telus sues shaw
Telus says its PureFibre internet service based on fibre optic directly connects to a customer’s home, and allows for faster speeds and fewer outages compared to Shaw’s DOCSIS-based internet. While I agree, I think they went after shaw for 2 reasons. What happened: Telus asks courts for injunction against Shaw ads it claims are creating confusion in the marketplace, Why it matters: Competition has been increasing the past few years over greater market share of residential internet. One shouldn't be allowed to make a reply to their own post and mark it as most helpful. The telecom company says it’s suffering irreparable harm and damage to its reputation as a result of Shaw’s ad campaign and is asking for an injunction to put an end to the marketing efforts. With Telus' Peace of Mind plans, "When total usage exceeds the threshold included in your rate plan during your bill cycle, your data speeds will be reduced to a maximum of 512 Kilobits per second (Kbps) for downloads and uploads". The iPhone 12 Pro should have a 120Hz display, but it might not matter... Why PlayStation’s and Xbox’s next-gen strategies are excit... Here’s why Apple might be getting rid of all the ports in its de... Google’s Pixel 5 redefines the meaning of flagship, OnePlus’ Nord proves that flagships are overrated, Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the game we need right now. Here are the free games hitting PlayStation Plus in October 2020, Here are the free games hitting Xbox Games with Gold in October 2020. Yes, send me daily emails with Apple news! 4: Living in an ‘Anon’-ymous... Viewer Experience Ep. According to Business in Vancouver ( BIV ), Telus says Shaw’s Fibre+ is a rebrand of its previous Data Over … Right now, the overall majority of my service is on "WiFi calling" so it is not going to matter who I'm on but it is ludicrous to compare the Shaw and Telus networks as equals. Rogers acquires Ontario-based independent internet service provider Ru... Rogers plans to work from home for at least the rest of 2020. “We are proud of our Fibre+ network — previously known since 2016 as FibrePlus — and stand behind its branding and strength. Further, Telus wants Shaw to publicly declare that it “knowingly or recklessly made false or misleading representations to the public.” Telus is also seeking damages for lost profits as well as costs associated with the suit. Effective 5G deployment key to Canada’s climate change commitment: r... Cogeco announces $4.5 million investment to bring high-speed internet ... Bell to bring 5G to 28 additional markets in 2020, U.K. may phase out Huawei technology from 5G networks this year.


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