star citizen mining spreadsheet

When the overcharge sensor is completely filled, the rock explodes immediately and can seriously damage or even destroy the ship. For the most part, the rocks consist of so-called “inert materials”, i.e.

To do this, the energy level of the stone (Rock Energy Level, the indicator to the left below the laser strength indicator, Laser Throttle) must be kept inside the green zone. Hadanite deposits are pink to light purple, Single purchase, day passes & subscriptions, Pathfinder: Kingmaker – The Ultimate Guide. How much the energy feed into the stone is fluctuating is indicated here. With the MOLE this is not necessarily a problem because the pilot can focus solely on keeping the ship roughly in position.

The MISC Prospector is a one-seater mining ship. Mining represents the beginning of a (possible!)

You can already do a lot with the standard lasers and you can mine many resource depots.

Quantainium is a new volatile and lucrative raw material that came into the game with update 3.9 and will later be required for the production of Quantum fuel, among other things. Dotted with turrets and missiles, the Redeemer also doubles as an armored landing craft capable of delivering armored soldiers for first person combat!

He will probably be able to somehow stabilize the Orion for the mining process to enable the beam operator to precisely control the mining laser. Veins from Hadanite deposits are pink to light purple, Aphorite is purple and Dolivine is green.

According to CIG, the current implementation of the mining profession is only the first and basic version. The material the asteroid is made of, the angle at which the missile strikes and the speed of impact determine whether or not an injection was successful. What will the future of the mining profession be like in Star Citizen? Note that some of the Mining Consumables have charges, so they can be used multiple times.

Search for the Mining Laser you currently have installed (for example “Hofstede S1 Mining Laser”) and click on “Overclock”. numbers for mass and percentage or go all in with the 2 decimal ore percentages, it is up to you :-)!

Make sure to bring friends with you as escorts. For example, to make 50k on a Mole you need to extract only fragments that contain (on average) at least 26.96% Agricium or 22.34% Taranite and so on, and you shouldn't even bother with anything below Titanium/diamond because those materials are just not worth enough (instead you'll just see how much a 100% pure load would net you). It really simplifies the time/aUEC yields. Prices per unit then need to be manually copied to column i. Update: Terallian has been hired by CIG so perhaps the channel may go away. Unwanted elements such as dust or worthless rock, on the other hand, can be blown out into space, which, in contrast to the current mining mechanics with the Prospector, saves considerable space and time. How much damage the ship takes depends on the amount of Quantainium loaded. The MOLE should be able to crack just about any rock using all three mining lasers. This can lead quickly to energy spikes and thus to overloading of the stone. It requires a crew of four to seven men to function properly. Nevertheless, depending on the instability level, it can be difficult to keep the energy marker in the green zone, as sudden jumps can often occur. 224k.

You can buy the equipment for example at Tammany and Sons in Loreville (Hurston). It also helps you learn which rocks are interesting and which are not. The depth scan displays the following data: On the top right of the mining interface of the Prospector you will find the mass of the rock. Back in February 2015, the developers published a detailed design concept for extensive mining gameplay. The percentage recommendations are indicative. Gives a good estimate of how much money you can get from a rock or fragment by inputting mass and ore percentages. However, asteroid mining is currently bugged, so we can only recommend lunar surfaces at the moment. Mining in its small (for example with the Prospector) and large form (as planned with the Orion) should only be part of the economic cycle in Star Citizen in the future.


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