three percenter tattoo meaning

Obviously, it’s evolved into something that I do not want to represent.

So New England drafts a guy who tattooed alt-right symbols to his body, it doesn’t play like an isolated incident and only increases the attention this is going to get. But this is not the first time. Three percenters intend to maintain their God-given natural rights to liberty and property. During the American Revolution, the active forces in the field against the King’s tyranny never amounted to more than III% of the colonists. That’s a good start to an answer but not enough.

With no follow-up questions, which aren’t easy to do in the structure of a conference call, it may seem like Rohrwasser got off easy.

He’s being accused of being racist. Their members have been anti-Islam and provided armed security during the Nazis march Charlottesville in 2017. Weekend social media is about to be overshadowed by talk radio and ESPN’s debate shows.

When I look back on it, I should have done way more research before I put any mark or symbol like that on my body, and it’s not something I ever want to represent.

Worth noting, it’s not just one tattoo.

The self identified 3% in this country are referring to the American Revolution.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Justin Rohrwasser talked to WBZ-TV on Monday night. Registration on or use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement, Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement, and Your California Privacy Rights (each updated 1/1/20). The weekend’s attention on the Patriots’ fifth-round pick’s tattoos connected to the alt-right group the Three Percenters is just the beginning. St. Peters, MO 63376,, Bundy ranch militia allegedly considered attacking military base | Conservative Firing LineConservative Firing Line.

But for people still forming their opinions, there are unanswered questions. Get on camera somewhere and explain who he actually is. He’d be smart to try to answer them. Without the full story, people’s imaginations are going to fill in the blanks.

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Your support makes a difference.

We will NOT obey orders to invade and subjugate any state that asserts its sovereignty. There are people in the NFL, or really any profession, who have every political belief across the spectrum. I love how u all feel that his tat has some symbolism of racism, but it’s not shows how much y’all do research. The phrase “Liberty or Death” was the theme of an alt-right protest on Seattle’s City Hall in 2018. Most people would vigorously conceal an image on their body they were embarrassed about, especially if they’re regularly on television. As such, there are no membership fees or dues and we will not charge people to participate in a movement that defends civil liberties.

What’s the story there?”, He answered: “I got that tattoo when I was a teenager and I have a lot of family in the military. For people who would like it to go away, he put it behind him. If he has a good explanation, now would be a good time to get it out there if he cares how he’s perceived. Rohrwasser, like all of the New England picks, did a conference call with the media Saturday and was asked one question about his ink, and he answered it.

That’s hard to live down. We will NOT obey any orders which infringe on the right of the people to free speech, to peaceably assemble, and to petition their government for a redress of grievances.

Having friends of another race doesn’t mean somebody isn’t a racist, but it’s noteworthy that several of his African-American teammates went on Twitter to defend him when accusations began flying.

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We will NOT obey any orders to confiscate the property of the American people, including food and other essential supplies.

It includes an April 2, 2019, post where he appears to be giving a presentation in support of Jordan B. Peterson.

Three percenters intend to maintain their God-given natural rights to liberty and property. Mar 24, 2018 - Explore Ryan Hestle's board "III PERCENTER", followed by 118 people on Pinterest.


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