warzone vehicles health
You can easily go off-road in this and cover large gaps by speeding over ramps, cutting through forests and alleyways. Anything that it lacks for speed it makes up when it comes for defense and space. He has played PUBG and Fortnite extensively and as a fan of the Call of Duty series, Warzone is a no brainier for him.

The ATV doesn't offer much when it comes to protection, though, and leaves you vulnerable. If your squad is considering a stealth approach to a combat situation, try parking your vehicle a safe distance away, then finish the rest of the journey on foot. It is slightly slower than the ATV but has room for the whole squad - you can fit a total of four players in it.

Hassan has always loved Battle Royale games, right from the start of his gaming career. Cargo trucks should be utilized to their full potential when there are a bunch of enemies around. There are some drawbacks though... One of which is the fact that like any other vehicle in Warzone, Helicopters can be locked on to using missile launchers. Despite their differences, all vehicles share roughly the same purpose: to get you and your squad across the map as quickly as possible.

The passenger is seated at the rear of the vehicle, allowing them to take shots at anyone behind the ATV or to the left and right.

The last of the ground vehicles is the Cargo Truck. Remember you can sit on or in each vehicle, as well as climbing onto the hood, trunk, roof, or flatbed of the vehicle.

This could include your third trio member… Or an ATV, Tactical Rover, or even an SUV!. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

The SUV seats just as many people as the Tactical Rover while also offering plenty more protection. This seems like a very basic tip on the surface, however, a lot of fans don't realize that they need to be swerving the vehicle or they are guaranteed to get hit.

When the player's vehicle is getting shot at it is always important to not just drive-in a straight line.

Because of the Cargo Truck’s bulk, a team can hide inside the truck bed or beside it, giving you at least partial cover against enemy forces.

The Tactical Rover is an "upgraded" version of the ATV. Seat-Swapping: A more advanced strategy with vehicles involves swapping seats. When playing in a squad or trio it's much more worthwhile to take an SUV instead of a tactical rover. RELATED: Call Of Duty Warzone: The 10 Best Weapons For Veterans.

Note that only one C4 is required to explode any vehicle in the game, with the exception of the Cargo Truck.

Each has their own pros and cons. The ATV is a great vehicle to use when you need to quickly reposition. Look no further than the SUV; a bulkier four-wheeled vehicle with a slightly slower speed and wider turning circle compared to the Tactical Rover.

If the player manages to get a helicopter they should stay in it to ping enemies nearby or hand it over to a teammate so that they can do just that.

Strongest of all the land vehicles, the Cargo Truck is a beast of a vehicle. It is unfortunate how many players die because they refuse to utilize this tip and don't swerve at all. A playlist update is rolling out now across all platforms!

The SUV will cover the lower half of any Operator that sits inside of it. Your email address will not be published. The Helicopter is the lone aerial vehicle out of the five available to control. On top of that, the SUV is just as easy to drive backwards as it is driving forward. A tidbit about the ATV's that most players don't know is that they can actually fit more than two people.

Throughout Verdansk, you may come across vehicles that will help you travel faster by land or by air. Without further ado, here are 10 great tips that will help players get the most out of vehicles in Call Of Duty: Warzone! Many players have now started to reverse into other players in order to avoid taking gunfire through the windshield, and to get maximum protection the SUV has to offer. The ATV is the nimblest of all the vehicles. However, in Warzone it is much easier to move the air vehicle while near the ground, and players can even crush enemies by running them over in the same way that they would with a car. This tip is important but so many players don't think about it.

Many players have been exploiting the Cargo Truck, and taking advantage of its health, to drive around and run enemy players over which can instantly kill or down them. Although it may be tough to hit targets from these landing rails, the Helicopter can still technically give you the highest ground on the map, as it can be flown above even the tallest of skyscrapers. This might get nerfed in the future but for now it is still possible!

This will take down a massive amount of health and the juggernaut will have a hard time getting out of the way. It’s the largest of the bunch, making it the slowest and least nimble out of all other vehicle options. You can still cover distances fairly fast and cut corners effectively with the Tactical Rover, but going off-road in an attempt to go through dense areas such as forests will be difficult due to its bigger size. © 2020 DownSights is in no way affiliated with Activision Publishing, Inc. 'Call of Duty' and the 'Call of Duty' logos are trademarks of Activision Publishing. The rover is slightly faster than the SUV, however, that doesn't make up for the lack of bullet cover and protection that the larger SUV provides.


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