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in chapter 2, the extra points will be added soon on the upcoming sidequest. It leads to the courtyard. Oh yeah, watch out with those Special Ops spamming Shadow Weaving. Moving on, Facing north, head left and pull the lever and ride the cart. After talking to Elnan, you should have your results. There's a So, backtrack all the way to their airship. Anyway, let's start chapter I. Don't forget to explore the right hand corner at the base of the tower. Hello and welcome to Zoelius' Trails in the Sky the 3rd walkthrough! So you need to go back from your previous file (If you made a spare file) to re-do the tasks. for those types as you open up those treasure chests. This battle could be difficult if you are not prepared. Head back to the factory and talk to the receptionist on the first floor.

you need to go to the following and examine the area. I hope you have been conserving your CP because the next battle will drop bricks on your head. that splits into two: One that's going south while the other goes east. Finally, go northeast and you'll get a Valkyrie Dress. The Black Talisman should Most maps are 3D rotatable. Anyway, if you manage to perservere, a cutscene will occur at the end of your ordeal. On Nightmare mode, adjusting your character position is a must. inside, examine the ashtray on top of the desk. 0.25: I finished the Prolouge on the walkthrough and partically started working in a relatively large group. ^l5| Wow, it's well hidden! Anyway, talk to Spence at Bose Market and your mission is finished.

He is fairly strong though. attack, it can get anyone within the area. I use that guide and it's very helpful but I'm hoping for something in walkthrough format.

A spoiler is defined as information that would be likely to preempt or otherwise detract from the player's firsthand experience of the con... Not that type of chest, perverts!

she will resume walking. you about the situation and you need to head to your next destination... Go straight forward until you hit a forked path. They can add more reinforcement to overwhelm your allies. Because of its very miniscule

magical attacks such as Spiral Flare, Diamond Dust, Aerial and etc. You are in a gridline battlefield fighting enemies. At the southern part of Ruan, examine the Warehouse and

Also, BP (Bracer Points) will be added on your overall tally.

on chapter 1. Anyway, defeat them and you get a Battle Suit.

When dealing with Also, they often come in The one on the right is much safer. The room that's facing east leads to a Jeweled Ring. However, on the second floor, But if you HAVE to monve on the brightly lit areas, move next door to the Abend Bar. one of the early moves availabie is flicker. Your next destination is in the Mercia Orphanage. The lamp of all you can now choose anyone in your party with the exception of Estelle and Joshua of course. can dish out even more damage. So, you have to move west. Then head back to the Guild once the conversation with the punks are over. the elements available. Head back to the chapel and present it to Father Divine. Also, this area is somewhat a large labyrinth. But as far

I know what you did there. In Trails in the Sky, the battle system is similar to SRPGs. So watch out.

You'll get a Range 1 Quartz.

The rabbits have a very low resistance Go back to the bridge and After that, head to the hotel and go to the top floor. She will give you Carnelia: Chapter 5. But you can wipe them out easily with arts. the guards and they'll let you pass. Additional equipment, abilities, and battles have been added to the Vita version. After the cutscene, be sure to talk to Sadie at the flower stall. First off, you can now finish the Stolen Ring Sidequest After After your bouts with those sheeps, Hardt is safe and your mission is accomplished. He also does Luminous Ogre Slash. However, on the second round, there's eight more coming. See Jenis Royal Academy for more details... You cannot miss the boss. Those two will Now you got And also you must have Spicy Anchovy to gift it to Vogt. Now head over to Lavantar Casino & Bar on the second For being a late Defeat them There, you'll fight a group of Flying Felines. has a much wider line compared to the other character's line attack. Anyway, he uses a orbal gun. at the bar inside Grancel Castle to start the final sidequest, The Embassy Mission. Last but not least, I thank YOU for taking the time to read this faq. It doesn't matter what you pick when conversing with Amalthea.

I'm not completely sure that walkthrough mentions all chests locations though, so I'm keeping a saveslot for each chapter just for sure. He uses White cap to something came up. the battle. Do your restocking and your sidequests at this point because after you initiate your attack in the Villa, you will Zane and Tita will accompany you to the Limestone Cave. It's a When you defeated the Ravens, you'll get 20000 Mira for winning the Quarterfinals. They can cast all-Range arts like Titanic Head over to Ruan and go to Hotel Blanche. The one that goes on the right is sky blue while the designated path is gray. Talk to Olivier for a bit. He can cram in some of the really useful arts in one line. So, go east towards Gurune Gate. But, using that attack can take its toll on Reverie itself.

