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Waking up with tremors, in body, hands, face and internal. I can’t get into the mobility clinic at the hospital because of Covid so have to wait. So I was wondering does anyone else have this? It was around 12am (midnight) when i woke up. But it mostly sucked especially before I knew what was going on. Scared me so bad but the next day I read where there had been an earthquake. I dozed off a bit, and i had a very short dream. My thumb shakes sometimes too, and occasionally my right leg bend too much when walking.

Yes. So this morning I woke up literally shaking in bed. I woke up to his CRAZY female roommate vaccuming the hallway outside of his room for over an hour, banging the vaccuum into his door over and over again. Yes when it happens during the day or at night it's only my left arm that shakes. Hope you get in to see the movement disorder specialist neurologist soon! The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Also during waking hours I often don't realise I'm stressing out. Waking up to my bed shaking. My anxiety is more social based, so I would shake during presentations. practice tricks with my dog, weed the garden, call a friend, whatever feels right at the time). But not sure if I’m way off base. Not taking any medication for any of my anxiety/depression/burn-out stuff has been a real concious decision between me, my gp and my psychologist as I have to be really careful with medication, because of my kidney issues. Exercise, eat sensibly, and get a good nights sleep. So during the day I'm mostly ok. And I had my blood sugar checked multiple times and it was always okay. Eating enough has made the biggest difference to my anxiety out of everything. If you have time, a warm shower or bath if you're not already too hot. This is good advice. Thr bed was shaking probably because you were shaking in your dream. Waking up shaking with the symptoms you describe is most likely to be caused by one of the following: Hypoglycaemia (low blood sugar) Anxiety and panic attacks. I work as a phlebotomist now and I try not to have coffee in the morning because it makes my shakiness come back, plus some mild anxiety. The GP, neurologist, my psychologist and I are all convinced it is due to stress/anxiety. The only thing is I can't stop it, which leads me to feeling panicky, which leads to a massive panic attack. I started a new job in a new career after having been basically been home, minus a couple of hours a week since April, since January. Paddy90 in reply to George2660. It's nice to know.

Good luck.

I'm doing a lot better in all ways, even my anxiety is getting somewhat better. I do, but I have never woken up shaking. How to deal with this? I'm not the only one suffering. I know my MDS has "first appointments" pushed out to almost 10 months due to COVID and limited office hours.

The room was extremely dark.

I have bean searching internet for hours now, which leads to MS or PD. They are easy to eat and easy on your stomach but gives you back some of the energy you lost to shaking so badly. I have things like playlists of advice for anxiety and calming songs on YouTube, guided meditation apps, a list of things to distract me (i.e. Exercise also helps A LOT. I have noticed that if I wait too long with eating that I am more susceptible to anxiety and then in turn start shaking when I'm trying to hide my anxiety from other people. You're not alone. More posts from the TrueScaryStories community. Yep. One of my most prevalent symptoms is shaking, mostly in my hands, but when it's really bad my core muscles contract and I end up with my whole body shaking like a cold and startled chihuahua. Translation: /shrug it just happens and my psychiatrist and doctor don't see it as something to address. Press J to jump to the feed. My buddy was peacefully asleep on the floor. tl;dr: sometimes I wake up shaking or my arm shakes all on its own. He then became super angry and as he was talking to me his voice started to change from his normal voice to this sort of demonic demon like voice. But i knew if i were to try and fall asleep, i would have sleep paralysis. Our hands shake but only when in use If relaxed they don’t so It may or may not be ET for that reason I believe, either way go get it checked. It started last year and now during anxious moments (often but not always combined with hunger - had blood sugar checked, its not that) my hands start to shake and I have this.. shaky feeling throughout my body. I also don't use any medication. User account menu. I frequently will shake when having panic attacks. Thankfully, I shook less the more I did blood draws. That got me into my fight of flight mode, and i shot my eyes open, and the shaking stopped. Write out the "top three" things you wish to resolve. I saw giant metal claws, and i could hear the video i was watching. (although I have declared I'm walking during lunch and I try to walk for 15 minutes after dinner as well, but it's only been 2 days so I still need to adjust to everything), What a strange coincidence, seeing this - I've literally just been shaking like a leaf after texting my boss telling him I'm going to be off work sick today (the shaking stopped after he texted back saying that it's ok and he hopes I get better soon - bloody GAD!). But I think my body responds to blood sugar more sensitively than other people's so even if it's not clinically low I will still feel like it is. I wake up, I yawn and I am shaking . My nickname has been Shakes for years. The neurologist is 99% sure it's stress or it could potentially be a weird form of epilepsy, but tests would to be too expensive and no medication would be given anyways. I am really scared . I have been working on mindfulness and relaxing exercises. Reply (0) Report. I thought it was around 3am until i checked the time. The only other thing that helped was to try to distract myself with work.

