vw trike frame
The frame can be built to accommodate harley style split tanks, or other fuel tanks.

Revisa el carro de compras para más detalles. Some assembly is required. To purchase and items listed e-mail us through the contact page or give us a call at 417-683-5773. This kit includes shifter rod end, shifter box bushing w/bolts/lock nuts, shift coupler, special weld-able 3/8” U-joint, and a special [sub-bracket / bushing / bolts / lock nuts] to help stabilize the shifter tube, and a new shifter tube cut to the correct length.

The front of the body is bolted to the front body mount located near the bearing neck. This kit comes assembled. You will be responsible for the IRS bushings, bearings, mechanics, and the rear brakes.

The front of the body is bolted to the front body mount located near the bearing neck.

The cost of this basic unit is $518.00 plus tax for an Ava pick up or plus P & H & Shipping to your location. Under $1,250.00 - apply Price filter. The rear body mount is made of 1-1/2” by 1-1/2” by ¼” angle which is bolted to the shock towers and is used to support and bolt the body too.

$164.00 plus tax for an Ava pick up or plus P & H & Shipping to your location. Includes 2” to 6” over Springer, front brake caliper, chopper head light & bracket, 4” risers, fender tabs, & beefy handle bars for $1120.00.The front rotor is $84.00.
You will be responsible for the IRS bushings, bearings, mechanics, and the rear brakes. Likewise the general frame design can either be open or closed. Buy It Now +$249.95 shipping.

The steering neck is welded on at a 37-degree rake and comes with neck stops and 1” bearings & dust cap. Es posible que las cantidades y los montos de las ofertas de subasta no estén actualizados. If you are interested in something like this you should give us a call or an email to discuss what you want and what we have to offer. The Roadstar Trike Frame has been under constant redevelopment since it's initial design. The motor cage brackets are used to support and hold up the body with the travel box mounted to it. The cost for the adjustable “T-BAR” and mounting plates is $86.00 plus tax for an Ava pick up or plus P & H & Shipping to your location. After you mount them to the “T” Bar you adjust them to the angle that fits you best. The neck frame is lined up and leveled with a laser level, then the dog bone that is made out of 5/16″ material is welded onto the IRS suspension (IF AVAILABLE).

The dog bone is made out of 5/16” laser cut material. Using basic parts, this trike can be built on a budget. We will build or complete as much or as little of a Custom VW Trike Frame as you desire us to. This is our basic frame set-up made for our bodies, ready to weld to your VW IRS suspension. To see photos of completed trikes built from this frame click here. of $80.00.DNA prices are all subject to change without notice. Algo salió mal. The price for a 2” to 6” over basic Springer is $555.00.The price for 4” risers is $93.00.The price for a 5” chopper head light & bracket is $105.00.The cost for a DNA all steel front fender shipped from DNA is $66.00.This Springer & accessories will be shipped to your home, est. Some assembly is required. The neck frame is made out of 2” by 2” ¼” tubing.


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