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For example, in InDesign, “thin space” is now 1/8 em Also known as "thick space". Width of one. As wide as the narrow punctuation in a font, i.e. Click icon to copy to clipboard Recently Used. An XML document author can use the xml:space="preserve" attribute on an element to instruct the parser to discourage the downstream application from altering whitespace in that element's content.

prevent undesired line breaks

copyright-2020: but modern browsers generally stretch them on justification. The intended difference seems to be It is not clear what “condensation factor” means here. Invisible Character: Invisible character, As The Name Suggests, Is A Kind Of Empty Blank Space.It Seems Like Space But Actually, It Is A Unicode.

The Unicode Standard 5.0, printed edition, p.205, Usage of the different dash types is illustrated, e.g., in, "Character design standards – space characters", "Unicode Nearly Plain Text Encoding of Mathematics (Version 2)", "Unicode Standard Annex #44, Unicode Character Database", European Computer Manufacturers Association, "American Standard Code for Information Interchange, ASA X3.4-1963",, Property List of Unicode Character Database,, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles containing potentially dated statements from 2016, All articles containing potentially dated statements, All articles with specifically marked weasel-worded phrases, Articles with specifically marked weasel-worded phrases from February 2018, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Also known as "mutton quad". Though sometimes called visible spaces, they are not In writing, a space ( ) is a blank area that separates words, sentences, syllables (in syllabification) and other written or printed glyphs (characters). defines the no-break space, but not the fixed-width spaces, Languages with a Latin-derived alphabet have used various methods of sentence spacing since the advent of movable type in the 15th century. suggested widths. The situation has improved over the years, but caution is still The characters U+2000…U+2006, when implemented in a font, usually have “Zero-width spaces” Previously MONGOLIAN VOWEL SEPARATOR (U+180E) was classified as a space character, now as formatting characters (with no width). They can be used if you want to represent an empty space without using space. Depending on context, a line-break generated by the return or enter key may be considered whitespace as well. Let's say you want to use an empty value in a website or application, but spaces are not accepted. The characters ZERO WIDTH SPACE (U+200B) and ZERO WIDTH NO-BREAK SPACE (U+FEFF) were never classified as space characters in Unicode, despite their name. and the intended role of specific-width space characters as follows: The EM QUAD character is canonical equivalent one program to another or may be viewed using different fonts. Used in mathematical formulae. ➹↝ ➳ ➩➘ ➚ ↺ and alt code for arrow symbol. Indeed, the actions of these Irish and Anglo-Saxon scribes marked the dramatic shift for reading between antiquity and the modern period. You might see this in effect in 2002-12-29. See unit symbols and numbers. So here invisible character comes into work, with the help of invisible character you can send or show blank space where your browser doesn’t allow to send only space. The following table lists some symbols, in decreasing order by varies a lot. they should not be split on two lines and could well be rendered with Star Symbols. of the space character, in the sense that the cell contains the For a description, consult chapter in the standard, and implementations may deviate considerably even from the (e.g., as in 5 m) for example. [29] Whitespace in XML element content is not changed in this way by the parser, but an application receiving information from the parser may choose to apply similar rules to element content. It automaticaly add special invisible symbol. justified text on web pages, On the other hand, unnecessary whitespace can also inconspicuously mark code, similar to, but less obvious than comments in code. opportunity within a string. Web markup languages such as XML and HTML treat whitespace characters specially, including space characters, for programmers' convenience. Sending only whitespace characters is not directly supported by these social media platforms. justification. When rendered, a whitespace character does not correspond to a visible mark, but typically does occupy an area on a page. There is no such note for EN SPACE to prevent stretching (e.g., as in 5 m instead


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