we clean it up a little, it should look something like this: On the left, we have "weidu: bashiliu du, wushiliu fen," or "Latitude: 86 degrees, 56 minutes." Michael's body is covered in mystical angel tattoos written in a made-up angel language called Enochian that he says are instructions for the baby's protector. It does maybe come from a place of insecurity, to where I don't like how I look, so I'm going to put something cool on there so I can look at myself and say, 'You look cool, kid,' and have a modicum of self-confidence when it comes to my appearance. So instead of choosing words like "stab" or "violence," his body is adorned with words like "feng," "tu," "shui" and "huo," the characters for "wind," "earth," "water" and "fire," just one step short of summoning Captain Planet. The Brutal Story Behind 21 Savage's Dagger Face Tattoo. I will teach you the fear of the Lord." The text in the title is apparently supposed to be a quote from Psalms 34:11, "Come, ye children, listen to me. That there were two assailants. They don't so much as tell him how to change a diaper.

In seventh grade, 21 was caught carrying a gun to school as protection against bullies. Before you even hear spine-chilling songs like “Red Opps” or “No Heart,” there’s one very distinct part of 21 Savage’s fear factor: the dagger tattoo that sits between his eyes. 5 Shocking Things Nobody Tells You About Getting Tattoos, Russian 'Sausage King' Murdered With Crossbow In Sauna, It's Nicolas Cage vs Chuck E. Cheese In 'Willy's Wonderland', Sorry, Governor Zack Morris Is Probably A Republican, Insane $20 Million Deal Got Forced To Be Decided By Rock Paper Scissors, 5 Trends For Women The Internet Gets Irrationally Mad About. We know as well as anyone that tattoos are an instant shortcut to becoming cool, but it's really embarrassing when someone points out that the Chinese character on your shoulder that you were told said "honor" actually says "herpes." Death rules everything around 21 Savage.

Without question, this is the year 21 Savage entered the big league as rap's new bad guy. Actually, due to a bad cut-and-paste job from the graphics department, it actually says, "Children come ye child will teach I will the fear of the you the fear," which does kind of confuse the message. Yoh was right: 21 Savage is hip-hop’s realest rapper, and his reality is terrifying. It's just almost never correct. It's Deuteronomy 2:15 from the American King James Bible. On the right, we have "jingdu ershiqi du wushijiu fen," or "Longitude: 27 degrees, 59 minutes.". The Archangel Michael, who still has hope for humanity, has to fight off hordes of baby-killing angels using submachine guns to make some kind of point to God. Bat out of hell, bad as hell.”. Read more on Guyism.com.

As a result, there are four possible points on Earth where this could be.

To be fair, he does have a tattoo on his back of "zui," the character for "crime."

The Most Baffling PSA Ever: Vote Like ... Spider-Man?

Not in the same way a Suge Knight is—he won’t physically overpower you and hang you over the edge of a balcony (allegedly).

So we wind up with a scene where the bodyguards all blunder into a murder scene, and are shocked by an event their own tattoos had warned them about. A Video Game Turned 'Indiana Jones' Into A Czech Protest Hero, 5 Fascinating Aftermaths Of Famous True Crime Documentaries, You Can't Rage Against The Machine (When You're, GASP, The Machine), Concordia University in Michigan's Acronym Merch Is An Internet Mystery For The Ages, 6 Inexplicably Hostile Interviews With Famous Musicians, 5 Cities That Will Be Wiped Off the Map by Natural Disasters, 6 Iconic Movie Scenes That Happened by Accident. READ MORE:• Rapper Post Malone endorses Kiwi wellness brand Aotea• American rapper Post Malone pictured wearing Kiwi label Huffer jacket in Instagram post• Gig Review: Post Malone at Auckland's Spark Arena• Post Malone is the perfect pop star for this US moment (that's not a compliment), He said: "I'm a ugly-a** motherf***er. The original inspiration was Tony Montana’s blade tattoo in Scarface. What the Tattoos Really Say: With a movie like The Mummy, you might assume that the tattoos are random markings the costume or makeup people applied to look cool. The pharaoh's male stripper bodyguards, the Medjai, covered in a lot of douchebaggy facial tattoos, catch Imhotep and punish him by mummifying him alive. In a youth detention facility, he had the “shit” beat outta him after someone left a Snickers on his bed (a common practice to separate the tough kids from the soft ones).


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