tella galijeru in english

A lignan isolated from the roots exhibited a significant calcium channel antagonistic effect.


B’mod asettiku, tella' l-ammont meħtieġ ta' DOCETAXEL KABI konċentrat għal soluzzjoni għall-infużjoni billi tuża siringa kalibrata. In many cases, decoction of roots (asthma, oedema, anemia, jaundice, ascites, anasarca, internal inflammation, etc.) Boerhavia Genus name is given in honor of Hermann Boerhaave, a famous Dutch physician of the 18th century and diffusa indicates spreading nature of the plant. Usage Frequency: 1 It did not cause any teratogenic effect or foetal abnormality. Root powder is given in a dose of one teaspoonful.

Make up to the mark with methanol and mix.

Quality: Quality: Fresh juice of the plant are taken in a dose of 10-20 ml.

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A hot poultice of the root can be applied.

Punarnava is either as single drug or in combination with other herbs. 1100.00 /-, Natures Velvet Punarnava 500 mg, 60 Capsules, Rs.

Quality: Whole plant of Punarnava + seeds of Gokhru / Tribulus terrestris + Yava / Barley / Hordeum vulgare are made into a decoction and given internally. Reference: IATE. The Decoction is taken in a dose of 50-100 ml. If your driving license shows your address, upload only it. This is filtered and taken. Body heat, scanty urination, swelling of legs. Whole plant of Punarnava + seeds of Gokhru / Tribulus terrestris + Puttura / Aerva lanata are made into a decoction and given internally. Inflammatory conditions, rashes, urticaria.


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