svtfoe marco fanfiction
Hekapoo Edit. When she causes too much trouble with her new magic wand, she is sent to a non-magical world called Earth. Enjoy!

Be back before dinner! Before leaving, they gave their son a familiar hug and left.

"Mom! There was another moment of silence before Marco spoke. "Marco, the corn!

Keyblades in hand, the two set off to help Sora complete the Xehanort Arc, and to investigate an old rediscovered threat to the worlds. The dagger looking wand change into a color pink and purple wand, a pair of little wings appeared in both sides of the wand, the crystal changed its blade form and turned into a golden star that was incrusted in the center of the new wand.

Mrs. Butterfly asked softly. The wand started to shine in a white light and proceed to change its form. Don't pick it up!" But Marcie Diaz is just happy to see her best friend alive and well. I'm Ludo!

However, Marcia couldn't care less. Marco asked confused.

"Wow! Star was guiding Marco through the town while she showed him all her favorite places. So those are natural?" They were already in the principal Skeeves office negotiating the inscription of Marco into the school. "NO! Marco whispered to her mother. The blue flash was going directly to the corn fields.

Marco pulled off his wand out of his hoodie pocket and aimed the tip of it at them. P-Prince?

Everyone was quiet in the classroom taking notes about the class, everyone except for one girl that was in the last line drawing random things to keep herself entertain. ", Marco was interrupted by his mother. The cheek marks, the mythical creatures that existed in Mewni but in earth were only fairy tales and the monsters, until Marco change the topic. Marco said a little annoyed. Star said. "Oh dear, I am so sorry for what happened.

Mrs. Butterfly apologized. Marco shook slightly Star's mother hand. Marcie is newly out, well, she's out to herself, Star and her parents. Star asked herself. Marco yelled. Hekapoo entered Marco's growing harem after "Running with Scissors", where she sent Marco through an ultimatum to get his own dimensional scissors. "A fight?! No, no, we are not going to send you there." Marco's eyes went wide when he saw the wand's new form.

But it went right upwards when it was about to reach the corn. Suddenly, a horde of monsters jumped out of the bushes and the trees, surrounding them.

He said as they started to make their way back to Star's house.

Nasty to find out her insatiable habits in the form of maiming, murdering, and destroying.

I don't want to be wandering around if I ever get… Lost.". While in the Neverzone, Marco gets cursed. Marco's cheek marks were bright red diamonds while her mother had pink hearts.

"No, wait! ", "Star, please give the wand back to Prince Marco.". Marco might have one more thing to confess, but Star is the only one that can know. ", "I promise to explain it to you as soon as we arrive home.". "Don't worry little one! The corn was reached and quickly consumed by the flames.


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