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"It'd be easier if I flew you home," Superman remarked, hovering about twenty feet over Batman's head. Batman refuses to accept this. I guess I get it — Superman is certainly dangerous — but the script could have done a much better job of making Batman’s point of view feel realistic. Their faces held no trace of smile. She plays a little mysterious, but it’s not the cliche mystery-woman-in-red-dress situation we get in some movies (. + At that comment, however, the bat fell silent, flapped around Clark's head a few more times, and then crashed into the corner of the ceiling, hanging upside down there and sulkily folding its wings around itself. "I do that to people," Batman growled, turning to the window. "I need you too," he said, his voice firm and quiet. I'm taking you home. - Peut-être, mais on n'avait qu'un Superman. Petit à petit, ils dérivaient dans la même direction qu'Aquaman avait prise lors de sa fuite, mais pour l'instant ils restaient bredouilles. Le baiser qui suivit ne les surprit pas. He’s not being tough on criminals, he’s being tough on another hero. Maybe there are more holes in the roof than I thought.". (In fact, I rewatched. The bat relaxed, and then began to climb up Clark's sleeve. Synopsis: A horrible villain that attacked Krypton has set his sights on Earth. The bat squeaked at him, enraged. "Well. - Quel grand héros.

There’s a rather melodramatic moment when Superman, gasping underneath Batman’s boot crushing his throat, says his mother’s name — Martha — and Batman experiences crazy flashbacks to his own parents’ death, because his mother’s name was Martha too. However, no knowledge of the DC Universe is needed. Clark asked. And then, a revelation: "You were packing to go back to Metropolis. The themes are interesting, that’s for sure. Were you always like this? To humor it, Clark stayed up an extra hour, assuming that it just wanted some attention and for someone to play with it. The skin at the corner's of Clark's eyes crinkled; that had tickled. "Okay. Don’t worry if you giggle when Superman is trying to say his mother’s name while almost choking to death. His mother even tells him at one point that he doesn’t owe the world anything — yet he still gets back out there and does good, time after time. Worried, Clark picked the little bat up and cradled it in his palm, watching it tremble from the rapid pace of its breathing. "Too bad, Bruce. "Was that really you?

Kara Zor-El was a girl who had never felt completely comfortable with the world around her. "Hello," Clark said fondly, rubbing behind the little bat's ears. Like the sounding of war drums, the whipped movement of capes roared through the air. In recent years, the concept of Hypertime has shown that the multiverse did not cease to exist, only that traversing the dimensional barriers is harder to achieve than before the Crisis. Clark knocked on the French doors, knowing that would set off the intrusion alarm, and barely a minute later Alfred appeared to let them in. Qu'était-il face à ce dieu vivant ? Alfred était resté à la demeure, histoire de surveiller Cyborg, et Diana l'avait rejoint plus tard avec Flash. Superman is having trouble expressing his feelings for the Dark Knight, and in the process becomes fond of another. And between you and who?

has two spectacular action scenes (with a couple of duds as well), and the final battle is beautiful. I just love these opening credit scenes that I now associate with this director. There’s a scene of Lois Lane in the bathtub and Clark diving in with her, fully clothed, as the type of romance scene I would love to read about my favorite BioWare characters or something. "And so does your city.". Kinda daddykink, kinda not. But I just didn’t see enough of Superman being reckless to believe he was that dangerous. From then on, the bat no longer avoided it when Clark tried to pet him. A pairing that never gets much attention. Oh and this is completely and utterly Porn with out Plot. Même maintenant, pendant que nous en discutons, il y en a. Ils n'ont juste pas l'ampleur de ceux que nous avons combattu. Tim walked after him "You couldn't get a hold of him" he said, reading between the lines. , which is what I did. Bruce gets captured by Superman while in the desert.

Circe. "Wait—you're leaving?" There’s also a great moment toward the end of the movie, when she shares a glance with Lois Lane just as Lois realizes something has happened to Superman. Batman - All Media Types (2691) DCU (2480) Superman - All Media Types (2170) DCU (Comics) (1750) Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (1113) Batman (Comics) (742) DC Extended Universe (694) Justice League - All Media Types (648) Superman/Batman (Comics) (609) Superman (Comics) (586) Include Characters Bruce Wayne (6102) Clark Kent (6053) Un coup d'œil derrière lui pour remarquer le petit sourire toujours aussi microscopique de Kal lui confirma son impression, et le fit sourire à son tour. Le Chevalier Noir était d'accord, surtout au vu du rêve qu'il avait fait avant leur affrontement, et où un homme lui demandait de les trouver tous. Based partially on the 1990s comic plots after 'the Death of Superman,' While the world thinks that he's dead, Superman/Clark Kent's body has been taken and placed in a Kryptonian Hibernation Chamber by his father's AI program to allow him to heal. The Man of Steel resumes his brutal duel against the Sith Lord Darth Maul in a fight to the death. Il en avait été tout autre pour le troisième membre de leur groupe de « super-héros », Wonder Woman, qui avait mis en pause sa recherche du surnommé « Flash » pour venir voir ça d'elle-même. Synopsis: Welcome to a new world, a world where the line between hero and villain is thin and unknown. Another thing I love? Et de faire attention à Lois Lane. Here’s what I loved and hated about the movie. And in this world, this is exactly what happens. Demanda plutôt le Batman, voulant éviter la question, dont la réponse le mènerait à nouveau à des souvenirs auxquels il ne voulait pas penser maintenant. Clark winced. "Youch!" C'était la première phrase qui lui était venue aux lèvres.

