stoffel the honey badger 2020

#wilddog #londolozi #aliveandwell #pup #puppy #endangered #surprise #buildingbridges #den #carnivore #thelondolozieffect #krugerpark #krugernationalpark #safari #africansafari #pupsofinstagram #africa #getaway #getawaymagazine #africageo, A post shared by Londolozi Game Reserve (@londolozi) on Jun 26, 2020 at 1:49am PDT. So his caretaker, Brian Jones, built him a new cage to keep him safe. This is a genetic condition that causes either an underproduction of dark pigment in the coat or an overproduction of red pigment. Even though these animals are small (barely a foot tall), they have a reputation for attacking just about anything - from venomous snakes to full-grown lions. Sadly one of the group of three was killed by an Ntsevu lioness three days ago, but 9 out of the original 10 are in good health and back together at a new den site. While on safari, the Big 5 is arguably the most famous sight first-timers want to lay eyes on. Where the missing seven were being stashed, we have no idea, but it seems very likely the adults were operating out of two dens simultaneously. A resident of the Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre in South Africa since the early 2000’s, Stoffel quickly became the Centre’s most famous animal resident when news of his various escapades made the news. We're the Africa Geographic editorial team – a diverse set of writers, editors, designers and social media natives, all united by our passion for this addictive continent. 1991.

The story of Stoffel the honey badger . Londolozi’s pack of two wild dogs are found with NINE pups alive and well!


The five-million-year-old honey badger cousin roamed the plains of southern Africa alongside the likes of giant wolverines and otters, bears, and saber-toothed cats, among other nightmarish super-predators. Some of you may have seen the hilarious video where the beloved Stoffel the honey badger of Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre attempts multiple escapes from his enclosure. Travel in Africa is about knowing when and where to go, and with whom. This hard pipe hittin' honey badger gets what he wants Jones took the rocks away and thought he had finally beaten Stoffel.

This website uses cookies. It all started when Stoffel got mauled by a lion. The driver of the car, John Somers, said that his life had flashed before his eyes when the massive elephant pushed himself against the car before turning it over. To keep Stoffel company, a female honey badger was also put into this enclosure, the hope being that Stoffel would be too busy fucking to want to escape again.

Be inspired & stay informed about Africa. But Stoffel had other ideas. This rare ‘strawberry’ leopard’s coat the result of a genetic abnormality and we think he is totally gorgeous. Moholoholo was sponsored by Rotary Club to build the honey badger a brick house, which he escaped from within a few hours. So his caretaker, Brian Jones, built him a new cage to keep him safe. This hard pipe hittin' honey badger gets what he wants The existence of a honey-badger-like animal had been hinted at by previous fossil finds, but has now been confirmed by Alberto Valenciano Vaquero and Romala Govender, who were conducting research for the Iziko Museums of South Africa.

Trophy hunting – how do African people feel.

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Once these animals have been checked off, attention spans may fizzle out for novice bush visitors. This new enclosure was basically a giant concrete basin devoid of features save for a few trees and assorted toys to keep Stoffel mentally stimulated.

Stoffel the honey badger became famous in 2014 for a similar reason to Sylvester. As s soon as he got out of the hospital, he once again escaped his enclosure. Honey Badgers are sure Masters of Mayhem. The honey badger showcased his intelligence and attempted to escape his enclosure at the Moholoholo Animal Rehabilitation Centre numerous times.

Stoffel escaped his camp to fight with the lions receiving treatment at the centre and landed up spending two months in the hospital clinic.


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