super tenere problems

Finally the Yamaha XT1200E Tenere, tested a 2018 Demo model with 1500kms, WHY Did I wait so long to do the adventure bike thing, great to ride loved it as soon as I rode it,heaps of torque where you need it, Yamaha have the weight balance perfect, it's so light once underway (+55kgs less than the GTR wet). Still have an FJR but the XT1200z off road ability opens up a whole new bunch of roads. The service allows to compare and analyze statistics for I have taken rides on both, and I like them equally.

What did you decide on, and why? So many folks getting GS's BMW has made them more streetish based on new owners input/dealer feedback/ and Starbucks surveillance. I am not an aggressive rider I am in my 60s but I find my old riding technics coming back with this bike and I think it has a lot to do with the under lying technology built into this bike. The Super Tenere is a very powerful motorcycle, but it’s not explosive. As many test rides as you want. See the Best Adventure Touring Bikes in 2020 as rated by Australians on Sign up for a new account in our community. As the revs increase, the power levels off, and by 8000 rpm, the show is over. Resale would be better for the BMW I think. has affiliate partnerships. Awesome ...Read more, Get the ECU unleashed.. Seat/handle bar/footpeg postion great for allday riding and the pillion seat is ok too with ample room for rider/pillion or load it up with "stuff" and do a lap of your favorite country. Pretty awesome reviews so far. I saw the GS Triple Black at Motorrad Days in Garmisch last year. Fully-laden machine is HEAVY so don't drop it! I have and regularly ride a Yamaha Super Tenere, as well as a BMW R1200 GS ADV, and an R1200 GS equipped for adventure touring. Best bike I have ever owned and I've own a lot. I'm only interested in the bigger adventure bikes as they offer more load carrying capacity, and comfort over long distance.

Just regular oil changes, valve check at 24k. Heated grips should be standard. The new KTM and BMW GS & Triumph basically were $27K + ,out of the Budget range, once kitted with panniers and the heated grips & Cruise.

I know the GS-LC has been around longer than a couple of years but it seems BMW is still struggling with leaking water pumps, a problem 80's Flying Bricks had not... you own or have you ever ridden a liquid cooled R12GS?

Congratulations on the new ride, you will enjoy every mile. YMMV of course. Looking to Replace my beautiful Black 1400GTR missile, with more Adventure focused bike with long range retirement plans afoot and co-padres already purchasing GS Adventures etc .After the GTR my wishes for the replacement were simple, a good tourer but with off road capabilities (not Enduro or MX capabilities) plus Cruise control and heated grips, for the long hauls (have arthritic hands).I Test Rode at different times BMW GS (Mates GSA), KTM 1290 Adventure R, Honda Africa Twin, Triumph Tiger/Adventure 1200, Suzuki V Strom 1000 and the Y...Read more. That's the beauty of having a Yamaha and a BMW dealership, both very keen on selling bikes, in a five mile radius.

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Since your dealer would be about the highest priced in the country, why not drop in and ask them. I have an 1150RT so I'm familiar with the maintenance, etc, of the GSA's. knows of what he speaks. The Yamaha has a one year warranty versus 3 years for the BMW. I have had all of these bikes since new. Hello, yes I am very happy with the altrider crash bar that I fitted to my bike. The Wethead section encompasses the GS also and it has already passed the Camheads in post counts. Am privileged to have been able to spend a day riding the 201...Read more, Sure it's heavy but feels like an XR650 weight when riding ( until youhave to pick it up) Tons of power, smooth gear box and a fuel tank that gets you there. The Yamaha however is better put together, components are higher quality and... is a Yamaha, meaning only ordinary maintenance and replacement of wear items (wheel bearings for example) will keep it on the road for a long long time.


You'll take better care of it and enjoy yourself more, IMO. I have a '12 Tenere that has been trouble free. Hang around them a little, be nice to them and they'll tell you a lot of things. Dude rides more offroad than I sleep. I luv the all round capabilities of this bike, it's very forgiving and does inspire confidence.

Am privileged to have been able to spend a day riding the 201... 6 BM and a 2015 Super Ten on the same roads and tracks. I had a Super Tenere for a while. - maybe only just. 2010 YAMAHA SUPER TENERE XT1200Z LONG TERM REPORT Hello everyone. Mad Mick the guy I rode with, also agreed. Only negative could be slightly less ground clearance on the Super 10? Triumph has some. I'm planing the ADV route for Friday's ride. The power restrictions in 1st to 4th can be over ridden..


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