tdi tuning box instructions

I attached the CRTD4 Multi-Channel Petrol Tuning Box Chip to our Golf GTI MK6 to check it out first-person.

There is more punch at all RPMs and the immediacy with which the throttle responds to the driver’s input is improved vastly. This is actually quite substantial as it means a power boost and torque boost of more than 23%. Step 3 : remove the original connector from sensor A. What is a CRTD4 Multi-Channel Petrol Tuning Box Chip? We live in amazing times, as that is pretty much what the CRTD4 Multi-Channel Petrol Tuning Box Chip from TDI Tuning does. This is very easy and is shown in the provided instructions. The interface of this app is very clean and intuitive and allows you to do everything from choosing one of the seven modes to switching off the device completely. The 1.4 and 1.6 TDCi & HDi engines are shared by Ford and Peugeot / Citroen group (PSA) as part of a joint venture.

Moreover, your fuel consumption will decrease by around -1L./100km*. This was a manufacturing defect caused by materials used in the cylinder head casting process remaining in the engine and later coming loose and blocking the oil ways. Engineer returned my call and discussed. It also comes with the handy feature of being able to set a warm-up timer that will keep the engine in stock mode until it is properly warmed up before engaging the performance boost which will protect the engine from any undue stresses. Changing the settings via Bluetooth is so easy, you can change it on the fly. All of our standard tuning boxes are properly mapped for these engines specifically. Ford have recently released their 1.5 version at 1499cc, though so far this has not been offered in any Peugeot or Citroen vehicles. It is at the right age where car-owners start yearning for a bit more from their cars.

If the connector has a yellow piece of plastic in it, you must push the button down on the connector and pull the connector backwards to remove. Sticking the tuning box hip in such a car would be the perfect real-world test for such a device as any performance gains in real-life should be immediately apparent. but I can show you where it goes on the engine bay if you have PD150.

Moreover, your fuel consumption will decrease by around -1L./100km*. Step 6 : replace the engine cover and connect the cable harness to your Tuning Box unit. Remap Vs Tuning Box; Testimonials; Rally for Heroes; Projects . The 1.6 and 1.4 TDCi and HDi engines are usually fitted in vehicles with small engine bays such as the Ford Fiesta, Peugeot 307, Citroen C3 and so on. It claims to boost the power on a Golf from 211 PS to 260 PS and the torque from 280 Nm to 344 Nm. Motor Verso editor, motoring journalist and all around car enthusiast. A complete install time of 2 hours is reasonable for your first time.

You do not need to cut or solder any cables to install the powerchip and the Tune Pedal. This allows you to connect your smartphone to the tuning box chip and then control everything from the comfort of the driver’s seat.

No visible trace: you can remove your power chip or Tune Pedal from your vehicle at any time (for example if you are selling it or taking it into the dealer). Step 4 : connect the Tuning Box powerchip’s cable harness to sensor A as shown. The TDI Tuning box you can argue is an affordable addition to a car.

Pulling on the connector before it's clip has been undone only makes it tighter, push the connector fully forward whilst you try to undo it's clip. If the connector has no yellow piece, you must instead LIFT the tab with your finger and pull the connector backwards to remove as shown in the video below. Remove the connector as shown below.

Thankfully, the CRTD4 Multi-Channel Petrol Tuning Box Chip did not disappoint. This is very important as the peak power and torque values do not always translate to better performance on the road. Tuning also comes with the potential hazard of messing up the car to the point where it can end up to be undrivable. Promised Gains = Extra 49 PS & 64 Nm. Our technologies do this by tapping into the engine’s power reserves, without affecting the factory-installed security systems. Whether this was done to discourage tuning, or more likely to save space we do not know, however the later 2.0 TDCi and HDi engines revert back to a standard easy to access common rail. Step 2 : locate connection points A and B. This is how the installation should look once complete. I took the Golf GTI MK6 installed with the Chip on a variety of roads and through different traffic conditions to simulate the everyday life of a car and in all cases, the car just felt better and more pleasurable to drive. Whether you opt for one of our powerchips or the Tune Pedal, you’ll be able to install it yourself easily and with no risk of error. These are £20 and can be purchased here: The install time was only 10 minutes which is almost nothing in car tuning times. All orders placed both on the phone and online are still being dispatched as normal.


The TDI Tuning box you can argue is an affordable addition to a car. The tuning box itself – Isn’t too big or too small. Once you have this plug removed, just plug the tuning box into this sensor, and the connector you have removed back into the tuning box and shown below. We can offer an extension harness for these engines which extends the rail pressure connector into an accessible location in your engine bay. 99% of tuning boxes or chips for this engine connect only to the fuel rail, this is the component which is hard to access on this engine and the reason why we say they are so difficult to install. The main reason that these are rare is they give exactly the same boost in performance as the fuel rail type, but generally cost at least double. There are a lot of cheap but very poor quality tuning boxes available for this engine, usually accompanied by generic installation instructions as the manufacturers have never even been near one of these engines let alone mapped it properly. All of our tuning boxes are designed not to increase wear on the particulate filter. Moreover, your fuel consumption will decrease by around -1L./100km*. Welcome to Motor Verso.

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. No other alterations to the original equipment are necessary. That is where the Bluetooth connectivity of the CRTD4 Multi-Channel Petrol Tuning Box Chip and the TDI Tuning app come in real handy.

They also connect to the fuel rail. You could use one particular mode for backroads and another for the A-roads. A regular drive is not linear and consists of taking the car through a wide range of power and torque values and if the performance boost is only around the peak values then the rest of the drive won’t feel any more exciting than it already was. CRTD4 Multi-Channel Petrol Tuning Box Chip. all types of engine ( diesel, petrol, hybrid, electric), all current pollution control systems (all types of particulate filter, AdBlue, etc. What follows is an account of my experience with it but before that here is everything you get in the box. Tuning Box uses secure plugs with high-end AMP connectors (the same plugs used by car manufacturers). Tuning Box offers a 1 year engine warranty with this diesel chip. Just ensure to note down the 6-digit pin mentioned on the device before installing it as you will need it to connect to the app.

TDI Tuning box for only 1.9 TDI engine.

The other common fault is the DPF filter (or FAP on the HDi) which can wear out and require replacement. The allows you to remove the tuning box at any time without having to go through the installation procedure again to access the sensor. I also fiddled around with the different modes and found that the highest performance setting was great for the B-roads while the lower setting could help with fuel economy on longer runs. Covid-19 Update. Here at Tuning Box, we’ve created a powerchip to optimise the instructions issued by the ECU in real-time and harness the engine’s full potential. Here are the steps I followed to install the TDI Tuning box to the Golf GTI MK6. There are two main types of tuning box for this engine. No configuration necessary: our development centre configures each chiptuning unit to match your vehicle before shipping, so it’s ready to use out of the box. It is very easy to install and the supplied instruction manual is very detailed and helpful. ), all of your vehicle’s standard equipment and security systems (ABS, traction control system, ESP, cruise control, Stop and Start, etc.).


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