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Written by Rebellion / Sep 5, 2018 A guide to choosing the right enchanted amulet and bewitched weapon to suit your needs. Pulls an enemy in then aim and launch them as an explosive. Upgrade your Strange Brigade experience with the DELUXE EDITION, which includes the game, the Season Pass, and the Secret Service Weapons Pack! Quincey comes with a wider soul gather radius which attracts souls from far as well thus you do not have to go to every killed enemy to collect his soul in order to charge up the amulet power.

Temporarily turns enemies withing range into chickens. She can take care of large groups of enemies without any trouble but she is not a tank so getting surrounded might not be her charm. The higher the price of the crate, the more powerful and striking the weapon would be. Horde Mode Guide. The Secret Service Weapons Pack includes three new firearms perfectly balanced for the discerning adventurer! 1 year ago. To earn gold, kill as many enemies as you can. There are many weapons to unlock in Strange Brigade.Each one has its strengths and weaknesses, but more interestingly, you can equip them with runes to make them your own.

It's indeed the ones from the S.S.

By clicking sign up, I agree that I would like information, tips, and offers about Microsoft Store and other Microsoft products and services. We will also list some helpful tips and tricks for playing with each character so you can really unleash their true potential while cracking some zombie skulls. Keep those undead bounders at a distance. Stranger Brigades’ currency is Gold. With its butter-smooth handling the P19 pistol takes accuracy to new heights. While exploring, players will find gems that can upgrade their weapons with a variety of buffs.

He is tough, wants to be on the frontline and can take some serious beating. This one-of-a-kind collaboration from Gehrig and Delgane packs a punch like no-other, but takes nerves of steel, or a damn fine schnapps, to master its brutish strength! Strange Brigade Characters Guide – Weapons, Skills, Specials. He is a great character to play with specially when you can open up hidden and locked areas for others while playing the game with the magic skills. Grabs an enemy with a tether which lifts and slams them into the ground. He brings his favorite weapons to the game which is the Westminster 1895 submachine gun and a Marley .45 automatic pistol. ... the power of your weapon. Your email address will not be published. She can move out of harm’s way quickly and that is for a good reason, as she cannot take much hits.

Six rapid headshots dispatch nearby enemies. The Secret Service Weapons Pack includes three new firearms perfectly balanced for the discerning adventurer! Summons a decoy that stands for several seconds attracting enemies before exploding. Blasts ice in a straight line ahead of you, freezing your enemies.

The evil Witch Queen named Seteki rose again from the buried unknown tomb. Never tried it? For more on this exciting new release check out the details here. The Season Pass will include brand new campaign missions, playable characters, character skins, weapons, weapon skins + much more! Strange Brigade Weapon DPS Guide. Other Strange Brigade Guides: All Collectible Locations Guide (Jars, Letters, Relics and Cats). Try sticking a bomb to a zombies face and then watch him run into a bigger group of zombies like an idiot. Almost oneshoots kill every regular zombie.

Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. Her abilities allow her to use her grenade quickly and also get increased melee combat damage so she can get up close with zombies and bust open some skulls. Mikhailov-38 & Eastleigh M1: if all the rifles are different branches of the Rifle Tree, then the Mikhailov and M1 are different leaves on the same branch. His weapons of choice are Kingsley Special Repeater and the same old Marley .45 automatic pistol. Do you have any more Strange Brigade Tips you want to share? The blessings of the war god are with you.

For Strange Brigade Tips Traps, set up traps in the perfect place and time to catch as many undead. Nalangu excels at movement and taking down enemies using her Chamberlain automatic rifle and Marley .45 automatic pistol. Go through every stage multiple times until you pick up the phase and enemies location.


Shotty wise I used the pump and its good. All Collectible Locations Guide (Jars, Letters, Relics and Cats), Strange Brigade - Characters: Passives and Amulets, Strange Brigade - Guide to Unlockable Weapons.


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