warrior in samoan

Although only the apical ancestor of this branch has held the Malietoa title, the 1939 ruling grants the Sa Natuitasina deliberating rights on the succession of the Malietoa title. Tuga'ula Publications. There was fierce fighting all the way to the sea whereon the Tu'i Tonga reached his superior navy vessels and called out to those on the land. History of Samoa. Malietoa Falefatu - son of Malietoa La'auli with his third wife Nuuilematuli of Maagiagi. The seeds of rebellion were planted, according to legend, to the "sons" of Atiogie, namely Savea, Tuna, Fata and Ulumasui (who was actually a grandson of Atiogie). 1929. Categories: Jobs and Occupations Law and Security If you want to know how to say warrior in Samoan, you will find the translation here. But the truth is, he was Maleitoa Uitualagi's son with Alainuanua, daughter of Tuitoga. The Sa Talavou branch includes all descendants of Malietoa Talavou Pe'a, a son of Malietoa Vai'inupo who was born around 1810. The village of Falelima is associated with a dreaded spirit deity called, Nifoloa. Schoeffel, Penelope (1987).

doi:10.1080/00223348708572566. The Sa Moli maintains a family council house in Sapapali'i called Poutoa, which, since it was established by Malietoa Vaiinupo, is also held as the ancestral maota of the Sa Natuitasina and Sa Talavou. doi:10.1080/00223349408572759. At the other end of the time frame are two members of the current NRL squad in fullback Roger Tuivasa-Sheck and winger Ken Maumalo. You have skipped the navigation, tab for page content.

Hart, Wright & Patterson (1971). Of the 17 named, there’s cover for all positions, Tuivasa-Sheck and Nigel Vagana able to go to the wing, Ropati and Tony to fullback, Faumuina, Meli and Wiki (in his earlier days) to the centres, Tony and Leuluai to hooker, Ropati, Faumuina and Nigel Vagana to the halves and Wiki, Galuvao and Matulino to the edge. Tohu'ia Limapo, the Samoan ancestress of the. Goldman, Irving (1985). Foundation Warrior Tea Ropati would be another option and Chanel Harris-Tavita, still early in his NRL career, has some appeal, too. The Malietoa title is taken from the opening phrase of that speech: "Mālie toa, mālie tau," meaning "great warriors, well fought."[4]. Samoan Translation. Dept. Tu'u'u, Misilugi (2002). His second wife was Amaamaula the lady from Tuanai and their sons were Malietoa Gagasavaea, Leupolusavea, and Umusavea. This page was last edited on 16 September 2020, at 19:45. Samoa 1830-1900: The Politics of a Multi-Cultural Community. The descendants of the Malietoa lineage, both titular and biological, are referred to collectively as the Sā Malietoa. It is said that the brothers Tuna and Fata both took a fancy to the honor spoken by the deposed Tu'i Tonga and a quarrel between the two ensued. Journal of Pacific History.

If you can provide recordings, corrections or additional translations, please contact me. Tagaloa was a supreme god who made the islands and the people. doi:10.1080/00223348708572563.

Indeed, they fill nine spots in the club’s 23-strong 100-game list, the most of any ethnic group.

Driven westward from Aleipata, 'Upolu (where the Tu'i Tonga's birthday festivities were underway) to the coast of Mulifanua, the king and his bodyguards were cornered against the sea. "The Riddle in Samoan History: The Relevance of Language, Names, Honorifics, Genealogy, Ritual and Chant to Historical Analysis". Kramer, Augustin (1995). Nafanua, Samoa's warrior goddess hails from the village of Falealupo at the western end of Savai'i island, which is also the site of the entry into Pulotu, the spirit world. His first wife was Luafatasana the daughter of high chief of Tuanai and their son was Malietoa Faiga Uilematutu. pp. Stuebel, C. (1899). Close contenders for bench roles included cult hero Hitro Okesene (although he played just 22 NRL games), Leeson Ah Mau, Tony Tuimavave, Evarn Tuimavave and Jazz Tevaga while a sentimental choice would be the late Sonny Fai, whose career was just starting.


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