superstor water heater age
Check back often as more comfort solutions are coming soon! So are several others here. HTP also has models for both your residential or commercial needs. I’m a little cloudy, I’ve haven’t been thinking so good the last couple of days… Last Friday the misses asked me if her jeans made her back side look big. The SuperStor Contender® is a high performance indirect fired water heater. Help please with Super stor hot water heater age E02D18018-L Thanks, Help please with Super stor hot water heater age E02D18018-L Thanks, Super Stor age. Help please with Super stor hot water heater age He’s pretty good with these numbers. I know for a fact that the K and L letters are for 2004 and 2005 respectively. I suspect that the water heater was renovated in May 2002, which resulted in the new tag. Learn more by viewing our space heating selection guide. The SuperStor Pro (SSP) can generate over 50% more hot water than many water heaters of similar size and heat the entire tank within 10 to 15 minutes! The Superstor and other similar tanks are an indirect heated (by hot water coils) domestic hot water storage tank. “Now That You’ve Had a Home Inspection” book. 140° F vs. 115° F, 180° F Boiler Water - First Hour Rating SuperStor Ultra Water Heater The SuperStor® Ultra indirect water heat is a culmination of over 30 years of indirect system manufacturing experience.

140° F vs. 115° F, © Copyright

For those that have not seen these yet. Both make a ton of of “other brand” names. March 30, 2020 at 4:24 pm . I said “No, it’s the size of your …”. document.write(new Date().getFullYear()) Followed by two digit year. HTP's Indirect Water Heaters can be a part of your combination heating system whether you need indirect tanks or storage tanks for your residential or commercial needs. Like I said, I have never heard of them before today.

Not sure which type of space heater is right for you? HTP's Comfort Solutions add to our already extensive line of advanced space heating and water heating options. E02D18018-L. Chrysler Air Temp Water Heater Age Query: (Mar 16, 2012) Dan said: Need to find age of Chrysler Airtemp Gas Furnace: Model #4208-10, Ser #'s hard to read. **STATE **First letter (L) followed by two numbers = year of manufacture. Reply: best guess 1970. 180° F Boiler Water - First Hour Rating Learn more by viewing our indirect water heating selection guide. That table says the first letter on a State was the month.

Your favorite HTP water heaters and tanks have gone solar!

However, the casing looks like it’s from the mid to late 1970s. When used in conjunction with an HTP high efficiency boiler, operating costs decrease even further. Hey Jae, MOR-FLO First two numbers in serial number. I have never worried about the age until this one and never really thought about who makes them. Choosing solar heating pays! That’s why I was guessing that this brand was another one possibly manufactured by them. The serial number looks a little like a State Industries number. The 316L stainless steel tank resists corrosion and eliminates the need for anode rods, allowing for the system to be virtually maintenance free. RHEEM/RUUD Anthony. I don’t know which one of us is right or not, but I thought state’s first letter indicated a month. You can determine the age of the water heater by de-coding the serial number. If you have a picture of the label, sometimes that has some clues. followed by two numbers = year of manufacture. That’s why I said I thought it might be a State industries model, under a store name. Please help me find the American Water Heater age model EG2 50R 9450 Serial number 9919123173 product number 0920588. The month and day of manufacture should also be listed so the only thing that needs to be determined is the year.

In my area, I see these Super Stor units all the time probably 15-20%. Combination appliances save homeowners money on operating expenses, reduces overall installation costs, and takes up less space than traditional space heating and hot water appliances. Specific Inspection Topics. Ariston Thermo USA LLC parent company of HTP | 272 Duchaine Boulevard | New Bedford, MA 02745 | 800-323-9651 If it looks new then it is 2008. I’ve got a table document that Barry Adair has on his web site, that he said we could borrow. Chrysler AirTemp Water Heater Age Decoding Guide. That’s why I was guessing that this brand was another one possibly manufactured by them. Learn more by viewing our water heating selection guide. Not sure which type of water heater is right for you? If you are asking me, I honestly don’t know. With a HTP high efficiency boiler you can achieve the heat your family or business needs while also saving money and energy. I’m doubting myself too. From humble beginnings as a maker of coal and wood-burning stoves in a Nashville, TN garage, to the largest producer of water heaters in the world, State® is a widely recognized manufacturer of a variety of brand water heaters. I don’t know which one of us is right or not, but I thought state’s first letter indicated a month. Check out our. ACE,American, American Hardware, America's Best, Apex, Aqua Temp, AquaTherm, Aquamatic, Best, Best Deluxe, Champion, Craftmaster, De-Limer, Deluxe, Eagle,The Earl's Energy Conservation Water Heater, The Earl's Energy Saver Plus, Envirotemp, Four Most, Hotmaster, Hotstream, King-Kleen, King-Line, Master Plumber, Nationaline, Neptune, Penquin, Premier Plus, Premier Plus Self Cleaning Prestige, ProLine and ProLine Plus, Quaker, Quick-Flo, Raywall, Revere, Riveria, Sands, Sentinal, Servi-Star, Shamrock, Special Deluxe, Standard,Super Eagle, Super-Flo, Supreme, Sure-Fire, Thoro-Clean, Tru-Test, Tru Value,U.S. GSW Water Heating. It is probably time to get it serviced.

Not sure which type of indirect water heating option is right for you? Super Stor is made by Crown…I am looking for the same thing now. All water heaters have a Rating Plate that lists important data such as the model and serial numbers, manufacturing company's name, length of warranty, wattage of elements installed (on electric models), gallon capacity, input BTU rating (gas models), and more.

Hey Jae, JohnWood, GSW, Moffat, Superflue, Medal. 1 st & … Supply, Whirlpool, XCL Energy Saver, 8906xxx= made in the 6th week of the year 1989, 8901xxx= made in the year 1989 in the first month, January, 0189xxx= made in the year 1989 in the first month, January, AquaTherm, General Electric, Hotpoint, Professional, Rheem, Vanguard, WesternAuto, National,A.O. and provides certification to help you stand out from the crowd. If you look at the burners and probably the thermostat, they probably look like 2002 units rather than 1970s units.


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