western airlines flight 2605 survivors

The plane was broken apart near me, on my right side, so I had a very big place to jump out and I remembered after that there was a woman in front of me….After I got out of the plane there was a car coming, an ambulance, and I jumped in but then had to wait because other people were coming. Beautiful shots taken while the sun is below the horizon, Accidents 68 people died in that crash.

This meant that the flight was to follow the instrument landing system's glide path toward Runway 23L, and, as soon as they sighted Runway 23R through the cockpit window, they would reorient their aircraft to land on it instead. Details of its findings were re-published in ICAO circular 173-AN/109. Operations were limited to 23R, which although being the closer-in runway lacked an ILS system.

I've compiled some thoughts that I've placed under yours that I've read from reports of the accidents, both FAA and ICAO. Accessed 10-5-2016 at: http://www.ntsb.gov/safety/safety-recs/recletters/A82_91_93.pdf, The Free Dictionary. [11], — 73  UPI. "We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope."

The brother of Kenneth Lucoff and sole heir to his estate, Mark Lucoff, filed an $18,000,000 civil lawsuit against Western Airlines and McDonnell-Douglas in a Chicago circuit court, charging both with negligence in his brother's death.[21].

[end of p. 101].

The cause was due to ice formation on the wings. Failure to comply with the aircraft's operating procedures during the approach phase, and … We know that a truck driver was also killed on the ground. The aircraft was destroyed.

While the ALPA report conceded that at face value, the pilots of Flight 2605 had in fact landed on the wrong runway in the face of published minimums, it was published with the notion that the Mexican accident report was of "inadequate depth and detail" and contained "significant errors". It appears that only one person was killed on the ground — a local truck driver. Weather conditions were deteriorating during Flight 2605's instrument approach. “Investigators probe DC-10 crash site.” The Daily Herald, IL, 11-2-1979, p. 2-7. “The Mexican Transportation Ministry said the pilot ‘tried to land on the wrong runway,’ clipped a truck in which the dead truck driver was found, then headed for the correct runway to the right but swiped a building with his right wingtip. “History of the Flight. He met the pilot, Captain Al Haynes, and the DC-10 Flight Instructor, Dennis Fitch, who both played integral roles in getting that crippled jet on the ground successfully. [6], — 73  Aviation Safety Network. [10], — 73  NTSB. Garrison, Peter. Accessed 10-5-2016 at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Western_Airlines_Flight_2605. The transcription of the magnetic tape which contains the communications between the control tower operator and the crew of aircraft N-903WA reveals that at one point the control tower operator asked the pilot whether he could see the approach lights on his left, to which the pilot replied ‘negative’. One person on the ground was fatally injured. Putnam County/19 — 24, 2019 — Dec 15-16, Winter Storm and Vehicular Crashes icy roads, IN, KS, MO, NE      —     12, 2019 — Sep 2, diving boat Conception fire, near north side of Santa Cruz Island, CA — 34.

Sorry, you have Javascript Disabled! I just saw that the plane was tilted a little bit toward the right, and it touched down with the right tire. Letter to FAA, 7-14-1980. [p. 103], “The pilot-in-command…had made 28 landings at Mexico City International Airport, 11 during September and 4 during October 1979.” [p. 103], “Western Airlines, owner of the aircraft, had brought to the attention of all crews flying on services to Mexico, NOTAM No. The tower warned the flight three times about the closed runway. Of the 88 people on board, 72 were killed in the crash; and one person on the ground, a maintenance worker, also died when the plane struck his vehicle.

— 75  UPI, Mexico City.

[12] .[13]. “All of the foregoing recommendations addressed two basic issues — our belief that insufficient attention is given to human performance criteria in the development of approach procedures and in the process for reviewing the approach procedure depiction on the approach charts — both of which are deficiencies that can lead to confusion and mistakes by the pilot users. [8] Fatality number refers to 73 passenger and crew deaths and the driver of the dump truck, while noting “There were an undisclosed number of casualties among ground personnel, including, needless to say, the driver of the…truck.” Editorial at the end notes: “This article is based on the Air Line Pilots Association’s [ALPA] report of the accident and is intended to bring the issues raised by that report to the attention of our readers….” Thus a pilot point of view is being brought to an understanding of this accident.

Of the 88 …

[19] The probable cause of the accident was determined to be "Non-compliance with the meteorological minima for the approach procedure, as cleared; failure to comply with the aircraft's operating procedures during the approach phase, and landing on a runway closed to traffic.". We'll just consider it a "personal best" for the airport. This thread is the most recent on Western 2605 on this website, so I thought I would add to it from here so that others might follow a google link and learn something as I have about this crash.