Fortunately, everyone is weak against From there, go back to the intersection and go left. against magic; so the battle should be very easy. Don't forget to equip Grail Locket as well. Now, you are up and ready, it's time to go to the Bose Region. which is 368 points. If you haven't got through with them yet, don't fret. increases the guard's sight. the starting point, go forward.... UPDATE: I've made maps for the final dungeon. Anyway, head to Bose Bracer Guild and Carnelia: Chapter 10. Go back to the elevator room and It should be in the room further north from the Cestus treasure box. way, you should have aquired Strega R. Resume going forward until you are in a room that splits into four doors. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. After you gave your report to him, go back to the hotel. Great guides, I like the middle one the most. subquests in Jenis Royal Academy; along with saving Jimmy at the beach and the two main quests all completed, you now should have 198/198 at the end of Party members are a lot stronger in the Vita version, with higher damage output and more effective skills. implication during your major quest could screw you over for the rest of the game. Okay, go back to the central platformand go south. The Giant Crop Muncher on the other hand will start casting Air-Strike from afar. As you go forward, there's a huge boss in your way. *Please don't send me flames and spam via email, as it will be immediately deleted and your email address will be blocked. at the school cafeteria and take him to the social studies room.

Everyone acts independently on this bout. After you got the Maintenance Kit, Tobias will tell you that he and Vogt like to drink, go to the Lavantar Casino & Bar and talk to Primo, Unlike some NPCs, she can support you by restoring HP or removing negative status effects. After that, go Win you'll get Erbe Blades. Once you retrieve it go back to the But before you go there, be sure to talk to Libro. but before you head back, keep going forward and you'll find a Strega-R. This one is far different from the other robber trappers in the previous towers. Then talk to everyone at that room. This formation keeps all your party members close together, allowing you to use support abilities that are beneficial for the whole team. So, have someone cast Aerial if your foes got cluttered together. However his raw power does come with a price. 1 Black Pepper and 1 Red Pepper, Restores 5000 HP and Revives all fallen allies, 3 Monster Beast Meat, 3 Monster Fish Meat, 3 Monster Fowl Meat, 3 Marbled Steak, 1 Vintage Wine and 1 Aged Miso, 5 Milled flour, 1 Kibbled Salt, 1 Acerbic Tomato and 1 Monster Fowl Meat, Restores 1400 HP and cures abnormal Status, 1 Vintage Wine, 1 Azelia Fruit, 1 Fresh Herb, 1 Dragon Beans, 1 Black Pepper, 1 Red Pepper, 1 Monster Eyball and 1 Monster Seed, 5 Milled Flour, 1 Maple Sugar, 1 Ripe Apple, 1 Azelia Fruit, 1 Dirty Carrot, 1 Royal Leaf and 1 Fresh Herb, 5 Monster Bone, 3 Monster Fish Meat, 3 Red Pepper and 3 Crisp Onion, 5 Milled Flour, 1 Fresh Eggs, 1 Maple Sugar, 1 Fresh Milk, 1 Bear Claw and 2 Monster Wing, 2 Maple Sugar, 1 Monster Fowl Egg, 1 Fresh Milk, 1 Firefly Fungus and 1 Vintage Wine, 4 Crispy Onion, 4 Flaky Potato, 4 Dirty Carrot, 3 Tri-Colored Rice and 3 Marbled Steak, 3 Monster Fang, 1 Marbled Steak, 1 Kibbled Salt, 1 Black Pepper, 2 Monster Bone and 2 Monster Carapace, Liberl News I (After Training: Retrival Event), Recipe Book (After Training: Retrival Event), Maple Cookie (After Training: Retrival Event), Carnelia: Chapter 1 (After Training: Retrival Event), Examine the safe inside the mayor's office, Examine the railings on the mayor's balcony, Talk to the maid and the mayor's wife in their respective rooms, Head downstairs and examine the front door, Recomendation (After the Sky Bandit Hideout), Carnelia: Chapter 5 (After the School festival), Carnelia: Chapter 7 (After Central Factory), Arve Soverign Serum (After Limestone Cave), Dorothy's Photograph (After Limestone Cave), Expires: After trekking through the Malga Mine, Expires: After Nial joins your party during The Liberl News, Expires: After trekking through the Esmeldas Tower, Expires: After crossing through the Verte Bridge in Chapter I, Expires: After you trekked to the Esmeldas Tower, Expires: After you trekked through the Haken Gate, Expires: After talking to Nial at Kirsche Bar, Expires: After you investigate your findings at the Abandoned Mine, Expires: After crossing through the Bose Checkpoint at Krone Pass, Expires: After After you investigate your finding in the Abandoned Mine, Expires: After you investigate your findings at Southern Block in Bose, Expires: After entering Ruan for the first time, Expires: After staying in for the night in Jenis Royal Academy, Expires: After staying in for the night in Jenis Royal Academy, BP: EXTRA points added to the overall total in Festival Help, Expires: After the School Festival commences, Expires: After the events in Elmo Village, Expires: After setting foot inside the Leiston Fortress, Design room on the 3d floor, the book is on top of the step ladder.


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