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This building is a mysterious multi-floored dungeon, with one new floor becoming available to explore every month. Just wanna send my love and thanks. Rean’s party pursued them beneath the city. Unlike past studies, both groups were assigned to the same location: the Erebonian capital of Heimdallr. During their stay, they also happened to meet the former chairman of the Reinford Group, Gwyn Reinford—Alisa’s grandfather. When a character uses certain attacks on an enemy and is linked with anther ARCUS user, the enemy can be unbalanced, with a probability that increases with letter grades and star rankings. Alisa is satisfied with her work and Laura audibly wonders whether this look would not be a better fit for Emma in daily life. Trails of Cold Steel begins at Garrelia Fortress, located on the eastern edge of the Erebonian Empire. C’s derisive words filled the area as the airship rose upwards...and were all of a sudden replaced by the sound of a gunshot. Under the watchful eyes of Elliot and Crow, they put all they had into their practice sessions.

He was standing in a strange empty space. Instructor Sara attempted to cheer them up—and succeeded—even if it was more because they were laughing at her than with her. Thanks to both Group A and the efforts of the Intelligence Division’s Captain Lechter, war was successfully averted. Meanwhile, Rean and his classmates weren't allowed much time to process what they had just seen.

All performing to the best of their abilities, Class VII scored better in the midterms than any other class. Dude Im so excited your making a walkthrough for CS4!!! Much like its predecessors, Trails of Cold Steel allows the player to explore a 3D environment that alternates between towns, dungeons and the overworld. The demo seems to focus on emotions and gestures of characters. The drawstring bag at his feet (Correct Answer – 1 AP), Fun Fact: You can actually see this in the cutscene from Chapter 1. Aren't you forgetting something?' What makes Cold Steel unique is its structured gameplay cycle that conforms to the days of the calendar. But before he could, he heard a voice resound in his mind. Alisa, surprised that Rean overheard her, tells him to mind his own business and inquires whether that includes jobs for the student council. As such, each free day sees Rean completing a small number of sidequests on behalf of the council. For more information on cookies, view our Privacy Policy. His consciousness began to fade, and all he could do was wince in fear as the Azure Knight approached. July had come, and preparations were underway for Heimdallr’s month-late celebration of the Summer Festival. Even having Jusis at their side gained them no sympathy. His foster father, Teo Schwarzer, returns from his hunt soon thereafter.

Class VII was victorious here as well, leading to a tirade of insults from Patrick Hyarms that were only stopped by Gaius’ interference. And they soon met Elliot’s father, Lt. General Craig, and witnessed a military exercise. As usual, support items can be bought from shops, as can the gear which will be slotted on their characters: weapons for offense, armor and boots for defense and two accessories for general purposes.

The game follows Rean Schwarzer, who finds himself part of Thors Military Academy's brand new Class VII, an experimental course of study in which the otherwise-segregated nobles and commoners are forced to intermix.

Its engine hit, the airship exploded into a violent mess midair before their eyes. G summoned a mighty bone dragon, and while quite the challenge, they were able to defeat it. Moving away from the Crossbell setting in 'Ao no Kiseki'and 'Zero no Kiseki', Trails of Cold Steel takes place in Erebonia, one of the largest and most powerful nations in Zemuria. The provincial army sealed the mine off under the pretext of protecting the hostages from being harmed. Rean thanked Crow for all that he had done for him.

Unlike their first bout in Heimdallr, however, Group A was finally able to best C in battle. Upon arriving, they found the garden party where she was in attendance under attack by the terrorists.

They completed their morning tasks outside the city with little trouble, but immediately upon returning to Bareahard, Machias was arrested without probable cause by the provincial army. Summary, character, and system pages are updated. Rean also greets their hunting dog and horse, Badeaux and Arthur. Typically, the group begins the field study with a set of sidequests similar to Rean's during his free day, and upon the completion of each set, the story advances and the political tension increases. After the concert, the afterparty began.

Among the men, one was awake and pondering the contents of his master's letter. The fortress stood as a vast wall between Erebonia and its longtime enemy, the Calvard Republic.

And thanks in part to the fact that they weren't all complete amateurs, they were finally ready to perform. Hey Zoelius. They need me! Embarrassed and angry, Alisa impulsively slaps Rean and refuses to talk to him for a while. Even Sara and Class VII's seniors joined in on the battle until the inn's manager found out about their pillow fight and lectured them. Just wanna say thanks Zoelius. Countless humanoids began to fall from it, all of which immediately set about taking over the city. It features a small area resembling the final Alto Street in Heimdallr. The three-day long festival came to an end, and Class VII readied themselves to return to Trista. Before the fighting begins, however, the player must prepare for battle through a thorough check of their equipment.

Rean trusted that Crow would come back to him and the rest of Class VII if he proved victorious, and the battle between the two Divine Knights began.

Turn order is variable, depending on the combatants' SPD stat, as well as their choice of actions. Partway through the mine, they found most of the hostages, and Crow volunteered to take them back to the surface with him.

That night, the prince informed them of the reasons that their class was put together. During their discussions, however, they heard the sound of a bell chiming from far away.

Afterwards, Sara congratulates the students on a job well done and explains that their teamwork took advantage of the one the ARCUS units' key new features: combat linking.

And Group A was left to look after the town while completing their remaining tasks. She instructs them to pick up their weapons and master quartz, which were placed on stands around the perimeter of the room.

It may not look like a mansion, but it has been Rean's true home until half a year ago and has fond memories of the place.

Armed with state-of-the-art ARCUS orbments and donning unique red uniforms, Class VII embarks on an eventful first year that few students could ever imagine. Generally lasting most of the weekend, it is during this time that the meat of the story takes place, as Rean and company learn about the culture and politics unique to each location. Surprising though it may have been, not a single one among them thought any less of him for it. "[JP 7] Homework from an old man, Teo summarises Ka-fai's letter. The parade came to an end without incident, but just as they thought they were in the clear, chaos erupted in Dreichels Plaza.

Conveniently, the complex waterway led to quite a few places, including the Albarea mansion; they were soon reunited with Jusis this way, who had learned what happened and escaped from his home to set things right. One of the NPC's in this area mentions the train derailment of the Transcontinental Railroad. Next, to enable the use of arts, orbment slots must be unlocked at orbal factories and equipped with quartz. They discussed the beauty of Ymir and their preparations for the school festival. Fearing the worst, the group rushes through Garrelia's interior, fighting off waves of archaisms along the way. I used your Guides before they really are spot on! I don't have the time to replay these games to find it all anymore so I appreciate how you put in the info needed but avoid spoilers. More stunning than the rose garden, however, was the sight of the princess of Erebonia: Alfin Reise Arnor.

In addition, Captain Claire and Sharon had a cryptic conversation that very same night... As the calendar transitions from September to October, the crimson coloured train Eisengraf makes its way through the dense coniferous forest known as Schwarzwald between Roer and Ymir, carrying on board are the members of Class VII, their seniors and Reinford maid Sharon. And Class VII was struggling to think of something that they could do for it with their small numbers. Rean immediately noticed something was off about her behaviour. All it took was a single hit from Ordine to send him flying backwards, defeated.


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