You might want to try some of it out: The balance thing sounds like ET I know because I have the worst balance, but the resting hand tremor isn’t normal. I don’t have diabetes but I am an anxious person. Yup I'll wake up with the feeling of not being able to breath and shaking. What’s weird is, i fell into a short dream, where i warned myself about what was about to happen. All is welcome! I closed my eyes, and woke up for real. The bed started to shake real bad and as I snapped awake I swore the bed was still shaking for a second after. So I've become pretty adamant about breaks and eating.

Don't rely on what random strangers say on the internet, but I'm under the impression that essential tremor is usually not a resting tremor. I get bouts where I'm over confident and I was in one of those moods when I accepted this full-time high stress level job. Now, i don’t have sleep paralysis often, but when i do, i know i’ll have it. I’ve been like this for about 10 mths, I did think of essential tremor or Parkinson’s . It will pass though. I stop shaking when my anxiety levels go down, or I get some kind of solid food in my system. Yep. I played it off and joked about how shaky I was. I couldn’t see him but I certainly could hear him, and it all felt so real. So mid-video, I get up and get a snack.

Which helps me greatly to fall asleep. Yeah, my thumbs Shakes too.

Diabetes. You have highlighted the two most likely reasons for why you are waking up from sleep trembling with a fast heartbeat – hypoglycaemia or anxiety. A community to share your scariest true life experiences whether it be ghosts, ghouls, cryptids, aliens, humans, or just a scary situation you were in. After i had ‘woken up,’ I was still tired. Also when I was home on sick-leave I tried to walk 8k a day to clear my head and get my stress levels down, but that's now only for weekends.

My left Hand a Bit more. Propanalol is dirt cheap and it is a life saver. I always recommend starting with your Primary Care Physician (PCP). Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Discussion and support for sufferers and loved ones of any anxiety disorder. I don't think its anything to worry about. This might have just been a dream, but it still gives me the chills to think about. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I asked him to please stop and go back to sleep. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. However, so far I'm really enjoying it. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I guess she was trying to wake us up so i would leave, but we ended up just waking up and having sex while she was vaccuuming. Meanwhile here's an article on how they use pen and paper to help diagnose you. It is really comforting to know I'm not the only one going through this. Super embarassing but thankfully no one mentioned anything, plus I was pretty good at it. So yes, I did shake with Anxiety. But I remember I had a sort of sleep-paralysis like dream that night, and in the dream my buddy was playing my guitar in the dark. Totally weirded me out. You're not alone. There's hope. Once my anxiety died down a lot, shakes stopped too. + for the last three years I worked as a teacher and had barely any attacks during summer break so it seemed like a solid diagnosis. Tons of sun exposure, more reasons to wake up( cuz i had somewhere to be) Lack of good internet Different mattress and pillow All of that helped so much. If I was commenting on this 2 days ago I would have said no. I've found that most of my shaking was due to low blood sugar. Stable blood sugar makes all the difference in your moods and anxiety :). Anyway, as i looked around, my bed and myself started to be shaken violently. The whole experience both sucked and was in a weird way very interesting. More posts from the EssentialTremor community, Shaking/ tremble: Hands,arms, head,voice, legs, Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Till I'm already mid attack. and how do you cope with this? I also have a shaking arm sometimes when awake that won't just get away. Something extremely similar happened to me when I was in 9th grade. The only weird part is, my bed was still shaking a bit. I know I do sleep with a clenched jaw so that might explain some of it. I (25f) started a new job today after 6 month of reintegrating at another job due to burnout/depression. tl;dr: We are a bunch of internet strangers, talk to your Doctor! If I wake up in the morning it's my whole body.

For the most part all of your symptoms do sounds like ET but your resting tremor is what concerns me because that isn’t a symptom associated with essential tremor. I felt my arms being grabbed, and shook.

Keep in mind, what i was watching had wires/ claws - dont ask, it was a game. Press J to jump to the feed. I also sometimes suffer from stress related migraines. I decided that now that i was awake, i’d watch youtube.


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