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A Beginner’s Guide to Exploring the Darknet. Your email address will not be published. We have compiled a massive list of onion links. I will rebuild the list with your updated ones.

http://tfwdi3izigxllure.onion/ccPal – CCs, CVV2s, Ebay, Paypals and more.

http://2kka4f23pcxgqkpv.onion/UK Passports – Original UK Passports. http://rrcc5uuudhh4oz3c.onion/ – The Intel Exchange Forum :: Information and discussion on various topics, ranging from Illegal Activities and Alternative Energy, to Conspiracy Theories and Hacking. https://facebookcorewwwi.onion/FBI Chan http://fbichanc6yfagl4l.onion/Readers Club http://c3jemx2ube5v5zpg.onion/Weblog http://6e3i6bqjgnmtn3fu.onion/, Tor Web Developer http://qizriixqwmeq4p5b.onionTor Web Programmer http://kobrabd77ppgjd2r.onionDarknet Design http://nt4f7fzcjoe3f5aj.onionMechanic http://popfilesxuru7lsr.onion/~mechanic/index.htmlC’thulhu Resume http://iacgq6y2j2nfudy7.onionHack Group http://hacktorbnrmel7rj.onionHacker-Cracker Service http://crack6o6lfptheho.onionEnder Vida http://eyziddrfxw4ggqyi.onionHack Canada http://hackcanl2o4lvmnv.onionOld Man Fixer’s Fixing Services http://zce4p7bavtstnwzt.onionRussian Hackers http://4tyxse5rvacm7sik.onionBXBN Contract Killer http://6l4runjbnratbxbn.onion, TheChess http://theches3nacocgsc.onionTorMoons http://md4vxyfkurq3iorf.onionEuro Buk Simulator 2014 http://hg5km4y37lgir6r3.onionThe Hideout http://hideout6eiazeoyp.onion/cgi-bin/chat.plvalest0rm http://wi5644lx7c5iiudn.onionM4tr1x https://matrix4ozv2gicar.onion, MacLemon (security, news, links) http://fzybdgczph7xfdnr.onion/TOR Status – Tor network status http://jlve2y45zacpbz6s.onion/TorPGP public key server http://torpgp3ujaysucll.onion/Altera Praxis (not sure what this is tbh) http://ncivdawfxihoh7sj.onion/about.htmlkeybase (some sort of hacker/stalker tool idk) http://fncuwbiisyh6ak3i.onion/Tor Web Devolper (for hire) http://qizriixqwmeq4p5b.onion/Web Programmer (for hire) http://kobrabd77ppgjd2r.onion/Ozy’s Hacking Service (hacker for hire) http://ozy7mnciacbc5idc.onion/Pioopioo’s Services (hacker for hire) http://rowtogxp2akwem6n.onion/Hacker place http://hackerw6dcplg3ej.onion/Parazite (anarchy info mainly) http://kpynyvym6xqi7wz2.onion/DNS support forum http://mj6vjwhtyahcj6fx.onion/BitMessage mail gateway http://bitmailendavkbec.onion/Keys Open Doors http://wdnqg3ehh3hvalpe.onion/Hidden Service howto http://nfokjgfj3hxs4nwu.onion/JRAT (java remote administration tool) http://jratoc334zo7zgis.onion/FILTH (fuck i love to hack) http://om2ak3coziov3dbc.onion/forum/index.phpOnion Domains & MD5sums http://xlmvhk3rpdux26dz.onion/Soylent News http://skgmctqnhyvfava3.onion/Bluish Coder http://mh7mkfvezts5j6yu.onion/Cable Viewer (idk what this is but its techy) http://leakager742hufco.onion/Xerbot http://xfthw4bq7lx2y726.onion/Hack Canada http://hackcanl2o4lvmnv.onion/Imperial anarchist despotism http://rgeo5wj7gneidzh3.onion/Directory Listing Denied (anon web ftp) http://wtutoxfznz45gf6c.onion/Anarplex (some kind of computer anarchy) http://y5fmhyqdr6r7ddws.onion/GhostDeveloper (freelance programmer) http://develggxuazrcokn.onion/SKS Onion key server http://lbnugoq5na3mzkgv.onion/index.htmlGNUPG http://ic6au7wa3f6naxjq.onion/Cat facts http://2v7ibl5u4pbemwiz.onion/Chess (game) http://theches3nacocgsc.onion/Necro town (links n stuff) http://nekrooxwwskakacj.onion/Encryption Password Generator http://pwgenmwi7eqsys76.onion/ jabber http://yz6yiv2hxyagvwy6.onion/M5S leaks http://33pvcdba2nm3afnj.onion/A cgi proxy http://x5yd2gfthlfgdqjg.onion/FIT French IRC TOR http://fit2v7z4plpfyh2h.onion/The Linux Documentation Project http://3c2rvufmbcggnqi6.onion/Crypto Party http://cpartywvpihlabsy.onion/Hive Archives http://thehivemwon6a5mp.onion/txtorcon (python contril library for tor) http://timaq4ygg2iegci7.onion/Rhodium (science stuff) http://rhodiumio4b7b4rm.onion/Hackerspace Prague http://pmwdzvbyvnmwobk5.onion/, Scan4You http://hybedxst6ulae4oh.onion0day Forum http://qzbkwswfv5k2oj5d.onionDoxBin (clone?


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