tony dungy parents
He had that choice and He said yes.”. His last season with the Steelers ended in 1988 after which he was hired by the Kansas City Chiefs as its defensive backs coach.

Well, in 1981, he was hired as an assistant coach for Steelers by head coach Chuck Noll. [45][46] Dungy has also expressed opposition to same-sex marriage.[47]. On September 6, 2007, The Indianapolis Star reported that the Davie-Brown Index (DBI), an independent celebrity rating service for advertisers, placed Dungy in the top 15 of the 900 actors, musicians, TV personalities, and sports celebrities it ranks for overall appeal, putting him on a level with actors such as Tom Hanks and Morgan Freeman. [39], He had also turned down offers from National Football League Players' Association to become liaison to the NFL. The Dungy tree grew from the roots of the Pittsburgh Steelers' dynasty of the 1970s. After the win in Super Bowl XLI, Dungy became the third man to win Super Bowls both as a player and a head coach, following Ditka and Flores. He asked them, “How are we going to conduct ourselves tonight and after this game?

Among them, Dungy is the first NFL head coach to defeat all 32 NFL teams.

What's my significance? That's because, he said, "I’ve gotten so many calls and letters from people saying they really got something out of it, something that helped them.

He played as a defensive reserve and a special team player all through 1977 and in the 1978 Super Bowl championship.

Dungy began his head coaching tenure in 1996 with the Buccaneers, a franchise regarded as one of the league's worst. [13] In both cases, most of the offensive planning has been handled by his offensive coordinators. [29]. 2[69] and stayed on the top 10 for 5 weeks on the hardcover advice section of the New York Times Best Seller list.[70]. Well, after playing quarterback in college, in 1977 he was undrafted. He played as a defensive reserve and special teams player for the Steelers in 1977 and the Super Bowl champion 1978 season, leading the team in interceptions in the latter campaign. It was during this term that his defense was ranked first in the NFL. Among those who have gone on to head coaching positions after working with Dungy include: Moreover, Rod Marinelli, the defensive line coach under Dungy at Tampa Bay, was the head coach of the Detroit Lions from 2006 to 2008. He is aware that suicide is on the rise in America, especially among the youth, which he says has become an epidemic.

What's my significance? Along with the baskets, he delivers a Hope Tote, which includes Quiet Strength, a journal, Bible, Christian music, and other inspirational materials. On January 12, 2009, Jim Caldwell, who'd been a long-time Colts assistant, was chosen as the new head coach for the Indianapolis Colts after being named Dungy's eventual successor a year earlier. He was influenced by the defensive schemes learned under Chuck Noll and Bud Carson. The "Cover 2" defense Dungy used involved his linemen rushing the passer, the cornerbacks covering the passing flat area, the linebackers covering the middle of the field, and the safeties providing deep coverage on each half of their respective zones. He played on the school teams.

Joe Barry, a linebackers coach under Dungy at Tampa Bay, was the defensive coordinator for the Detroit Lions from 2006 to 2008. The following season, the Buccaneers won Super Bowl XXXVII, their first (and only through 2019) appearance in the championship game.


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