the dead files tucson
Don't miss Travel Channel in your favorite social media feeds. The Cornelia Marie taps American satellites to spy on the Russians while Scott Campbell Jr. pioneers a long-dormant fishery. They fear the house intends to kill them to prevent them from providing a safe and loving home to their two young granddaughters.

She fears if the evil spirits lurking inside her home can't be stopped, she will fall down a dark path of no return. Add Image. They then head to Missouri to confront a powerful shadow person with deadly intentions towards the living.

She is convinced the spirit will kill them both if it can't be stopped. Everyone in the home is under attack, and the family fears their nine-year-old may be possessed by something evil. All hell has broken loose inside the home, and everyone believes they are in serious danger.

Steve and Amy investigate violent paranormal activity in Louisville, KY. Steve and Amy investigate paranormal activity terrifying two Army veterans. Tucson, Arizona events start as early as Oct. 24, 2020.

The parents fear one of their children may have summoned a demonic entity through a spirit board.

A rogue bear destroys Bam's new beehives. Marty, Matt and Misty Raney help the Russell family, who are struggling on a failing homestead.

The activity is getting more dangerous by the day, and she's worried if it can't be stopped someone is going to die.

Steve and Amy travel to Toledo, Ohio, where a family faces a daily onslaught of aggressive paranormal activity.

Steve and Amy travel to Elizabeth City, North Carolina, where a woman claims paranormal activity has spiked ever since she got sober. Atz Lee and Jane prep Shane's cabin for his recovery, and Otto buries a pet. Diesel Dave continues work on his first giveaway truck - the epic modern day Kodiak. ... A Tucson dad says his house is so haunted, he felt safer patrolling the streets when he used to be a cop.

Steve and Amy travel to Newton, Pennsylvania, where a family claims a recent home renovation has unleashed an onslaught of paranormal activity. Steve uncovers details about the property's murderous past, while Amy confronts agitated spirits who will stop at nothing to keep the hotel for themselves. When Edd sets Mike the task of finding him a classic American truck, Mike heads to Sonoma County where he meets his first hipster and her Chevy LUV. Steve and Amy travel to Palatka, Florida, to investigate violent paranormal activity at a downtown bar. Atz Lee and Jane rush to the aid of a neighbour who has lost access to fresh water on her homestead. All rights reserved. Privacy Policy. Steve and Amy travel to Wakefield, Massachusetts, where a young mother fears a gateway to the afterlife has brought unwanted guests into her grandmother's home. Trucking legend Steve and his dog Bella take a huge load cross-country from Alice Springs to Perth.

Steve and Amy travel to Colorado Springs, CO, to aid a team of paranormal investigators who fear they brought violent activity home from one of their investigations. With new miners, new claims and new machines, the stakes are higher... © 2019 Discovery Networks International. Steve and Amy investigate activity tormenting people at a Virginia museum.

They fear if something isn't done soon their marriage won't last -- and neither will their time on this earth.

After months of rebuilding Earl Campbell's '49 Cadillac, there's a last-minute issue.

Eivin and Eve take their kids crabbing.

Life after Dead Files: As a young kid, Matthew was always drawing one thing or the other.

Steve and Amy investigate paranormal disturbances at a bed and breakfast. Steve and Amy travel to Tucson, Arizona, where ancient supernatural forces are tormenting a retired cop and his family. All rights reserved. Richard works on a 1980 Stutz Four motor car for country music star Charlie Pride. Steve and Amy investigate terrifying paranormal activity in Layton, UT. Everyone in the home is under attack, and the family fears their nine-year-old may be possessed by something evil. Steve and Amy investigate a Chicago home where a malicious spirit is hatching a poisonous plot. All rights reserved. Meanwhile, Monica's Hunker Creek cut is hit by flooding. Charlotte takes measures to protect her herd from predators. Both women have reached a boiling point and need answers before things turn deadly. A famous UFO case occurs above Alaska when an unidentified flying object pursues a Boeing 747.

Steve and Amy travel to Tucson, Arizona, where ancient supernatural forces are tormenting a retired cop and his family.


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