Eventually, though, he shut the thing away in a cage—which it escaped from in a matter of minutes. But with Clark there, it managed to feel like home..... or at least something like home. Non pas pour qui il était, ou ce qu'il était, mais pour ses actes, qui avaient détruit la vie de milliers de personnes innocentes. Peut-être allait-il aider Diana, ou alors il ne pouvait s'empêcher d'effectuer de petits actes héroïques en cachette. He took a seat in the chair and flipped on the news. There are cheesy one-liners about making Superman bleed and over-the-top flashbacks that make Batman see the light. Kara only wants to find her place in this new world, to help build it a shining future. Pourquoi chez son meilleur ennemi, alors qu'il avait une fiancée éplorée qui n'attendait sans doute que ça, quelque part à Metropolis ? The first few times Clark caught it in the act, he shooed it off with a firm clap and a loud "No!" It just wasn’t enough for me. Before Clark could wonder too much about what that meant, Bruce went on. But in a world without the Man of Steel, what exactly does it mean to be 'Super'.

"Unbelievable," Clark muttered. "Frankly, I'm not completely convinced that you don't. Had a blast writing it. Ce qui les surprit, ce fût plutôt de l'apprécier autant.

Ok everyone, this is set when Luthor is president and is kind of in place of the public enemies comic.

Just that he wasn't human. Superman, Batman, Green lantern, … They flew in silence for a while, Clark doing what he could to spare Bruce from the colder air currents. From then on, it didn't wake Clark up anymore. When Superman unleashes his laser vision, just go with it. Gal Gadot plays a fantastic Wonder Woman. These are recommendations made by Tropers for Superman fanfics and stories featuring the Man of Steel and his rich supporting cast (Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen, Supergirl, Superboy, Krypto the Superdog, Lana Lang, Power Girl, the Legion of Super-Heroes...), all of which have to be signed to stay on the page. Superman goes to save the person who is in danger, little does Clark Kent know that the person he is going to save is the one who he's (Eventually) going to fall in love with. It danced around his head, bothering his sensitive hearing with its piteous squeaking. ", Now Clark wasn't smiling. It was slow. But it did pick up an annoying habit of scratching on the walls.

But it was just too heavy, and in the end the little creature wound up all but collapsing from exhaustion. It’s his choice to try to save people. "He probably just needs some time to recuperate.". Clark protested. They felt guilty possibly but as long as it wasn't them today they were fine with Batman doing what needed to be done. That’s not the Batman I know, like, or admire. And considering how Gal Gadot steals the show, I’m way more excited for a Wonder Woman movie in the future… :). Red light pooled in those eyes, and Clark would have killed the bat instantly, but instead--. "Is that why you're mad at me?" Ses paroles sous-entendaient qu'elle méritait beaucoup mieux.

There are some gorgeous shots, such as a criminal gun pulling at a woman’s pearl necklace, shown from the woman’s POV. - Rentrons, visiblement il ne veut plus être trouvé, et sur son terrain nous n'avons aucune chance. In these trying times, new heroes will rise, old villains will fall, and the world will change, for better and worse. Tu y va fort, ils étaient trois. Sometimes his movies are a little dark for me — both the settings and the themes. He was in the middle of x-raying the roof looking for holes and weak spots when out of nowhere a tiny, warm blur swooped into his field of vision and made a beeline for his face.

This is especially true of the action sequences. Déclara-t-il en retirant son masque et ses bouteilles d'oxygène comme si elles ne pesaient rien. Tags: Alternate Universe, Sci-Fi, Tragedy. He petted Bruce's hair, holding his unmasked face against his shoulder and wondering how it was that Bruce was allowing so much closeness. He resisted the sigh weighing in his chest and was turning to go when Green Lantern finally snickered. NOT slash. So, obviously you're not a normal bat. You scared me!". J'espère que tu aimes le café, parce qu'il n'y a rien d'autre. That is one wild coincidence. Il comprenait que les forces qu'ils affrontaient étaient différentes, entre ses ennemis, monstrueux mais humains, et ceux de l'homme de Krypton, tout aussi kryptonniens, il y avait un gouffre, mais cela n'excusait en rien le fait qu'il n'ait pas trouvé une autre option que de se battre dans une des villes les plus peuplées du monde. Sure, he does drop everything to save his girlfriend from being kidnapped, which gets people killed in the process — that’s the leading scene that sets this up.

Coming out story and psychological issues. - Il faut réparer ça. Malheureusement, le premier semblait s'être totalement volatilisé dans la nature, ce qui n'arrangeait pas leurs affaires. Clark smiled. Synopsis: When the planet Krypton died, Kara Zor-El was supposed to arrive on Earth together with her cousin Kal-El. The way they’re filmed is completely over-the-top, but that’s what makes them so memorable. "I hate doing this, but it's for the best."

That’s just messed up. Superman s'était posé sur sa terrasse, et semblait attendre.

The film is also smart enough to show Wonder Woman on her own, which helps her feel like a real character. Il avait pourtant tant de questions, mais les seules images qui lui étaient revenues quand il avait voulu dire quelque chose, c'était celles de leurs combats.


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