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He returned in mid-1987 and worked a heavy schedule from mid July to late October, notably feuding with Harley Race and Butch Reed. When Wayne Coleman decided to become a professional wrestler two years later, he had the revolutionary inspiration of marrying wrestling to the bodybuilding art he had perfected, thus becoming the ultimate style setter in the business and the prototype of today's bulked-up stars. Graham's nearly two-year run in central California included a stint wrestling in Hawaii in February and March 1972.

On December 6 of the same year as Wayne Coleman he hosted the U.S. Invitational Powerlifting Championship in Phoenix, Arizona, attracting Dave Draper to the event. Graham would go on to hold the title for nine and a half months; to this day, Graham's 296-day reign is the longest single world title reign of any heel in WWE history, with Yokozuna's second championship run and JBL's only championship run in a tie for second place (although CM Punk has held the title longer than all three, he began his title reign as a babyface. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. By the following year he had regained his earlier body weight and in April 1984 he began his NWA run with Championship Wrestling from Florida, first as a member of Kevin Sullivan's Army of Darkness and later as the group's opponent after he tired of Sullivan's abuse of his valet Fallen Angel and stopped Sullivan from beating her at ringside.

Copyright © var creditsyear = new Date();document.write(creditsyear.getFullYear()); Birth Place Disillusioned by the premature loss of his belt, Graham left the WWWF in December 1978 and accepted an offer to join Paul Boesch's promotion in Houston, Texas, lending himself out for other NWA events in California and Florida as well. Another major feud at this time was with Polish muscleman Ivan Putski.

Later that year, he began touring the mainland US, and adopted the ring name Billy Graham as a tribute to his religious past, after the preacher of the same name. In April 1979 he embarked on his third IWA tour of Japan, where he wrestled the same men he had worked with in 1974. The WWF announced that Graham was scheduled to wrestle in the main event in the first-ever Survivor Series, but Muraco took his place since Graham had now retired. Graham defeated Bruno Sammartino for the World Heavyweight Championship on April 30, 1977, in Baltimore, Maryland. The footage of Graham's hip replacement surgery was shown on WWF TV on September 27 as a means of promoting his comeback. Superstar Billy Graham's very last wrestling match, also against Butch Reed and at 44 years of age, actually took place on November 7, 1987, in St Louis, MO. Punk was a face for 246 days and a heel for 188 days). Though other wrestlers such as Sammartino and Backlund had more career sellouts at Madison Square Garden, Graham's 95% percentage is easily the highest in company history. Mr. America contest in New York, where his enormous 22 inch biceps (which as a wrestling gimmick he dubbed his "pythons" and "guns") won first place in the Best Developed Arms division. In September and October 1974 Graham took leave from the AWA to join the IWA's "Super Wide Series" tour of Japan, where he fought such local stars as Mighty Inoue, Animal Hamaguchi and Rusher Kimura. One of Coleman's photo shoots with Schwarzenegger featured that year in Joe Weider's Muscle Fitness magazine. Abandoning his football ambitions, Coleman trained under Hart in Calgary before debuting on January 16, 1970 in a match with Dan Kroffat. 6 ft 4 in (1.93 m)

These sensational battles displayed better than any others Graham's other major contribution to the evolution of American pro wrestling: the radical way he changed the narrative or story line of the spectacle. After unsuccessfully challenging champion Bruno Sammartino for his championship multiple times while in the WWWF, it was on April 30th 1977, a mere 18 months after his debut, that Superstar Billy Graham defeated Bruno Sammartino via pinfall. His habit of incorporating feats of strength into his sermons made him very popular with youth congregations. Paradise Valley, Arizona It was also unheard of for a counter-cultural character like Graham to be a fan favorite, because McMahon and many old promoters saw Graham as a confirmed heel and therefore a negative role model.

In this incident, aired on the November 14, 1987 episode of Superstars, Don Muraco came to Graham's aid, and Graham subsequently became Muraco's manager.

The popularity of the big rookie with the hippie gimmick was such that his photograph made the front cover of the January 1971 issue of The Wrestler magazine, with the caption "Billy Graham: He talks peace but raises hell!" This first stint with the promotion continued until June 1976 and included several spectacular and highly publicized battles with Sammartino in Madison Square Garden. As he toured the north-central states and adjacent areas of Canada, Graham's popularity rose significantly during his feuds with Gagne and such grappling greats as The Crusher, The Bruiser, Wahoo McDaniel, Billy Robinson, Ken Patera and Ivan Koloff, the latter becoming his tag-team partner.


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