vw beetle front torsion bar adjustment
You might be able to lower by moving the front arm on the splines. Raise the vehicle and support it on jack stands. to achieve decreased ride height.

This is where welders get share ideas and get inspired. Remove the fender. To lower it, rotate the spring plate up.

if you adjust them all the way raised and weld them in with the grubs at stock location you will be able to go back to stock hight and have all 4" of adjustment down. Jun 12, 2009 12:56:48 GMT -5. Measure the distance from the ground to the top of each front fender well using the tape measure; record these numbers. Set the parking brake and chock the rear wheels. direction you would like to go. The sorter They used leaf springs and twisted them. Make sure you base your measurements off the replacement grub screw position and not the external screw... they are not always the same.. as you can see here: I have the same adjuster and im really confused about to adjust them.. right now I have no tenision on the spring plates.. 67 bug with a 5" narrowed beam... it bounces like a ball... forgot to mention no shocks... mines looks like the top adjuster. The stock VW Bug and Ghia torsion bar recommendations: Sway Away Application Stock Preload Angle Recommendations: Movement in Degrees per spline (inner) = 360°/(40 Splines) = 9° per spline, Movement in Degrees per spline (outer) = 360°/(44 Splines) = 8.18° per spline, Length of trailing arm (center of torsion bar to center of wheel hub), X = overall change in degrees of spring plate, Lift = (tan X°)(Y) - (sin X°) ((Y/(cosX°))-Y), went in opposite Both allow you to fine tune you

Follow the torsion bar back to the torsion bar crossmember, and find the torsion bar adjusting bolt, which is just inside the crossmember.

Since the 40 and 44 ends will match at every 90 degrees, turning Is it thinwalled and could rust through, or quite thick and nothing to be concerned about. Reinstall the wheel and tire, and lower the vehicle from the jack stands. Put jack stands under the frame, and make sure they're set high enough that the front wheels are off of the ground. By reindexing the inner Lower the vehicle onto the jack stands. If you want to predetermine how much to This allows you to tune the front suspension to your specifications by either lifting up the front end or dropping it down to meet your needs. My Account | Sign Up; Toggle menu 714-666-6688 0. The inner end of a VW torsion bar has 40 splines and the outer That all Quote. Sorry man, I wish I could give you some detailed instructions, but the last time I did this was 20 years ago.


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