what countries eat dogs

The human consumption of dog meat has been prevalent in many parts of the world. Looking south, over 128,000 horses are slaughtered in Mexico every year. Mostly eaten in parts of Africa, they’re also popular in China.

While the thought of having to eat maggots would cause many people to throw up in their mouths, maggots are almost entirely made up of protein, and are highly nutritious. The soup’s warmth is used to counter the winter cold, which is why it is often eaten then.

Mock turtle soup is still sold in Cincinnati today, but it is made with ground beef. Australians no longer want these animals hanging around.

But hey, if you think horse meat is an oddball delicacy, wait until you what else is considered a relatively common main course in other countries. These eateries are slowly becoming a rarity in Hong Kong because the low wages paid in the industry are not enough to keep expert chefs and snake handlers committed to the preparation of the delicacy. The breed is not kept as a pet. Everyone knows that in China, Vietnam, South Korea and other Asian countries, dogs are eaten commonly. Though dolphin hunting is practiced in a handful of places (coastal Japanese towns and the Faroe and Solomon Islands, to name a few,) the practice is discouraged elsewhere, because dolphin meat contains high concentrations of methylmercury.

Oddly enough, the festival is pretty new, only really existing in this form since 2010. I’ve eaten jellyfish. Whether you can accept people who eat dogs meat or not, you have to admit the concept is kind of morosely fascinating. In that country, up to 2.5 million dogs are slaughtered and eaten every year. Demand is so high that dogs are now being stolen from the streets and homes of neighboring Thailand and smuggled into Vietnam.[1]. Aside from being a main course, maggots are also useful in the field of medicine, determining a person’s time of death, disposing of carrion and waste, and also Sardinian cheese production, after which the cheese maggots can also be eaten.

Like Canada, the bulk of the meat is exported. I get the unshakable feeling this is a mistranslation of something much dirtier.

One thief was caught with over 500 cats he had stolen from the homes of their owners. The Lychee and Dog Meat Festival (aka the Yulin Dog Meat Festival) marks the height of consumption in China. They also have their own version of the infamous Chinese dog meat festival.

Vietnam is the second-largest consumer of dog meat behind China. Some countries consider it shameful to raise cattle for food instead of treating them as pets as Western cultures do with dogs. When all is said and done, studies show that 83 percent of South Koreans have eaten dog meat at some point during their lives. Just about every part of the dog is used for food in Vietnam, and there are many slaughterhouses devoted only to dog meat.

In Japan, horse meat is used in traditional dishes such as basashi.

Eating dog is also taboo in the United States, and very much so frowned upon.

Cassowaries are a species of large bird related to ostriches and emus, and indigenous to the forests of New Guinea and other islands northeast of Australia.

But only certain kinds of meat; when news broke that the Department of Agriculture was to approve a horse meat processing plant, people got upset. While some may be opposed to eating dog, it is not illegal in Switzerland and is most commonly done around Christmas time. This also included dogs, rats, and insects.[3]. The meat is salted and dried into a chewy jerky most of the time, though it is also used in traditional sausages. The members of this caste, one of the country’s poorest, are even called “rat eaters” because they often cultivate the farms of a richer caste in exchange for killing any rats found there. In fact, it is rare to find cats strolling along the streets of Hanoi where the owners have learned to lock these pets inside their homes lest they become little tigers.

This subspecies is now considered to be “critically endangered.”. Dogs are a common dietary staple there, ranging from roasts to stews, soups, and even simply spiced meat on a stick. Burrowing beneath sidewalks, breaking into attics, and eating endangered flora, fauna and expensive garden plants may change iguana meat’s “protected” status real quick-like. And if you have an adventurous palate, there are a number of gourmet turtle recipes online waiting to delight your taste buds. Despite the fact that Islamic law in this country bans the selling and eating of dogs, the dog meat is often sold and consumed under the guise of being some other type of meat.

Biographics – History, One Life at a Time.

An estimated five million dogs are eaten here each year, more than in any other country, and the meat is in demand, with price tags higher than pork. Although it may be considered a delicacy to the indigenous tribes of Australia, it didn’t catch on with the rest of the world for unknown reasons. The aversion felt by lovers of dogs, especially in the West, It has made this dish is very controversial.

The rodents are usually smoked and eaten whole. They’re easy feed, easier to breed (a female guinea pig can have 3-5 litters a year, containing 1-6 pups per litter,) and take up less space than common livestock.

Dogs may be man’s best friends but not to some citizens of Switzerland, Vietnam, Nigeria, South Korea, Indonesia, Greenland, the Philippines, and China, who consider the animals as just livestock. Would love your thoughts, please comment. Hong Kong restaurants that serve snakes are called se wong (“snake king”). Amazona (Complete list of the genus Amazona), Spain legislation on the protection of pets.

Korea: Gaegogi literally means “meat dog in Korean. In Africa, consumption of dog meat is common for ritual and cultural purposes in several countries. In Morocco, dog meat is eaten primarily by poor individuals who cannot afford other types of meat. The meat is said to taste like chicken, just better.[5].

Each year, around 10,000 dogs are killed for the festival and served boiled, baked, spiced, preserved, and, of course, in stews and curries. It was believed that one subspecies, the Miss Waldron’s red colobus, had been hunted to extinction, but there may be a few still living in Africa. And anyone “daring” enough to try both human and cassowary flesh, feel free to post your findings in the comment section.

Emus are known for several things: being the second-largest bird in the world, being native to Australia, and having an incredibly fun-to-say name. So they know a thing or two about how we taste.

This Asian country is the largest consumer of dog meat in the entire world, with 10 to 20 million dogs being killed and eaten every year.

This yellowish breed of dog is raised, like cattle, in mass, for the sole purpose of slaughtering it and cooking it later. The United States, however, doesn’t have any laws banning the consumption of dogs and cats, only a few states do.

[8], Turtle soup was popular in the US in the 1860s. Vegetarians beware…, Yes, people eat iguana.

Your answer is almost definitely “no.” Now, would you eat another animal of the same species as your pet?

Other feral animals like pigeons and camels are also on the menu. In China, turtle soup is believed to improve blood circulation, enhance kidney function, stop menstrual pains, and prolong life.

Guinea pigs?

Burkina Faso sees dog meat as a cultural luxury and a delicacy – not served at restaurants but it is seen as a special meal to look forward to among families. China: While the Chinese were the first to domesticate dogs and keeping them as pets, dog meat has been a source of food since at least the time of Confucius, and possibly even before.


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