star wars gamer oc fanfiction

It could be an action segment, a mystery that intrigued the player, or being introduced to interesting characters and/or setting. 'Observe', Character Sheet at the end of the chapter, You are now level 1! I will see what I can do to prevent that travesty. The hidden jedi in story is an OC., But what really makes you so is the way you carry yourself.".

'I always was pragmatic but I never knew I was such a dick' I thought briefly before trying to focus on my next Trait without using the mental curser. Gaming the Force (Star Wars/ Gamer) (SI/OC) | Page 27 | Spacebattles Forums Brockton: In Venatus [Worm/Gamer OC+Taylor] | Page 56 | Spacebattles Forums ... FanFiction Fanfic: Gamer Wizard Ch 8, Harry Potter | FanFiction Fanfic: Harry Potter the Genius Gamer Ch 7, Harry Potter | FanFiction Fanfic: Naruto - A Gamer's Soul Ch 11, Naruto | FanFiction

This needs to be changed for several reasons. 29 Kaoticice Wizard-Scientist. *checks authors note* Bugger, there goes my interest in this. Brown eyes, brown hair, strong physique and traditional clothing. 'This seems really helpfull and hopefully will keep me alive for a while longer', 'and lastly my two Perks. Oct 20, 2017 #1 Anyway, I see a lot of star wars fanfiction pop up in these subs and they always join the jedi or the republic. He hasn't really talked to anyone yet so he'll be without name for a while. Weapons like blasters were in the hundreds for a low-quality weapon and can cost thousands for the good stuff. How far does the web goes? He probably should look at his status screen as soon as possible. JavaScript is disabled. Mar 3, 2017 #11 Apparently Santa does exist, he's just late with the gifts. The Gamer's Mind (trait):-Able to calmly and logically think things through regardless of situation.-Enforced self acceptance.-Immunity to all debilitating Mind Effecting and Psychological status conditions and effects. Travel through the multiverse? Brill Adrien. The Gamer powerset in a universe so complete like Starwars have a very good potential for a really good story. The Gamer's Body (trait):-The body experiences the stresses of the physical world as if it was a video game." You must log in or register to reply here. If any of you have suggestions for the name of our future mandalorian sith lord please leave me a comment. So, what's you endgame here? Well, since its Old Republic & a few thousand years before canon, why not use Alrich Wren? Potato Nose, this is looking great. If this is what you've been waiting for you could read gaming the force (I think that's what it's called). Keep the stats at bottom of chapter please to prevent info-wall. JavaScript is disabled. Smart game developers always try to find a way to catch the player’s attention in the beginning. Hmmmmm.... the SI is made to suffer the insufferable trolling by the ROB... watching.

A Worm/Gamer fic using an OC, who appears to be even worse off than Taylor (or most other OCs)?

D King Hecht said: Why is everyone voting? Set in Swtor era or Prequel era is preferred. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Is this in the new-Canon universe or good old Legends? Imagine for a moment that you're suffering from a chronic disease.


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