“DC-10 crash: Another black eye for manufacturer.” Kenosha News, WI, 10-29-1979, p. 40. [2] The crash of Flight 2605 was one of three fatal McDonnell Douglas DC-10 accidents in 1979, occurring just over five months after the crash of American Airlines Flight 191 at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport and less than a month before the crash of Air New Zealand Flight 901 on Mount Erebus in Antarctica.

“Western Airlines Flight 2605.” 10-5-2016 modification. 11-1-1979, A12.[14].

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“DC-10 crew at fault.” Hutchinson News, KS, 12-15-1979, p. Aircraft Accident Digest No. The impact left a distinct mark in the left-hand side of the vehicle’s bonnet corresponding exactly to the shape and size of the aircraft’s wheel. “The crew was advised on at least four occasions by either Mexico City Air Route Traffic Control Center or the tower that they were to land on runway 23R. Because of refurbishing work on runway 23L, the flight was cleared for a runway 23R approach. [16], The counts of ground injuries and fatalities were variably reported. The two front times came off the wheels, whose hubs disintegrated, scattering pieces away from the aircraft. The accident and subsequent investigation prompted the release of NTSB Safety Recommendations A-80-59 and A-80-60. [7] Nine of 11 crewmembers, 63 of 77 passengers died; thus 72 fatalities of the 88 aboard the plane.

Seventy-two persons on board the aircraft and one person on the ground were killed in the accident. Both military and civil versions, Blimps / Airships “Investigators probe DC-10 crash site.” The Daily Herald, IL, 11-2-1979, p.

Of the 16 surviving passengers of the flight, 14 were injured. Plane Crash Podcast: Western Airlines Flight 2605 Stories That Empower: 095 Eduardo Valenciana On the morning of October 31, 1979 the jumbo jet was on final approach at Benito Juarez International Airport at Mexico City and things were about to go very wrong. The plane popped right open and I was around two or three behind the wing so I could get out. While searching for the Western Airlines 2605, Mexico City, 1979 accident I discovered that there is nothing at all on the web. Of the 88 people on board, 72 were killed in the crash; … 26 (Circular 173-AN/109).

But the phrase "sidestep" or "sidestep approach"  - common aviation parlance in the United States  - was never used by Mexico air traffic controllers to Flight 2605 to describe the approach. As of November 6, three people on board who had died had not yet been identified or claimed, and the coroner's office was creating face models of those victims to make that possible. One person on the ground was fatally injured.”, [11] “Sixty-one passengers and 11 crewmembers were fatally injured; 13 passengers and 2 crewmembers were seriously injured; and one person on the ground was fatally injured.”, [12] Writes “71 of the 88 people on the plane, including 26 Americans” were killed. The aircraft's bank angle continued to increase to the point that the right wing began to cut into the ground and taxiways nearby the closed runway.

The official report describes it thusly: "As shown by the flight recorder trace, the aircraft stayed on the correct flight path to Runway 23 Right for most of the time between the outer marker "Metro Eco" and Mexico City International Airport, and only deviated to the runway closed to traffic (23 Left) when at a height of (600 feet) above the ground during its final approach.".

lornajarrettblanchard Moderators: jsumali2, richierich, ua900, PanAm_DC10, hOMSaR, Military Aircraft Accessed 10-6-2016 at: http://newspaperarchive.com/us/indiana/logansport/logansport-pharos-tribune/1979/11-01/page-21?tag, United Press International, Mexico City. NTSB writes that there was one.

[11] One part of the DC-10's left wing travelled well off airport grounds, impacting a residential building on Matamoros Street in the Peñón de los Baños colonia and causing a fire there as well.

I replied to one post below that had the time of day wrong concerning the accident.

A 5:00 AM weather report indicated visibility of 2-3 nautical miles depending on direction; by 6:00 AM (shortly after the accident) visibility was described as "zero". ‘No Han Sido Reclamadas 3 Victimas del Avianazo.’ El Informador, Retrieved 2016-05-05.”, [16] “A U.S. Embassy spokesman said 26 of the dead — and five of the 16 survivors — were Americans.”. A primary point of disagreement between the official report as published by ICAO, and the ALPA study, was the wording and description of the failed sidestep approach to Runway 23R. “Confusion Over Runways Caused DC-10 Crash.” Pharos-Tribune, 11-1-1979, p.21. “The data obtained from the aircraft’s flight recorder shows that the crew was making an instrument approach. “Navigation error blamed in Antarctic crash.” Lawrence Journal-World, 11-29-79, p2.[5].

“Accident description…Wednesday 31 October 1979.


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