twisted wonderland duo magic
Here is what you need to do to unlock them: The button below Chats is [CHARACTER]’S ASSIGNMENTS (○○の課題). These are useful for battles and unlocking Groovy requirements. ※ If you want to transfer the data, please go to the TOP page. One example is Ruggie's school uniform voice line where he offers to babysit Grim for Yuu at a price and their response is unseen and likely meant to be up to the player's themselves. Take normal lessons with [Character] 5 times. usually "-kun" or "-san" depending on the character.

Recovers all 5 BP. Clear CHAT #3. (View Adjustment Settings for Note Tap Timing info.). The game will not register your attendance until you enter the game through the TOP page after the reset.

[6], The characters in the house are based on Hades from Hercules. Special missions that are held for a limited time. Leveling up cards will help win battles and unlock extra card features (ie.

Buddy Lv goes up to Lv10 max. Website. Required to enhance the magic of specific Event cards. She is introduced in the Ghost Marriage event. There are 3 types of battles you can encounter which each have different victory conditions to be met.

There are 3 types of difficulty: EASY, NORMAL, and HARD. Manually Limit Break a card using Awakening Perfume. His wish is to enroll in Night Raven College, but he is unsuccessful until he teams up with the protagonist. Additionally, Sam is the only character in the game known to be from the Jubilee Port. Medals acquired in TEST. It contains Stats, Status Effects (plus Effect Turns left), Magic, and Buddy info of the card.

You can view the character's profile and the full-body portrait of their school uniform by tapping the magnify icon. 2-hit water damage (weak) & strengthen to 3 consecutive hits when DUO (Ace) is activated & magic effect changes at Lv10 Duo Skills Lv 10 Magic 1 - Zero Ray No Element damage (strong) & damage UP (large) (self/1 turn) Magic 2 - Water Shot [II] 2-hit water damage (strong) & strengthen to 3 consecutive hits when DUO (Ace) is activated Duo Buddy Bonus Riddle Rosehearts. Tap the "OK" button to continue. Swipe notes, as the name states, have to either be swiped to the left or to the right. [2] The plot is told in three separate parts: a fully voiced visual novel section that explores the students' backstories, a rhythm game section, and a battle section. ※ The linked game data will be used only when the data is transferred, and will not be known on the external account. On the right side of the chapter buttons, there will be occasional note and magic pen icons. At the Card Shop (Madol), second to the bottom button, you can purchase R cards using madols.

There are 5 test attributes to take: FIRE, WATER, TREE, NO ELEMENT, and ALL ELEMENTS. Perfumes can be purchased in the SHOP. Next Post [Twisted Wonderland] Episode 1-10 Translations. There are four categories of items in-game: Consumable Items, Upgrade Items, Unique Items, and Other Items. Missions that you can complete infinitely, such as the number of login days and the number of times you have taken lessons. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. (View Rhythmic Settings in Others for more info). Chats are short conversations that can be unlocked after participating in lessons. Tap the black "I Agree" button after reading the Terms of Service and Use. Leona — Sloth: Because he keeps beating himself up over being, Azul — Greed: Due to his upbringing, he only cares about his collection as a way of screwing over others as a form of revenge, and once he loses his. Twisted Wonderland Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Some effects are specifically used by opponents. Select cards that will give you the advantage and deal more damage for 5 turns to win the battle. Categories marked in red are mandatory to fill out.

On the lower-left corner there is an SSR Guarantee Gauge: In this example, there are 93 points (1 point = 1 roll) out of 100 in the gauge. Emergency maintenance will occur when there are issues/changes with the game app after a major release or updates.

There are 7 dormitories to choose from: Heartslabyul, Savanaclaw, Octavinelle, Scarabia, Pomefiore, Ignihyde. Required to strengthen Fire attribute magic, Required to strengthen Void attribute magic, Required to strengthen Tree attribute magic, Required to strengthen Water attribute magic. If the game was running from the previous day after the reset, close and reopen the game app to check-in for today's login. The tapping area instructions can also be found on the menu. On your “Battle Composition” screen, tap the bottom left button reading バディ詳細 (Buddy Details) to see what kind of bonuses you can activate during the battle. Each card has two types of magic attributes. For your ease of access, the wiki team has compiled a tutorial to help you get started. The screen will display your deck of cards obtained through Mirror, Events, and SHOP. The character selected as a classmate must be included in the lesson selection. The other is Floyd, who also does it to every character but he instead uses a nickname rather than Yuu's title. Tap the brown "Terms of Service" button to read the terms and conditions. Below, you can download all data, including voice data, if skipped when starting the game. The dorm and its members are twisted from Alice in Wonderland.

He first shows up in Chapter 1 of the main story. OS of the model last played (最後にプレイした機種のOS), Problem contents and detailed situation (お困りの内容や詳細な状況), Handling of personal information (個人情報の取り扱いについて). Ursula's deals still came at a high price, but her purpose was to grant all unfortunate merfolk their wishes. Satisfy the card’s designated requirements, as well as collect that character’s unique Candy (Alchemy Lesson) in order to Groovy a card. Victory Conditions: ① Inflict more damage than your opponent by the end of all the turns, or ② Bring their HP to 0. On the upper-right corner, select the menu icon. He first shows up in part 30 of Chapter 2. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. To increase a card’s max Lv cap, you must Limit Break a card by obtaining duplicates of the card through MIRROR, SHOP, and perfumes. Tap the black button to confirm either action.

Your opponent will also attack using two types of magic. The queen fairy we seen in the event is also the queen of Pixie Hollow, though it's unknown if she's supposed to be queen Clarion, a fairy that took over her role after she passed on, or simply twisted from her. Strengthening a card's Card Lv will increase its HP and ATK. The SSR received is random and the gauge will reset after obtaining the card in normal, pick-up, and limited pick-up banners. These icons are displayed on the bottom corner of the character sprites. Only one is selected from a total of eight. At Magic Lv5 and higher, some skills will unlock additional magic effects and are useful for battles and in TEST.


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