steyr ssg 69

By 1969 standards, Steyr’s SSG-69 was state-of-the-art: it was the world’s first purpose-built, out-of-the-box sub-MOA factory police/military sniper rifle. This, and the fact that it is only produced in the 'short action' length, limits the chambering to non-magnum calibres, a legacy of a military weapon designed only to fire the 7.62×51mm NATO cartridge.

Who would know that a show like that could have such long-term effects. And that was with what I considered a ‘crappy’ scope – I just didn’t like the huge area in the reticle, when I got my Leopold and a Night Force mounted, I was happier since I had each calibrated to MOA’s so I could think less and the scope matched what I saw with my spotter scope – now I simply use a range finder if I need one. It resides in a Pelican gun case along with a bore guide and solid cleaning rod, spare 20 round box of ammo, three mags and a small pair of Nikon binos. There’s also a nut located on the front of the trigger assembly that regulates the trigger’s length of pull. M3170 STLF3 (INORISI) I have used the BDC function and it works perfectly for me. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find an operator’s manual anywhere –even after exhaustive Google-fu.

of IMR4895, Federal 205 Small Rifle Match primer, at 46088psi pushing 2447fps. The magazine is released by squeezing As a practical matter, that means buying a new rifle, since the costs and permits associated with sending it back are prohibitive. It came back essentially new and they said that the barrel was 99%, so I had a new 69 essentially. Update on the accuracy. L double triggers with 8×56 Schmidt and Bender scope…how old is the rifle, what year it was produced e.g….I live in Namibia, can’t find any info around here…I inherited the rifle. The police dept. Shame about the plastic parts though…. Most SSG-69s were sold with one of following scopes: (1) the Kahles ZF69 (6 x 40), (2) The Kahles ZF 84 (10 x 40); (3) the Hensoldt ZF 500 (10 x 40), or (4) the Hensoldt ZF 800 (10 x 40). The trigger bow and magazine being made out of plastic have little to nothing to do with weight, and everything to do with reducing costs – same as the pressed-in barrel. But anecdotal reports typically peg the number well in excess of 10,000 rounds. During the “war to end all wars” (until the next one), OEWG employed over 15,000 workers, and the firm churned out millions of military small arms – including the iconic straight-pull Steyr M-95. I’d pop for it since my SSG69 last four 5 shot groups averaged .291″ including one at .129″. Don’t know if they’ll work or if I need high rings. Cha-ching! Steyr SSG 69. If not try a company called Talley they are highly recommended by people who has experience with this. barrel, two heavy barrel varmint versions with either traditional stock and heavy barrel square forearm vented stock, double set or single trigger, no sights, 7.92 lbs. |     In 2015 Steyr has decided to end production of the SSG 69.[7]. Additionally, the .308 trigger guard cracked at the front screw. By 1886, Mannlicher was working full time for OEWG. The 1:12 twist may or may not prove slow for the 185s. Considering what the ones sell for on GB I’m tempted to buy a second one! Furthermore there is no means of mounting any sort of scope rail. It’s easy to load all 5 rounds into the magazine.


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