swgoh tier list
I beat revan at a maybe 50% rate with them.. However she dies fairly easily.

Think about those characters at the top of the squaddie list. Those guys with lobot works well but most people don’t have that beautiful bald man. He might be low Tier 3 though, I'll have to think about it more. EDIT 2: Ewok Elder moved from B- to S Tier; Old Ben Moved from B+ to A based on player experience ITT. The reinforcement AI tends to send ships out in the following order. Your comment is blatantly ignorant based on my response and anyone that agreed with you is equally culpable. The thing about Tier 3 is that...all those dudes have a place where they fit right. A jedi team with lumi in it might be better than a typical FO or Resistance team, but that's not gonna be because of lumi.

Everyday I see a wiigs team go away and an empire team slip in. In an ideal world I'd run Traya, Sion, Nihilus, Trooper, Dooku and Emperor, Vader, Tarkin, TFP and Stormtrooper or Royal Guard. If ships share the same tier they will usually come out in the order from left to right that they are placed.

Just yesterday I made a post about the fact that Biggs, Wedge, Lando and Baze are meta, boring and you can find them anywhere. Unlike Ackbar doesn't fit into any team. Basically what the OP was saying here is someone that is pretty freaking awesome and farmable is going to be better generally (due to realistic implications) than a character like FOTP that is very challenging to get to 7 star. Tank - These heroes generally have high health and are decent at everything else. They're still good at offense, and beat Sithpire and most of the other Tier 3 teams with no issue. Qui-Gon Jinn, Pay Only Synergy: Jedi/Attacker - A lightning fast Jedi team leader with strong attacks and great health. Been looking for something useful like this. Mystery-Random-D. 6. Old Daka, Farmable Solo/Healer - She has a reliable stun, heal and revive.

Zader is not always an option for most players, and neither are clones. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Agree or disagree? CLS/Han/Chewie are good enough without C3PO. That being said, I could have done a better job explaining all this. Teebo has a very niche in the raid, and Akbar is definitely very viable in a rebel team. I appreciate them as great free to play options. Jawa, Farmable Solo/Attacker - A flimsy character with a beastly AoE attack, especially against droid teams. He's a joke; basically a dead slot. Maybe not super reliably, and maybe not quickly, but it should be possible for the most part. Tier 2 1. Can't say I've heard of that. I'm considering expanding this out to be not just characters with a defined synergy, but also characters that are naturally synergistic (leave recommendations in comments? Top of Tier 2 though. Barriss Offee, Limited Solo/Healer - A top healer with tonnes of health. He is self-healing, has an extremely high dodge rate against Jedi and is generally great. So like, how good is Rex without Clones, or Ackbar without Rebels. Seems like there's a few oversights on first glance though: Biggs is also oodles better than k2 or geo soldier even by himself, and should be at least tier three. Assuming you can't re-use characters between teams and we're looking at the (edited the wording of the following) BEST squads that synergize via faction tag, where would you rank them? Make Old Ben fast, profit off of his incredible AoE stall. That leaves lumi to contend with aayla, ahsoka, yoda, and barriss. I prefer to put C3PO in my Resistance team. (Solo Tier: C).

If that's not niche for the AAT raid, then I don't know what is. There is also a Tier-4 that will open at level 85; 6 non-capital ships at 6-stars and a higher gear level will be needed for that. Count Dooku, Limited Solo/Support - Amazing speed, multiple/counter attacks and stun. This is for the game as of The Force Awakens update. They've all either been good forever or have just been reworked. Press J to jump to the feed. Thanks for the feedback. the first order dudes i think are TBD because of the recent reworks (i think theyre good enough for tier 3 as a team but we'll see), and while i do think the hoth rebels are pretty good, so many other rebels are soooo good, so idk. Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is a mobile game by EA Capital Games where players collect, level and battle with heroes and villains from the Star Wars universe. You might be onto something about Leia. Edit: Some hero positions edited based on feedback and further research. First Time Rewards Tier 1 1. Hell, a jedi team would probably be improved more by swapping in one of the non-jedi filler characters than by swapping in lumi. Even just the FO and Resistance guys...those teams aren't great, but they're good enough for the component pieces to have a place to fit into. Exact circumstances unknown. I don't disagree- it's one of those squads though where people will always have their own opinions. I went through the effort of ordering the dudes in Tier 0 through 2, grouping up the dudes that go together and the dudes that operate solo, but idk if anyone's even gonna give a shit about this so I didn't bother with 3 through 5. Cad Bane, Pay Only Solo/Support - He hits hard and stuns 100% of the time. The Grand Arena Guide Hello everyone! I don't think droid are tiers 1 anymore too.

I tried to put the characters roughly in order of favorability within the team, but that's far from a perfect system. [Moved up from B- Class]. They are the most varied and provide a whole range of options at the cost of not being as potent at tanking/attacking/healing as heroes of the other roles. Great anti-jedi. [Moved up from B+ Class], First Order TIE Pilot, Limited Solo/Attacker - Can deliver multiple ultra high-powered, critical attacks with ease, especially when paired with Captain Phasma. (Solo Tier: C). The issue i have with lumi is that i can't really think of a situation where I'd want her, yaknow? (Solo Tier: B-). It’s been four months since this guide originally came out so time for an update. CN and Chirpa are probably niche for raid? Lastly I think Reworked Finn will take the fifth spot in a JTR Team. He basically lets you get resistance team into flow sooner and usually replaces RP. ylando? 's out there have that 7 star FOTP to use?

lol), Troopers (veers, starck, range, death, snow, or something like it), Old Republic (Carth Mission Zaalbar Canderous Juhani), FO (KRU, FOO, FOST, Kylo, FOX generally considered the best), I'll get lazy with this Third tier as we've already highlighted what key teams to farm first and these guys don't matter much. I made it originally with every dude in the game, but I decided to just cut out all the dudes I would never even slightly consider using without their synergies. So yeah, yell at me about that too! Captain Phasma, Farmable Solo/Support - She provides her team an overwhelming amount of turn meter. Poggle the Lesser, Farmable Synergy: Droid/Support - As a leader, this guy makes Droid teams incredibly powerful with offensive and speed buffs. ZSid on resistance squad? I just don't like seeing him next to actual worthless toons (mob enforcer, Jedi-knight-guardian). I think this list is pretty accurate from my experience (a limited amount of not easy-farmable heroes in the arena squads). Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, These are not the toons you are looking for. FO needs to be moved to the tier two, imo. yeah i can see all of those except for ackbar and maybe clone sergeant. Jedi Consular, Farmable Solo/Healer - Luminara's lesser form. Your email address will not be published. (Solo Tier: C) [Moved up from C Class], Nightsister Acolyte, Farmable Solo/Healer [Moved up from D Class], First Order Stormtrooper, Farmable Synergy: First Order/Tank - (Solo Tier: C), Hoth Rebel Soldier, Limited Synergy: Rebel/Support - (Solo Tier: D), First Order Officer, Farmable Synergy: First Order/Support - (Solo Tier: D), IG-100 MagnaGuard, Farmable Synergy: Droid/Support - (Solo Tier: D), Hoth Rebel Scout, Farmable Synergy: Rebel/Attacker - (Solo Tier: D), Clone Sergeant - Phase I, Limited Solo/Attacker, Coruscant, Underworld Police Farmable Solo/Support. Rey, Limited Solo/Attacker - A strong, multiple hitting beast, however watch out for the current debuff meta and counter attackers. This guide has been written in the context of my own Grand Arena bracket which is currently around 4.5m GP.


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